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Friday, October 05, 2012

【Movie|电影】Kepong Gangster《甲洞》

Today, this movie is different with the rest because this is made in Malaysia. Erm, is not shame to say is Malaysia movie, but is just awkward talk about it. Actually is my third elder sister, PT and I were very curious about this movie so we just slip out to watch this movie.


Funny movie, is that wasting to watch this movie??? Hahaha!!!

有想过是浪费钱去看这部戏,去看不是支持,而是好奇! 真的很难说服我们去看本地电影,因为有点太过本地的感觉!

Is funny that I'm staying near Kepong too but none of the background scene that I have seen before duh!!!


This looks like the Hong Kong "Black Society". Really??? I always have a thought that why all this people never think about their life. Are they really assume their life is very cheap or useless??? And I don't know why guys just like to fight...

这有点像香港的黑社会开篇! 有点想问,他们真的认为他们的生命是那么的便宜,那么的没价值的吗??? 为什么他们要这样的对打呢??? 为了谁??? 那又可以得到什么呢???

This is what they call "Five Tigers". Okay, this really sound familiar to me, I was used to be addicted to Taiwanese Dramas and I remember there was a Taiwanese Drama called "K.O.San Guo". It has the same "Five Tigers" thing in the drama too. And to be honest to say, the first came out from my mind is "are they copy from it? Or it is just a coincidence?" Let's not back step my own country movie because I know they really spent a lot of time and money on it.

"五虎将"。。。有没有很熟悉呢? 对啦,就是台湾去年的一部很红的偶像剧叫做"终极三国"故事就如戏名有关于三国的故事,可是剧情当然跟真实故事会有点出入的! 在这部戏里面的五虎将是指:关羽,张飞,赵云,马超以及黄忠"。他们每一个都是很有本事的英雄人物,而这个"甲洞"里面的五虎将。。。嗯!我猜可能是他们有五个人所以就循理成章的把他们都叫做五虎将吧! 他们唯一的不同就是他们的五虎将有"五虎将之首"。

This world is always base on reality, once you became more success, more powerful, people will just get jealous at you, and try to stop you.


First, I really have to say this girl is really stupid, I have no idea, nowadays, are they really that innocent??? You can say, I have very an evil heart or something, but do you really understand your own position??? I think you fully understand your boyfriend is inside that society and you know how dangerous it is (for those they really don't know about it, is maybe you can say that, they are from village or very old town so they didn't know about this) but you look like you are purely growing up in the city, so at least you have some basic idea about this, and you should know you shouldn't go to that kind of place to look for your boyfriend. You think it is nothing about it, but can you really guarantee about it??? Obviously, you are not!!! Because if you know about it, you won't even go there and this thing won't even happened to you!!!

现在出生在城市的,除非你不上网,不看报纸,不看戏,要不然在这种环境下生长的你,不可能不知道现在的社会是怎样。显示真的你想得那么天真吗? 假如你真的一直活在那种幻想里面,那我只能说你是活该吧!!!

This girl really act like a bit fake, actually most of the actor is fine but this actress is just so fake and the first point of view of me is she is a new actress. Maybe I don't really like girls act so weak nor in the movie, why do you guys have to be to weak, or act weak in front of guys??? Nothing much to say, I just don't like it. But, you know what, a lot of guys like thistle of girls, those weak, weak girls, maybe those guys just want to show their ability to protect the girls.


Is not offensive, but things happened and luckily you still have your boyfriend with you stay strong!!!


He was used to be one of the "Five Tigers" but he jealous with the head of Five Tiger who is used to be his best friend since high school too. So in order to get the higher position, he has to kill everyone that against him or bring troubles to him.


Sometimes, I really want to say that, no one force you to choose to do this, you are the one choose to have to, a lot of people like to regret after what they did. So guys please think before you want to do anything.

很多少年都在想着自己是有多么多么的厉害,认为自己是适合的走这条路,可是往往都是走了这条路后才后悔! 那又何苦呢?

As I said before, I don't really like Malaysia's movie, but as a Malaysian and to satisfy my curiosity so I have to watch this movie. Just in conclusion, this is just like a lessen for those teenagers nowadays, but most of them just like to do whatever they like to do and barely listen to others and just get regret later. About the movie, I think actors was trying their best to perform well in the movie but what can I say is it is not good enough to compete to other's countries.


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