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Saturday, January 03, 2015

【Bentong|文东】T.A.K Ice Cream Corner|陈雪糕店

January 3, 2015, Saturday
Almost done with the farm posts, now heading to the town which is also my most excited part (especially we've been under the sun for so long, of course we need something cold to refresh ourselves, right?)
看完农场,就出来市区看一些不一样的,我们来吃雪糕啦! (雪糕还是冰淇淋都是我最爱的甜品之一,它有一种让我吃了会很开心的感觉,所以我不开心的时候,请我吃雪糕好事冰淇淋就对啦!)

Great that I remember to take a picture first before I entered the shop, as I know I always forgot if I don't do it now. You know this's part of the procrastination also, that always thought that can do it later, and kept on postponed it until you've totally forgot about it!

Don't have to ask about the price, all were paste it on the wall, but all of these are before GST, not sure did they increase the price afterwards.
我还把所有价格都拍下来了哦(很好吧?) 但这是GST之前的价钱,现在应该起价了吧?

I ordered these, two scoop of different flavor ice cream, one vanilla and one chocolate, chocolate is always my favorite...actually besides that I also like strawberry, green tea, lavender and black sesame, hehe!

My mom ordered this, she can't wait to let me take a picture first before she starts to eat...is that really delicious?? Maybe I should say who doesn't like to eat ice cream ya???

This is also ABC but is with syrup (previous picture that one my mom order is without syrup) Not like those I had it outside, they will intentionally put  lots of ice but not the "ABC ingredients". Well this one has enough portion for everything.

Red bean ice, the syrup in here seems like a bit too much and they give lots of red beans, taste like having cold red bean soap...feel like order another one now.

My eldest sister mixed fruits ice, she said the "thing" at the bottom is some sort of jelly, she doesn't really like it, but the ice cream on top are the best.

You know what's the best? The chocolate flavor ice cream, as my second niece she has ordered twice of this. (Well, she's that type if the taste is good, she'll keep on having it non-stop, but for those she doesn't like it she will eat very slowly and refuse to finish it sometimes, so yup!)

T.A.K Ice Cream Corner

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  1. T.A.K stands for "Tan Ais Krim" if the name in Chinese is 陳雪糕?? saw some other bloggers blogged about this shop before, must be one of the 名店 in Bentong huh?? so many different styles and flavors, somemore they have lavender?? wah, that's cool.. hmmm, chocolate is the best?? but I don't fancy chocolate ice-cream one leh, I like those citrusy berry and nutty flavors only.. I kind of like the mixed fruits ice your sister ordered leh..it looks like cendol with ice-cream in the photo, haha.. :)

    1. I was wondering why T.A.K also, good job Thambee connected the dots! I thought it was Tan Ah Keong Ice Cream Corner or something like that. XD

  2. This one is a very famous one in Bentong. I've seen people blogging about another one though - Kow Pow or something.

  3. 好久没有这样大口大口吃雪糕了, 胃承受不了啊, 但浅尝还可以, 呵

  4. Oh yes, I've seen from the TV, go Bentong must eat ice cream.. I heard the coconut ice cream is nice.. In fact all the ice creams are nice! And cendol too.. Wow, lucky you, I also want, yummzzz...

  5. Thanks for the map. nextr time will remember this place. Fuiyoh...bnice la

  6. 看着看着就想吃雪糕。

  7. Wow, very generous portion of red beans, i like it!!!!

  8. 人家不可以吃那么多冰!!! *蹬脚!*

  9. This ice cream shop is special eh! I can see that the price is quite reasonable.

  10. 我也是冰淇淋头号粉丝, 小影走走走咱们可以手牵手去找雪糕吃!!哈哈

  11. So yummy and refreshing to indulge in yummiest ice cream after a hot day at the farms!

  12. I went to kow pow ice cream instead of t.a.k. Ice cream. I wonder which on tastes better.

  13. wow.... look at the desserts!! You are spoit for choices!!

  14. T.A.K this shop name is my grandfather name . Tan Ah Kau


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