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Friday, April 19, 2013

【Movie|电影】Long Weekend

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I know there's not much movie in the cinema,
but I just want to watch this,
even though my friend doesn't want to watch horror movie,
I just drag him to watch this!!!

Turned out it doesn't really scary!!!
It's just like a karma story!!!

So kid don't bully your friends,
you might be need to pay someday duh!!!

One more thing to add on!!!
The main actress is so pretty lol!!!




Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 95minutes (1hr35mins)
Directed by: Taweewat Wantha
Starring by: Chinawut Indracusin, Sheranut Yusananda, Sean Jindachot, Natpassara Adulyamethasiri

In every teen gang there’s always the bullied – the one meek guy who’s the butt of every joke and who bears the brunt of the bullying gang-leaders. THONGSOOK (Shin Chinawut) is that person. He’s a shy, nerdy, childlike teenager who’s always harassed and made fun of by his friends since he was a boy. Luckily Thongsook has a best friend in NAM (Namcha Sheranut), a girl who’s grown up with him and looks after him whenever she can. When Thongsook and Nam enter college, they hang out with a new group of friends: BOY (Sean Jindachote), JACK (Nott Akaranat), BEAM (Golf Natpassara) and PUI (THA Kittilpat). As usual, these new friends enjoy making fun of Thongsook, a fate that the young man has to endure with hardly a protest.

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