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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

【Haul|購物】Flower for my MOM|母難日的花花

July 5, 2016, Tuesday
On my birthday date, I always wish to give something to my mom. This year, I came across from 魔鬼情詩 blog, she was sharing this wonderful flower delivery website.
我的生日也是母難日,好像每一次的生日,都衹知道自己慶祝,忘了當天最辛苦的就是媽媽。 所以這次在我生日的這個日子里,我就想再送花給媽媽,我被魔鬼情詩文裏面介紹的這個花店網站給吸引了。

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All the flowers in the website, of course are very beautiful, I do spend some time on struggling which one should I choose. Ended up I pick this, which has rose which my mom likes, but she always said they're not easy to plant.
裏面的每一束花,幾乎都很漂亮,花兒漂亮之餘,包裝也很漂亮。 所以在選花的時候,我都猶豫了額好一整子才選到,放棄了百合,我還是選擇了玫瑰,雖然媽媽說玫瑰放不久,也很難種,但我卻看到玫瑰真的很美。

I booked this before I left, intentionally ask to deliver on July 5. On July 5, I was almost forgot about this, then a phone rang, the delivery man called said that's nobody at home. I what's app my sister, asked my sister to call my mom, because my mom doesn't know how to use what's app. Then my sister replied there's no one outside the door. That's very weird. Then the delivery man called again, he asked what's my house number, I told him my house number and I got curious why he doesn't see the address that I written on the information box or what? I checked my email, everything is written there, I'm truly curious why he can't find my house number from the address. Anyway, the flower had delivered safely, it was so difficult to ask my sister to take picture for me, because she doesn't stay there. So I got to wait until she visits my mom, then now I got all the pictures. They indeed are very pretty until she took so many pictures.
在我出發前,我就預先訂好了,設定在7月5日送到。 這個由於太早訂的關係,我幾乎都忘了這一件事。 直到7月5日,我這裏早上,我收到送花人員的電話,他說沒有人在家,所以我就立刻what's app給我姐姐,讓姐姐去通知媽媽,因爲媽媽不會用what's app。 媽媽回説外面沒有人啊!(這麽奇怪?) 過了一整子,送花人員再打電話來,問我家門牌是什麽? 告訴了他后,我就更奇怪了,這些資料,在下訂單的時候,我不是早就有寫好的嗎? 幹嘛他還要問? 然後我爲了一再確定自己是沒有遺漏的,我去搜尋回我收到的收據,我明明就把地址寫得很清楚啊! 話雖如此,都已過去了,花兒都順利送到媽媽的手中,話説要拍這個花的照片,還真不簡單啊! 因爲我必須等到我姐姐去到我媽媽家,那才可以拍到照片,雖然她拍攝技術是有限,但是還可以看到花朵們都是很漂亮,很大朵的。

Official Website: http://bloomthis.co/

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  1. What a nice gesture to give your mother flowers on your birthday. I guess your mother must be very happy to receive your beautiful flowers!

    1. I don't know, that I gonna ask her when I'm back in Malaysia.


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