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Friday, July 31, 2015

【30 Hour Famine|饥饿三十】 2015 Countdown Preparation | 2015 倒数活動準備

July 31, 2015, Friday
Is so difference this year, as it was held in MBPJ Stadium, the first impression when get there was...is this gonna be very hot?? And where they gonna to set up the stage?? Is that clear to see??
很幸運的今年又被抽中到世界宣明會的飢餓30大活動當義工啦。其實每一年我都會很擔心會中不到,因為參加人數眾多,不是每一位申請的都會被抽中。 幸好幸運女神的庇佑讓我再次被選上。

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

【Colleague|同事】Bad Boy Cooks @ Oasis Ara Damansara|开斋晚餐

July 14, 2015, Tuesday
I'm so hardworking to have new post up recently, right? I know! Because I've too many outdated posts and ALSO I'm a very greedy person, don't like to just focus on one. So in order to do that, I need to force myself to be very hardworking in blogging.
今年的开斋晚餐(国庆日都要来临了,现在才写开斋节? 不过我都已经写得很快了,至少我没有停止出文)话说有一天同事小欧就说我们应该来个开斋节晚餐,眼看开斋节就要到来,所以就急急忙忙约好,不能再拖。。。(其实拖的那个人是我才对,因为当同事小斯说怎么不约在星期一的时候, 我就说星期一不可,因为星期一要去洗车,还真的有够霸道。。。=.=)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

【Gift|礼物】Souviner and the Gift|手信加生日礼物

July 12, 2015, Sunday
Another lovely from my secondary school friend. It was so surprise that I thought it was just a meet up, but then she handed over me a bag while we were ordering food.
是項鍊嘢! 打開起來的時候,還真的有些驚訝,都忘了最上一次收到項鍊是什麼時候,還是應該說都是我自己的買的居多。

Saturday, July 11, 2015

【Gift|礼物】Autograph Gift|作者亲笔签名礼物

July 11, 2015, Saturday

【BookFest|书展】BookFest 2015 Malaysia Day 1: Books I bought on NightTime|马来西亚吉隆坡第九届海外文书市第一天之晚上书籍购物篇

July 11, 2015, Saturday
As I mentioned before, I went on day time and night time...I left about 2pm something back to Kepong for my violin class, then back to the book fest with my eldest sister. (Though, as a prove here...I really like my violin class, that I've rush here and there just to attend the class! =])
之前就有提到我晚上还会去一趟,那为什么我要走两趟呢? 因为我5点钟小提琴课,所以我必须赶回甲洞上课,然后再跟我大姐一起再过来。(最近老是跟不上,让我压力很大,真的不要随便缺课)

【BookFest|书展】BookFest 2015 Malaysia Day 1: Books I bought on Day Time|马来西亚吉隆坡第九届海外文书市第一天之早上书籍购物篇

July 11, 2015, Saturday
Glad that I visit the book fest on the first day, because some of the books are out of stock... Like seriously, so now lesson learned!! Don't wait, the "chance" won't wait for you forever, buy it before it's too late!!

Sunday, July 05, 2015


Time do flies like rocket until I didn't realize is half of the year already. And what now? Am I still the same girl as a year ago, I hope NOT. Always wish to have some improvement days by days, so at least I'm gaining something......

Use about 10 minutes to draw this, actually is pretty fun at first......but at the end I was lazy to color the wings...I know just a simple click but maybe I wasn't that good in color arrangement (or you want to give a little help out??)

Anyway, Happy Birthday to myself and have fun!! =D


好了,拜拜!!  生日快乐!!

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Saturday, July 04, 2015

【Tzu Chi|慈濟】Dharma as Water|《法譬如水》

July 4, 2015, Saturday
My eldest sister, she's super passionate to TZU CHI (is a society that mission of charity includes taking care of needy families, providing emergency relief, visiting people in need, engaging in international relief work, and so on) Like a month before she was kept on persuasion to join her sign language and body movements. Then the first came into my mind is "it looks fun!" So I promised my sister... +.+ and that's not good at all, god knows I'm super busy......

Friday, July 03, 2015

【Birthday|生日】Two days Before|前兩天

July 3, 2015, Friday
Backdate post again, many people don't know this, that the date showing on top of the first line the exact date of the post, so just for future reference and I won't mention this again... Indeed I've lots of outdated post and meanwhile I did trying to finish them all, so please excuse me ya!
這是很久以前的文了,其實也沒有很久啦,只是幾個月前的,相比我其他的,其實這篇還算可以接受啦。 在我每一篇的第一行都有寫下日期,而那個就是當天發生的事,所以說實在的都還蠻容易知道的。
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