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Sunday, September 30, 2012

【Festival|節日】Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!
Finally, I have the chance to eat moon cake!!!! 
(To be honest, I hate moon cake because it's too sweet for me, those sweet ingredients is for the moon cake to last longer which makes me dislike about it because I don't really like to eat sweet stuff!!!)


Shopping Day

Shopping day today!!! My third elder sister was keep on saying that my bag was very childish so she force me get something much more mature style.

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Why am I so busy??? Here you go, this is kind of like what I was doing for the past few weeks but this 义卖会 only run for last weekend and the previous weekends before it, I was at the recycling station to the recycle organizing works . I will try to post more picture about it next time because I was busy working so that's why I wasn't even thinking about it and when I realized it, is the time when I got home!!!

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Recycling Collection Point @ Tzu Chi
Yayasan Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi (Cawangan KL & Selangor)
Donation to Super Typhoon Haiyan
Recycle Center
Dharma as Water|《法譬如水》

My Nephew

This is my nephew!!! He is sooo cute!!! By the way, he is PT's son which is my third sister!!!

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Mom's cook dinner!!!

Cabbage, my favorite as usual!!!

Long bean with some fish meat (doesn't really know what call it in English)

Pumpkin!!! Is my favorite too!!!

Chicken with Potato!!!

Some fried fish meat

Really love every dinner that my mom make for us!!!

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Bird Nest

This bird nest was in my Kepong house garden. Damn funny, the first time I saw bird nest inside the plant bush!!!

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Passport Renew Day

I think this was about three weeks or two weeks ago, I got to renew my passport because my passport is gonna expire in 11 of October... Same as usual, it still wasted my day to sit there and wait. Really hate the working system here, damn freaking slow!!!

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Morning Walk!!!

Nothing much to talk about!!! These are the pictures that I took during my morning walk with my mom on every Saturday!!!

The sunrise is closer as the sky is getting brighter, which means is time to end the morning walk and off to have breakfast!!! We will have dim sum for breakfast every Saturday lol!!! (PS: it is not my routine, is my mom, as usual I'm always the one who follow what people said!!!)

Weather in Malaysia

As you all know, I'm back to Malaysia and what I want to say is the weather is so terrible, it keeps raining everyday. Also it was keep remind me those people who was staying at lower places and just because most of their house are lower than the road so all the water will flow into their house which is sad because their house will be flooded... Sigh!!!

Here is the video that I took in my third sister, PT car while on the way home.
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【Movie|电影】Resident Evil: Retribution

Finally got the opportunity to watch this movie because I have to wait till my brother and brother in law, TL to come back from their trip to Germany. They are the only people that like to watch movies in my family!!! (This is awkward, but just let it be!!!)

As usual we went to watch the movie at MBO, Tesco Kepong. The whole movie is 95minutes long. Is it that, Malaysia is the only country that has a lot of advertisement before the movie start, it doesn't like the states, they will show the movie's trailer instead of those branded advertisements like Gucci, KFC, etc.

This is the poster stand that was all over the cinema counter.

Milla Jovovich - Alice

How cool the shooting is!!!

Just have to say I really love this movie, love Alice, love the story.

This is the casting of the whole movie, including the story line as well.

Those four main actress and for me Alice is the coolest!!!

These are like kind of all the best photo shoots in the movie.

In the beginning of the movie, I think it starts explaining about those previous season stories, like this one is showing after they save those people in the ship.

Some place like for Umbrella Corporation to do something like examine Alice.

Before this movie, I just finish all previous seasons in the state and if not mistaken, this scene is from seasons 2 which this woman start biting on the street and this is how the virus spread.

She really follow her run into the tunnel too. I thought is mindless, so why are they are so good in fighting... 😯😯😯

Really like Hollywood movie's character makeup. Look, how real it is for the zombie face!!!

According to the movie, they have to shoot on the zombie's head in order to kill the zombie. By the way, I love all those fighting scene in this movie.

She is really cool in this movie, those zombies are chasing her from the Japan's downtown street and she ran into tunnel.

What??? After the tunnel, she came back to the same place... No, this is just another section of it.

This is where they first met each other.

Can't really remember what's her character in the previous seasons but she must be one of Alice's friend but she just control by the Red Queen which is the spider that stick on her chest and the Red Queen was keep giving the order to kill Alice.

This character is so scary. I remember the seasons before, they were trying so hard to kill this guy, but who knows, it has two of this in this season.

It's really big!!!

She is LiBingBing, an actress from China. During the movie, I was assuming that she didn't speak the dialog by herself because the slang is a bit strange. But after I got back and read some news about it. Apparently, she really practice the dialog and speak it by herself. Feel like I have a bit of impression on her because I know is hard for China people to learn and speak in proper English and plus it is an Hollywood movie so everybody must be assuming that you are very good in it.

Erm, she was act as an very bad character at first.

She is the best shooter for me!!! ❤❤❤

This wasn't a gun, it's just something like can shoot rope far to the further place. (Seriously, I have no idea what to call that thing.)

Another picture of her in the Suburban Area where they used to found Becky.

At first I was keep assuming she was helping Alice because her face doesn't really doesn't suit to act as an evil character.

She acted as a bad character in this movie and she has to act like a bitch which is keep fight with Alice.

The subway station tunnel where Alice taught Good Rain Ocampo how to shoot.

This is kind of like the saddest because he was kill by a jigsaw.

This look like she really happy and crazy while driving in this awesome but I can't really find out what type of car it is.

This part is so interesting because Alice drove the car down into the subway station to let the tunnel ceiling to fell off on the big monster in order to kill it.

He was the first one who die by sacrifice himself and the way he died was so cool lol.

This scene is just so cool because two of these guys are protecting them.

Really feel bad for him because he died quite badly in the end with all the broken bones cut into his heart to stop the heart pumping.

This is the scene that they force Alice and the team to surrender by using Ada as the victim.

I thought that both of them won't die in the end but only Leon S. Kennedy is survive and Luther West was kill by the Bad Rain.

Just show some of the movie scenes of it.

After all, I realized that I haven't put my personal review of it. Actually this movie is kind of disappointed me, maybe I put a bit high expectation on it because the whole movie is a bit short. Can't really compare it to those seasons before.

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