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Sunday, May 15, 2016

【Movie|電影】Lost In Hong Kong|港囧

May 15, 2016, Sunday
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Different than the lost in Thailand, this one at least I know some artist in the movie, Zhao Wei, she played role as Xu Zheng's wife (the main actor) Nothing much to talk about the movie, but I do like the beginning scenes of the movie where present that's how life start after studies, you won't work as what exactly what you study. Such as those study art, not many end up being an artist and mostly it would get stop by parents saying you won't get very well paid of being an artist. That's why one those who really stay until the end will successed and really success.
上次衝著看泰囧,因爲那當時它在中國大陸的票房奪冠,引起了很大的話題性。 可能我比較不喜歡看搞笑片,所以一般的搞笑片我也不太覺得很好很好看(但是周星馳的例外)。 這一集跟上一集是完全沒有鏈接的,上一集我沒有一位演員認識,這一集至少主角方面還有趙薇葛民輝還有李璨琛。趙薇是飾演男主角徐峥的老婆。 故事情節就不説了,不過我到喜歡前面的故事開場,每個人所讀的也未必會做回相關的工作。 就比如説畫畫,大學的時候讀畫畫,但是出來社會工作的時候,說要去畫畫就被反對說畫畫找不到飯吃。 能不能找到飯吃,我不知道,但我知道的是能夠堅持到最后,往往就衹有那一個,最終會成名的那一個。
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  1. Hmm..老实说,看这个电影的海报,觉得它吸引不到我去看,即使是赵薇所演的。

    1. 堅持到最後,多數都會成爲贏家,但是路途并不容易走。

  2. I think there is "Lost in Singapore' as well...and of course, the tv series, "Lost in space".

  3. Aiya, I missed this movie huh... I enjoyed recent China comedy movies that I watched...

  4. I like to watch Zhao Wei's movie but I didn't know about this one. Thanks!


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