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Monday, November 02, 2015

【Gift|禮物】My little Totoro|我最愛龍貓

November 2, 2015, Monday
This is so cute and so lucky, when I joined a lucky draw every time, I would have a thought that I won't have the chance to win the price...don't know why? But I guess is I used to be lack of confidence maybe (wait, is that related??)
我中獎啦,說真的,每次參加什麽抽獎比賽,我一定是事先打定輸戰。 對!就是超級沒有信心的那種,也不知道爲什麽呢,總是覺得只要這樣想,可能會中獎的幾率比較高? 胡説啦。。。

So first of all of course I got to give a very big thanks to Blogger Audrey also is the one who offered me this movie last time. But this time obviously isn't the movie for sure.
所以首先當然是要先謝謝美女博客Audrey抽到我啦。 哦,對呀,她就是那樣給我免費戲票的美女博客(不過說起來她應該是目前爲止我有接觸到就有寫出來的博客,因爲有很多都來不及寫。。。)

Without any expectation, just comment why I would like to win this in her blog post here. I didn't even notice that I won it until my other blogger friend told me in What's app, hehe!
當公布得獎名單的時候,我還不知道也忘了去留意。  一切都直到我朋友What's app告訴我時候,我才知道啊! 在無預知情況下得知的消息,就是驚喜,呵呵!

So take a 360 glance look of it, so cute right?? If you do watch this movie, I know you will like it very much as well. Even I heard few rumors said that it doesn't represent well according to the old legend, but who cares?? I choose to listen to the good things.
真是好可愛的龍貓,有看過宮崎駿的龍貓的你,一定也非常喜歡他,我記得我當時還有也很喜歡龍貓巴士啊(當然現在也很喜歡,哈哈哈!) 不知道何時才能夠籌和一對呢!

And due to its cuteness, I can't stop myself from drawing it (okay, I know I don't have very good drawing skill, but excuse me! I'm taking this to join any competition anyway, it's just a fun! Right?)

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  1. 这个是 audrey 之前在台湾买回来的手指套手信吗? 好可爱啊!!! 我也是龙猫的粉丝呵呵

  2. Oooo...so cute! I had two bears in my post that day and I did not know the name, had to google to find out. Should have asked you, probably you would know.

  3. nothing is more happy than winning in a lucky draw huh?? happy for you to get the cute totoro, hehe!! but may I ask what is it actually?? there's a hole beneath I can see..

  4. Totoro makes me think of a blogger who's now not active in blogging anymore, she likes totoro that her nickname is totoro...

  5. 恭喜你!
    我也是龙猫迷!现在龙猫周边产品好多呀,下次要到 Audrey 说的专卖店进货了。^^

  6. Very cute! You are lucky to win this. I think you can draw and sketch very well. I have watched the anime and like it. I have not heard the negative rumour. Where did you hear that rumour?

  7. 龙猫是我年代的动画,动画片广东翻译其中一句对白管它叫卢海鹏,哈哈哈!!现在想起也觉得搞笑~

  8. Eee very cute!
    I am not a fan of Totoro but I do remember the animation, I think I love watching it when I was younger~

  9. Congratulations on your good win! This Nibariki collectibles are even sold in Amazon websites! Lucky gal.

  10. 好可爱的龙猫。话说,有看宫崎骏的动画电影,真的会爱上龙猫。^^


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