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Saturday, August 30, 2014

【Birthday Bash|台庆】MY FM 16th Birthday Bash《MY FM星战16》@ Setia City Park, Setia Alam

August 30, 2014, Saturday
Was so excited to get there at first......

Then something silly happened again......I drove all the way there for like almost an hour...I forgot to bring my ticket with me!!! Yup! Super smart, how could this happen...I've no idea (too stress on works, maybe?) So I drove so far there, is impossible for me to drive back for an hour just to take the ticket, right?? So I tried ask the MyFm staffs, told them I forgot to bring my ticket and my house is very far from here, this and that......hehe!!! Finally they help me got another two tickets for me!!! What a lucky day!!! =]
结果糊涂事再找上门,去到的时候。。。我竟然才发现我忘记带票出门,我是确定我自己真的是忙到发疯才会那么大头虾。。。结果就到他们的柜台那,解释解释一番,说我家离这里很远,根本回不到去拿(的确没有骗人,我家确实是离很远,需要几乎一个小时的车程)还好她们都很好人,悄悄的拿了两张票给我,真是幸运啊!!   =]

As you all know me...honest to say I'm the "kiasu" type, always want to go all the way front in order to take good views of pictures......but my friend got there late then we had dinner this and that......so we got to stand very far away from the stage......and the position was like can't see the stage due to the long distance, and  can't see the screen as well coz it was even blocked by those tall guys in front (wanted to say, hello!! All these tall tall guys...can you guys always look the height of the person who're standing behind you??? People as short like me...instead not just seeing your heads...=,=!!!   and I was just be able get to see all your back only, okay??? Sad duh!!!)
本来还想早早去排队,想要站在前面的位子的,但是因为一些小状况,所以都就被流放站到离舞台那么远的地方,舞台看又看不到,荧幕又因为前面的人太高而被挡着了(想说你们长那么高,下次可以看看你后面那位可以吗?   长得矮很可怜叻,不是看你们的头,我是矮到那种看你们背后的那种!!!   悲哀!!!)

Their theme for this year is to "Save the Earth", the five male DJ were played as five different characters from different planets, were sent to Earth to save the Earth!! In order to pass that, they need to gain "Live, Learn, Work, Play and Love" to survive and save the Earth (Okay! This's very rough explanation for it, but that's their basic idea of the whole show, separate the love to the world!!)
开场嘉宾是Wilber Pan 潘瑋柏演唱《小丑》!   过后就到五位MyFmDJ出场,他们分别扮演五位来自不同星球的外星人,金星的血压gold(Jeff陈浩然);   木星的Hollywood(Royce陈志康);   水星的古龙水(Jason贾森);   火星的火龙果(Jym庄靖毅);   土星的老土(Jack林德荣)

过后再出场的照片都模糊了(因为站到太远,还蛮难抓到好的镜头)接下来是Amy Wang 王明丽演唱《不哭了》Athena Beh 马嘉轩演唱《Mr Right Now》,然后再联手演唱《My Destiny》

Here's funny, when Bell was singing her song which named as "rain is sweet", it started to rain... was it some sort of coincident or what?? Hehe!!! Since it was an outdoor show, everyone's holding umbrella......now can't even see a single thing...but full of different colors of umbrellas......
再和Huang Qi Ming 黄启铭浪漫演唱《看不見的愛》《雨是甜的 》(不知道是巧合还是什么,她唱这首歌的时候就开始下雨。。。)在室外。。。一下雨全部就拿起雨伞,更不用拍。。。因为只会拍到雨伞罢了。。。光听声音就好。。。

期间是演出的歌手因为下雨拍不到的有Geraldine 顏慧萍演唱《Good Night》,《Astro新秀大赛2014》的冠军Uriah See 徐凯演唱《All Of Me》,季军Elaine 李宜玲,殿军Yuii 陈静宜和第五名的Ron 彭世豪,过后再一起联唱《Moves Like Jagger》
He's singing Cantonese song, strange to say that when first heard this song from the radio, I thought it was sang by some Hong Kong singer, coz the way he sang and the slang the first came to mind wouldn't be sang by a local singer lo!!
Juztin 刘界辉演唱《後備》不得不说,我第一次听这首歌的时候,我还以为是哪一位香港歌星唱的,真的完全听不出是出之于本地的歌手咯!
Personally I like these two pictures very much, as due to the rain, those people in front of me were leaving, so I got to squeeze to front a bit...finally......even though it's still not very clear, but better than the rest!! =]
SAFE(Sam, Alvin, Fuying, Eric)联手合唱《海阔天空》《黑暗騎士》《離開地球表面》
Jess Lee 李佳薇演唱《像天堂的懸崖》,她唱完后,台下就一直喊煎熬,所以她就现场清唱《煎熬》的chorus,实在太好听了。。。接着就唱《強求》
Claire Kuo 郭靜演唱新歌《即溶愛人》《下一個天亮》(这首歌让全场都跟着一起唱,说实在的我真的脱离音乐太久了,很多歌我都不知道什么歌,要找歌词找很久才知道什么歌名。。。不瞒你说。。。有几位歌手我都不知道谁打谁@.@!!!)

When two of them were singing this very sweet song, bunch of heart shape balloons were popped up from the stage (from my angle to tell, that's what I can see where they popped up from!)

Look at this, all balloons flew to the sky, so pretty!! I~~~want~~~one!!! Okay, it's because personally I love balloon very much (and this's nothing to do with childish or not!!!)
唱完的时候绑在舞台的心形气球都被放上天空啦。。。(我当时多想还有气球在场,我想要一个带回家嘛!   虽然不是很实用,我知道。。。但是真的很可惜我站的地方实在距离太远了,不用去到都近看,都知道一颗气球都没有了)

Then the whole show was ended like this with all the singers and DJs have a big group picture together!!

I skipped all the singers and songs part...because no point to repeat that...because I was gonna to copy the same thing...wouldn't that you want me to translate all the song's name to English, right?? Hahaha!!! (Even I was that hardworking to do so, bet nobody gonna to read that lo!!!)
我写得真的还有一些凌乱。。。因为我平时都是一边拍的时候,一边会想着要怎样写,但由于很多照片都模糊了,所以都没有办法很清楚的写完出来,都是看官方的视频比较清楚吧!!!   =]
Not the end yet......silly story to tell again (is okay la! I don't mind people laugh at me due to my silliness) When I reached Setia Alam, my car just left one last tank of gas, then I was thinking I can pumped it on the way home!! But when I was on the way home, I've been driven for almost more than 10minutes, I still can't any gas station......finally I found one, but the staff told me they're closing, then how?? I (used the pity and sad face that I used to ask for tickets in the evening) to tell them "No, no, no, my house's very far away from here and I only left one last tank of gas, and I'm alone here, I don't where am I, I really need the fuel to go back home!" Luckily, it succeeded, they said just have give them few minutes to restart the machine...Very dangerous!! I know, but then what to do??? Too independent attitude is gonna be like this, settle things by my own, not about "anxious" or being calm down or what, once things happened not to say who cause it, how it caused, why don't prepared well or who to blame!!! For me, find the way to solve is the first step I should do!!! =]
还没完。。。最近老爱说我的糊涂事(不过傻事讲出来给人家笑笑也无妨)。。。也不知道为什么最近就是特别多傻事发生。。。到Setia Alam那时候,我车子的油缸是剩下一格,心想说回途中应该会有油站。。。结果回家的时候,都驾了将近10多分钟的路程,都还没有看到有油站。。。好不容易就找到一家,要打油的时候,那边的工作人员跟我说他们要关门了。。。结果又再显示那种楚楚可怜,情况危机的表情(跟之前要求票的表情一模一样)跟他们说“不能啊,我家里离这里很远,我车只剩一格油,我又不知道这里是哪里,现在又这么晚了,我一个人叻。。。!”   还好他们都很好,给我打完油才收工,他说“给一点时间,需要restart回机器!”(什么楚楚可怜的表情???    一点都不像我=.=!!!。。。但在适当的时候就要用适当的表情)嘻嘻!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unlucky or Careless|倒霉还是粗心

August 23, 2014, Saturday
Unlucky or careless?? I don't know, maybe you can tell me...I was about to be back home at 3pm but end up I got home around 9 at night......

Incident 1
As it was a relax and peaceful Saturday, so I plan to go Mid Valley to shop for a shoes, but in the end I got some clothes instead!! When I was about to go home, I opened my wallet saw that only RM3 inside...omg!! How am I gonna to pay for the parking ticket, I guess the parking ticket should be more than RM3, right?? Then I think shouldn't be a problem because there're ATM everywhere!!! I'm holding a Public Bank ATM card, but there're not many Public Bank around, so I headed to the HSBC ATM below the escalator, I was so sure that I've key in the correct pin number into the machines, but it keeps on telling me my pin number is wrong!! So I went to the one beside which's Maybank, then not yet get to the machine, was queuing half way, it states as "out of service" Is okay!!! I recalled there're few ATM in between connected bridge Mid Valley and The Gardens!! When I got there I felt so happy as I saw there're three of them and I've tried them all!! It failed, I can't take out any money, then I walked slowly and sadly to The Gardens, I saw a ATM signboard, so I follow the way and found the ATM, it was by CIMB but I just give a try......then failed too!!! So I called my third older sister, she's not helping and we were scolding here and there through the phone, then out of sudden I thought about "could it because I was pressing "current" before it, I should press "saving" instead, right??" So I tired again with the CIMB ATM again, and luckily it works!!! =]
这天我心情很好,就想到Mid Valley逛街买鞋子,结果鞋子没有买到就买了几件衣服,正当我要回家的时候,我才想起我钱包里面只剩RM3,那是要怎样给Parking钱???   那至少都要RM3以上吧?   所以我就到ATM拿钱,我持有的是Public Bank的ATM卡,虽知道它的ATM不是到处都有,所以我就随便选了HSBC的ATM要去按钱,结果按了很多次,它都显示我的pin number是错误的!   所以我就索性不管,心想反正其他ATM多的是,然后我就到旁边Maybank的试看看,结果排到一半,那机器“Out of Service”!    没关系咯!   就想到Mid Valley和The Gardens的天桥中阶段好像有些ATM,所以就走到那边,走到那边。。。看到有三架就还蛮开心,的以为看到救星。。。但很不好运,三架我都试过了,三架都按不出钱,这下我可紧张了。。。是什么回事啊???   有点失望的走到The Gardens看到指示牌写着有ATM,所以就走去看,结果是CIMB的,但我还是照样尝试一下。。。答案是失败的!!!   就在这种紧张无助的情况下,我打电话给三姐,结果我们两个就一直骂来骂去,一时之间我就想起。。。之前我按Public Bank的ATM我都是按“current”,实际来说我是应该按“saving”的,就在这时候我就想到,我之前好像都是按“current”,所以是按错了,再次在这CIMB的ATM机尝试多一次。。。原来是这个原因啊!!! 真是捏了一把冷汗。。。

Incident 2
This happened in between incident 1, that call I make in incident 1 wasn't the first call!! When I first called her, she was just keep scolding and scolding nonstop "who ask you to go there??...bla...bla...bla...." which's absolutely not helping at all!! So we ended the call because I need to go to toilet, I put my bag on top of the toilet bowl water tank near on the wall gap space (a small gap like small space on the wall for you to put your bag) (but I don't know why I put my bag there at first, because usually I'll hang my bag instead) Then at this moment, I my phone rang, it was from my their older sister so the phone vibrate and my bag fell...and the phone fell into the toilet bowl, but I wasn't care so much, I use my hand to take out the phone from the toilet and use toilet paper to wipe off the water! As my phone still ringing, so I answered it and told my sister "My phone has felled into the toilet bowl la!" then hanged up!!! After cleaned up my phone, I called my sister again...but I can't hear her voice, so I thought something wrong to my phone, then I took my phone to the Mac store to have a look!! But the staff told me, this's my line problem and I need to take my phone to the digi center!! So I walked to the digi center, but on the half way, I felt something wrong, it's not the line problem, obviously is the phone's part, not the line thing...so I walked back to the Mac store, looked for another staff to solve my problem, the staff used my phone to call someone, surprisingly it works...okay then problem solved, I called my sister again (which's the one that I found the answer in incident 1)
这是馋渣在事件一之间,话说我不是打了一次电话给我三姐,我第一次打,她就一直骂我,说什么“谁叫你一个人要跑到那么远。。。bla, bla, bla!”。。。都没有给予任何帮助,挂了电话后我就急尿,所以就很沮丧的去上厕所,上到一半,那三姐打电话给我,结果放在后面的包包(我也不知道为什么我那时候会把包包放在后面,我平时都是挂起来的),里面的手机一震,就整个包包跌下来,里面的手机就跌进马桶(真是衰到没有人有,打从一开始用手机开始,我手机连跌地上都少之又少,这次竟然跌进马桶)不管三七二十一,直接是伸手进去马桶里面拿,再用厕纸擦。。。由于手机还在响,就按下“接通”直接说“我的电话跌进马桶了啦!”。。。然后就挂电话。。。再把手机壳拆掉,把它给擦干!!!   以为擦干就没事,再打电话给我三姐(好像都忘记刚才它跌进马桶的事了,照用!   现在这种紧张时刻,没钱,不,不是没钱,是没有现钱,谁管得了那么多,我只想快点解决罢了!)打给她的时候就发觉,我听不到她说什么,声音好像很小很小声,但我明明就开到最大声的那一格了!!   就想是不是手机刚才进水而坏了!!!   所以就很快的速度找到Mac的店,那进去问看有没有修理手机的,结果我真是问上了一个白目的,他跟我说这不是他们的问题,是线的问题,叫我去digi问。。。然后我也傻傻的要拿手机去digi问,但走到半路,我就在想,这很不对劲。。。我是手机里面进水坏了,这关digi什么事??   所以我再次走回Mac店,找另外一位店员帮忙(当然不要找回同样一位,不然又再被他老点么?)跟他再次说过详情,他尝试帮我播出一通电话,eh!   有听到声音了啊!   =.=!!   这是玩我吗???  弄好电话,我再次打给我三姐(这就是我们俩骂来骂去那通!)

Incident 3
Finally get to leave Mid Valley safely and drove back home!! I recall that my friend from the States has sent something back for me and it was with her younger sister, so I called her sister to ask her address, even I've there many times but still I can't remember how to get there, so her sister told me very easy, just need to type "Taman Sri Putra" into waze and google map then I'll get to find it!! I did what she told found "Taman Sri Putra, Sungai Buloh", so I followed waze's directions to her house!! Drive further and further...I felt so weird, why is it brought me to a toll then to highway??? From what I've recall, I don't need to drive that far, to pass through a toll or any highway to get to her house...so I checked back the waze address!!! The address was "Sungai Buloh, Jerum"!! No, I don't want to go Jerum...and I saw my phone is going to dead (yah, very smart, I only brought half battery power bank with me, I've finished using it in the afternoon) Thus forget about everything, I follow the "Sungai Buloh" and "Kepong" road signboard back to where I supposed to be......I've spent 20 minutes in the highway just to take a U-turn then took another 20 minutes to be back from where I came from...so I forget about any electronic devices, I used my own limit memories to drive to her house, luckily meanwhile her sister called me, so we choose an easy spot way to meet instead!! 
好不容易从Mid Valley成功离开,回到我家外面的马路,就想我的好朋友之前在美国托人带回来给我的东西已经在她家很久了,所以就打电话(进马桶的电话)给她妹妹!!!   虽然之前去过她家很多次,但我还是不会去,所以她妹妹就跟我说“很容易,google map跟waze都可以找得到,你只需要打"Taman Sri Putra"!”   所以我就照打,果然很容易,waze就立刻有显示,看清楚是在"Sungai Buloh",那就对了!!   所以就很顺利这样出发,但是越驾就越觉得不对劲,怎么需要给toll的,上highway的??   我记得她家很近,根本都不需要给什么toll,然后我再查回去waze,里面是写着"Sungai Buloh"没错,但后面是"Sungai Buloh, Jerum",这是哪里啊??   这是要怎样???   结果更不好的事发生,我手机没电(很死,我的Power Bank也是没电,因为我之前也没有让它插满才出门=.=!!!)就不管,看路牌驾驶,跟着回Sungai Buloh和Kepong的牌子,肯定没有错!   所以走了20分钟highway就是为了做一个U-turn回来再20分钟。。。几经辛苦,回到了Sungai Buloh,我就不管什么地图,不地图的,我就凭我自己的记忆,大概驾着去。。。朋友的妹妹看我这么迟还没到,就打电话来,最后我们就约好在一个T-juntion的交界处的店屋那边等!

Incident 4
After deal with everything, you guessed I can go home FINALLY??? Nope!! Done with some chit-chatting with her sister, I got back into my car and start the engine...the engine cannot start......serious??? Luckily there was a tire shop beside, so I walked to the tire shop to ask for help, the person came by and have a look, he also can't do anything, he said it could be something wrong with the fuel pump, that makes the oil didn't get to pump into the engine!!! I asked him is there any towing service you know?? He said no one is working this late at this time......so then what to do??? I called my brother and on that moment my phone battery was 10% and rain heavily, luckily he and my second brother in law found me before the battery(5%) really dead!! After they came, I moved all my stuffs into my brother in law's car and waited for the towing truck!! Finally the towing truck came, I passed my key to the towing truck man, he tried to start the engine......the engine works......okay, now the engine is playing with me?? So in the end I paid RM50 to the towing truck man and I drove my car home!!!
经过种种是不是以为已经完了???   还会有什么事情发生呢???   想也想不到。。。提交完东西,闲谈一下。。。回到车上,那车子竟然开动不了!!   当然我也不会慌,这地方刚巧旁边就是一个tire店,我就到店里找人来帮我看,他说这他不会修理,有可能是那油pump不到去engine那边。。。   经过一天我真是整个人傻到不能再傻,只好打电话回家求救,因为我也没有拖车号码,车场那边的他又说现在全部都下班了!   结果最后我哥哥跟我二姐夫来救我!   好死不死手机剩下10%。。。又下大雨。。。还好在手机跌剩5%的时候,哥哥他们找到我了(回到家1%,我手机第一次剩这么少电。。。),我把东西搬过去二姐夫的车上,在他车上等拖车。。。结果接下来的,我看你想也想不到的结局。。。(雨开始变小停了)那拖车师傅来到跟我拿了车钥匙,他尝试start engine,我那车的engine竟然可以start了。。。结果我就给了那拖车师傅RM50给,自己再驾车回家!!!

I was so exhausted when I got home, I don't know what to comment about it...too much happens in a day!!! XD

Sunday, August 24, 2014

【Book|書籍】《GO 林笑笑!》

August 24, 2014, Sunday
在做書籍整理時候,才發現這本沒寫到,記得在她出第二本書的時候,我還帶上第一本,讓她簽名,而且當時我還有點期望她會記得我是有在她部落格留言過的人(=.=!! 我還真的把我自己當是誰。。。) 不過還好她沒發現,不然我就醜爆了。


【Birthday Bash|台庆】MY FM 16th Birthday Bash《MY FM星战16》台庆秀索票

August 24, 2014, Saturday
Before my careless and unlucky incident, everything was quite fine in the morning......
不关是倒霉还是粗心,不想解释,在去Mid Valley之前,我先到Sungai Wang拿《MY FM星战16》的票!! (本来是前一个星期去Paradigm Mall拿的,但因为车子要进厂进行定期修理,所以就拖延到这星期)

Because when I went to Sungai Wang to get the MyFm 16th Birthday Bash giveaway ticket, there wasn't much people queuing so everything was pretty smooth!

At first I didn't really want to go due to my laziness, so I just went to there to try my luck...... 

GanMeiYan, she's my favorite one...the prettiest one!! =]
颜薇恩,我很喜欢她很久了,因为她很美啊!!   周日早上都一定会听她的节目的!! =]




Is tonight...and have fun!! =]

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