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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


"The easiest thing that you get, you won't even appreciate it!"
Is this sound true to you???
It sounds true to me!!!
Out of sudden,
I thought about those people always said
"Girls always play hard to get!!!"
That's what make guys like them so much???
Don't know!!! Maybe!!!
But this not only applied to relationship,
it do applies to others too!!!
So no matter is easy to get or hard to get,
please appreciate what you have!!! =]
那都是应该珍惜的!!! =]

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ice cream!!!

This supposed to be posted on yesterday but I was just too lazy and tired for that after done all the editing thing... My third older sister, PT and I just sneak out to Mid Valley Megamall  to have some Häagen-Dazs during the lunch time.

有时真的要edit一张照片是真的要很长时间,因为我必须将在手机里的照片蓝牙到我的电脑,但Mac又不support我的Note II所以搞了老半天终于弄到了,但是又是时候睡觉了,所以就懒惰上载了,这是我和我的三姐在午休时去到Mid Valley吃的,其实也不是特地去到那么远吃,只是我们都需要买一些下星期要去旅行的东西而已。

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Wallpaper Clock

This is my new Wallpaper Clock for the celebration of Halloween!!! I really miss Halloween duh...even though I can't think of anything else to wear or any character to be but it is fun that I can just chill out with my friends...


This is the link for it The Gathering Storm (Halloween Night)

Special Thanks to ELC for telling me about this!!! XD

真的要谢谢我的朋友告诉我这个,要不然我都是傻傻的不知道!!! 嘻嘻。。。

Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Mom's Cook Food

Before I go to bed, I really have to finish this, because I'm kind of late about this and I still have tons of things that I'm gonna to talk about it and moreover I'm gonna heading to Jiuzhaigou Valley next week... Seriously???


Look at this, this is what my mom make our dinner. It took damn a lot of time to prepare of it as you can see from the picture, have dig out everything in the tomato and then cook the inside ingredients and put it in and steam it...

Seriously, I always feel very impressive on those who really spend time in the kitchen and prepare the food for the love ones...because to be honest to say, I'm very lazy for that, you can ask me to spend the time to work on a math problem or draw some AutoCAD but please don't ask me to stay in the kitchen to cook (is not that I can't cook, I won't spend so much time on that plus I always cook for myself only when I was staying in State) And the one thing that really struggle me from being back to the State is my mom and for sure of her cook foods!!!



Deep Into the Triangle | Curiosity

I have to say that I really like all these mysteries stuffs!!! Don't know why!!! But if you ask me, I will rather spend an hour in front of my laptop to watch a documentary show than sit there wasting my time to watch that handsome or rich guy was trying to hook up with that poor and normal girl(In the drama was notified that she is a normal and simple girl, but all of us knew that this girl is damn freaking pretty, okay!!! That's called Taiwan Idol Drama, please no offense to any of it, I used to like it too, but time flowed by and you will finally noticed that it WON'T EVEN EVER HAPPEN TO YOU, maybe it will happened to others but it's just NOT YOU, because I really have a friend that, seriously...have a girl's life that everyone will get jealous on her). Okay, back to the story... I remember few months ago I was kind of like study about Bermuda Triangle too because of it's mysteries stories but it's just lack of video sources in YouTude so I just stopped study about it but now, I'm gonna to start it back again!!! XD

百慕达三角洲一直都是我想要研究及了解的一个谜,因为可能是飞机失事的关系,所以我研究起百慕达三角洲。第一次听见这个名字时,应该是在多啦a梦的电影系列里面听见的(是很小孩子啦,我知道。。。)过后,就没有去理它,然后就一直听到很多飞机失事的事件才又再激起我的好奇心。现在我可以坐在电脑前一整天看YouTude的各种视屏,我都不愿再去看那些偶像剧,因为那些怎么可能发生在我身上呢??? 要想那么多,等晚上做梦时才想啊!!! 对我来说这些都是发生在那些又漂亮脾气又好的女生身上,像我这种样子普通然后脾气又不好的。。。慢慢等。。。嗯!!! 可能下一世才有吧,晚上早点睡觉去发梦好了!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Master Graduate Student

Yes, I'm gonna to be a Master Graduate Student in next spring... IF my mom let continue my studies... Even though my degree's result is not that bad (actually is quite good, above the average something like that!!! =]) but I was still very worried about my GRE result...as you can see...I have damn a lot of grammar mistakes and I scored quite bad in the essay part...but now...everything is different lol!!! XD

 终于拿到啦!!! 之前还一直担心GRE过不到(因为我的作文考到很差,虽然我degree的成绩不错)。。。所以一直都担心的要命哦!!! 可是收到这个过后,就很不一样啦!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Halloween

I know Halloween is around the corner. I'm happy that this year I don't have to worry and prepare for the Halloween costume. I've been to a lot of Halloween Party on the past few years and I always can't even decide what to wear and where to get the costume.

I remember the first Halloween Party that I went to. I didn't even wear any costume, I just wear something normal outlook. And I still remember every time when I look at those girls who is wearing something like an angel costume, I always very jealous at them because...
First -  I don't have a pretty face like them
Second - I don't have a sexy or slim body, I'm so fat
Third - I'm pretty sure, I'm not an angel. For everyone that know me, always gimme the feeling like I'm an evil or demon something

So I never want to be an angel just because I'm not.

Second year, I remember I just bought a silver mask and wear something casual too.

Following years, I think I was in the State on that time and I got an witch costume because during that period, I was still very emo and my friends always make me think like I'm a witch so I just wore something like a witch and what stupid thing happened was the condition there was like no one likes me and now when I think back...maybe I think too much...

Then the following year is much more stupid, everyone that know me knows that I seriously don't like girls and I ALWAYS know that I will get jealous and I still LOVE to go out with girls...SERIOUSLY??? What happened was I was wear a Japan Traditional old costume (something like that) this is not the main thing, the main thing is girl she doesn't even prepare anything that and she just wear normal casual clothes and get some Halloween stickers from dollar shop and stick on her clothes and tied a very cute pony tail(something like that). Okay, for me she was totally very cute that day (don't know what about others opinion but that's the truth) So what brought to her is damn a lot of people came over to say hey, you so cute, this and that, and I know I'm that kind of person who get jealous easily, and what can I do is I have to control my emotional and promise myself again don't ever never go out with girls again!!! I know this idea is sort of ridiculous but seriously why would we all just love to do something that we know it will us unhappy all the time... Is no offense to her, she is really good, is just that I'm not perfect, and every girls around me is just so perfect except me!!!

After all of these stupid things happened to me, seriously I refuse to go to Halloween Party anymore, and what makes me start again is when started hangout with BL, VH and many others American friends because they're really fun to hangout with and for me I never felt like what I feel when I was hangout with those Malaysian friends. What had happened to me lsat time was...JWL, PC, TH, KSY just love SLL so much and just trying to please her the whole freaking night!!! The whole gang of Chinese just love JT so much for the first sight love on the whole night and so on and on!!! I KNOW I'M JEALOUS!!! Okay, you don't need to tell me about it, but come on man, every time all these thing just surrounded them and I was the one left over and see how all these girls get chasing and get treated like a princess. I don't know about others but it is just happened all and all the time... I know you love the girl, is nothing wrong with you, it just that, I'm tired of seeing it all the time and get jealous all the time, because every time is just not one person like the girl, is just bunch of guys like one girl, and the only girl is just not me every time!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Morning jogging with my mom before head over to morning market!!!


Samsung Galaxy Note II

Yes, I'm gonna to use Galaxy Note II and for those that don't know me, I'm using iPhone 4 at the same time, and I have to keep two line active, one is US-line and one is Malaysia-line... I'm not a business woman but why am I have to use two lines??? The US-line is for my uni to call me for some important information about my admission into the master program and a little some some things that I haven't notice that I'm already back to Malaysia. Of course the Malaysia line is for my family and friends in Malaysia to call me and that's impossible for me to the US roaming to call them too...

新电话,对啦!!! 又有新的东西要研究了,很想说我连apple的东西都还没研究完,现在又再要来多一样。。。每次把别人的眼光看得很重的我,都会非常的在乎别人是怎样的看我,无论认识或不认识,我都要把最好的一面呈现出来。

一直以来我都一直看不惯一般人的追求品牌的心态,现在越来越多人都在最求名牌,不惯你会用还是不会用,先买了一个再说,因为他们的心态就是要告诉全世界我有着及用着最新的东西。为什么我会这么说呢,因为我身边的人都是这样,有些很基本的功能,假如我没有告诉他们,他们还傻傻的不知道。其实面子真的那么重要吗??? 个人认为比较多亚洲人会这样,因为以前在美国时,我朋友都是找实用的就可以,很少会真的去追最新的,再加上他们都是要自己给学费,吃,住,穿,车油之类的,哪有多余的钱去追这些有的没的??? 而且我也真心的解的几乎80%至90%的人都是为了自己的虚荣心。因为我也是用着这个手机,所以我都一直让自己上网学很多,我不想让我自己都变成那样!!!

Do you know what??? The screen is really big, and after I used this phone, I always refuse to go back to iPhone 4!!! 

This is the only case that I can get, since it only released five days...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Hair Accessories Shopping

Another shopping day, but today is just for hair accessories... Seriously, is not that I've too much money to spend on it, is just that, I'm still waiting for my boxes from the States, I've all my stuffs in all those four big boxes and this seven sea worldwide still haven't found my boxes and I've nothing to use. Also normally I won't tie my hair because I always have a thought that my hair rubber band will left some tie shape on it so it won't look straight anymore BUT my third elder sister, PT said that I look better after I tied my hair up and same thing again she force me to do it...(Okay, don't use the "force" word because think deeply, she just said for my own good!!!) So I knew that I'm lazy so I just took a picture of the plastic so that I don't have to copy down the shop name and this shop is inside Sungai Wang and just let you guys know, my sister love this shop so much because she always take me there to buy some hair accessories stuff since last time.

箱子一直被卡着所以必须在这里买一些啦!!! 由于懒惰抄那个点的名字所以我就索性拍个照片。。。(知道我的人,都知道我是一个多懒的人)我的三姐一直都说我的头发要绑上来才好看所以她就带我去买了这些。其实我以前是不喜欢绑头发的因为我一直都认为绑了头发,那么当你把绳子脱下来时就会留了那个印在哪,所以我每次都不帮。。。(其实一半也是我是个懒惰虫)

As people always said, "there's no ugly women in the world is just only lazy women" so since I love to watch YouTube so much so I was starting to learn some new hair style from YouTube and of course I need all this "equipment" for it!!! hahahaha!!! (the "equipment" word just pop out from my head so please excuse me for that)


 These are really those random stuffs that I rarely buy to put on my hair but anyway I do really love it!!!


Sun is good for health???

In our daily life, we only like to avoid from the sun because of the UV reflection will cause the skin cancel. But I never know it is good for our health.

According to this article it said that we should have a proper period to stay under the sun to gain some body antibiotic tissue. (Didn't really know is this is the proper way to say that)

Getting older already...have to be much more concern on my own health lol.

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Netflix & Hulu

Was planning to finish "White Collar" here!!! But who knows IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY...

Seriously...this is so bad...

It happened the same thing to Hulu too... Can't even watch Seasons 7 of Bones...

But luckily I found some website that have it but that quality wasn't as good as it is on Netflix and the most important thing is it doesn't have the subtitle of it...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yes!!! Time to shopping again!!! What should I do??? My boxes never come, I only have clothes for two weeks and I have been wearing those clothes for more than a months!!! Sigh!!!

开刀后还能去狂街,都不知道是自己不爱自己的眼睛还是太爱狂街!!! H&M开了后,我的三姐都一直吵着要去,可是哪有时间呢??? 可是手术后,还是陪她去了!!!

Too fat, can't get to buy more clothes, because most of it is for skinny girls!!! Fat girl like me...erm!!! I have to wait till I slimming down my body first!!!


I have OCD, I used this to tie my hair when I was at home, because I have a thought rubber band will damage my hair. So if I lost something, I will try my best to get the same one!!! 

我本来是有一个,可是我的东西好像每次都有脚似的,都会自己跑掉(其实是我自己善忘,每次东西都乱乱放)。但是我的影响中我好像放在厕所的桌子上,出去了,清洁工人来打扫,然后它就消失了。。。只是都这个!!! 我还是想太多!!!

My travel shoes!!!

刻意买这个鞋让我去旅行的时候穿,因为我要去的地方都是有冬天的地方,而我的脚是比较敏感的,照片里没有特写,可是鞋子里面是有毛毛的!!! (给大家一个建议,要保温,要去冬天地方的人,要买外套或鞋子,一定要买里面有毛毛的,因为那比较保温) =]

Rest in Peace Amanda Todd

Cyber bullying!!! I have no idea why sometimes people just like to make fun of others??? For them, are they really that free and nothing to do??? And their only entertainment is make fun on others, on their friends and so and so on.

I used to get bullied a lot last time, because of my bad tempered, they just like to make fun of me, called me emo girl, tell everyone not to talk to me, not to friend with me because I'm very emo, they said if you won't get any happiness anymore.

Seriously??? Sometimes, I really do like to ask them, is that funny??? Erm... I think maybe I asked before and that guy told me "Yah, is fun to do that what!".... Okay, make fun of people is your life... That's so sad you are...

You know, I always wish just one day, all of these bullshits will go back to them, to let them to have all these hard feeling and depression. But who knows when is it gonna to come...

Armanda Todd, hope you will rest in peace...

To who always get bully out there, please stay strong, I know is hard to say so...but you know what, I always believe that, if you really have the heart to do that, and finally you will get it.

Cyber Bullying: (Facebook, Twitter....) - You know what, just close the account, thats all...or just block the person who say something stupid and shit to you, just block it, who cares about their feeling or what... No one used a gun to aim at you to force you go to Facebook all the time. Use the time on Facebook to work on something else, like your homework, housework, learn extra knowledge or even contribute in community works... I believe once you have so much other work to concentrate on and maybe you won't even remember about who the hell is talking shit about you... And you won't die without Facebook or Twitter... You only will die without breathing!!! Excuse me!!!

I know you will say "saying always is easier than try on it"

Let me tell you!!! WHO SAY THAT??? I'm fine with it now...

I still remember last time,

- KSY: always comment shit on my Facebook (I always want to say did I do something wrong to him and make him angry at so much, always like to step me hard on to the ground)
- YS and PJT: when I fount something meaningful online and trying to share on Facebook and they know my English level so I won't say such a perfect sentences so they always like to say "she must be it from somewhere else" (Excuse me, who about it, so from that on, I won't even bother post any shit like that on Facebook anymore!!! Because is meaningless and wasting my time, because no one cares about that)
- AT: "why you always like to post emo status on Facebook?" (okay!!! no more states on Facebook now, is not that I like to depend on what people say, is just that I don't get what's the point of it, you post it, and people gave you bad comment and you getting much more bad feeling... Is that you're the one who choose to like that??? So NO POSTING, NO COMMENT!!! EVERYTHING WILL IN PEACE)

Monday, October 15, 2012

My Eyes Operation Day 5

Actually its feel better today but I still want to show this picture to you guys!!! But is kind of scary duh!!!... With these eyes, do I still need any makeup for the Halloween costume??? Hahahaha, because it just look scary and special... I bet no one can have this makeup like this...with all blood in the eyes!!!

My Eyes Operation Day 4

Is sunday, same thing again I can't even eat my favorite wan tan mee today. This is just so sad... and wordless!!!

My Eyes Operation Day 3

Is saturday, I supposed to have dim sum breakfast with my mom and my eldest sister, FT. But due to the no public rule, then I have to stay at home for the whole day.

What to do??? And my mom said, you can't used any electronic stuff, don't use your laptop, don't use your iPad... Hahahaha!!! I always don't like to waste my time so... I asked my sister brought me all those books that she bought for her son... Okay, I know is funny, but these are knowledge too...and the knowledge that you won't learn in your official education system...

Thomas Alva Edison... Seriously, he is really awesome because of his invention so we have all the light bulbs nowadays!!! For him, failure doesn't mean anything, he just keep on and on trying... Sometimes I really think I afraid of failure, I afraid the feeling of losing, that's why I never try.

Hellen Keller... I really feel very impress on her story, can't see, can't hear... To be honest to say, these few days, I was almost like a blind person. The first day, my eyes were just barely can open a little bit. Second day, I have to wear sunglasses all day because I can't see any bright things, I even have to wear the sunglasses to watch TV (Okay, that's the only thing that I can do because my mom said the reflection of iPad is much more so she doesn't allow me to use any of those device) Just because I have been through that I understand more, I know it is very difficult. Basically is okay for normal lifestyle because I can just use my hand to touch and sense it. But I have a thought, how about all these computer, laptop, iPad, or even phone device. I know maybe they have spacial device for it, but it still has the difficulties for it, just that for us who can see everything and never had this blind experience before, maybe...you won't even notice about it.

Abrahan Lincoln... Okay, seriously, I'm not a fan of politic and I'm not interested in any politic issue or news because for me...those things are just so complicated like drama...but no offense to him, he is really impressive... He really is born to help people and understand how people feel...

Isaac Newton... He's really smart, he studies a lot and read a lot too. And so this make me love ot read a lot too... Like something that we can't learn in reality life!!!

Okay, obviously this is something like primary school geography reference book and I have no idea why she brought me this...but it do remind me the moment when I studied my geography... Erm.. I don't really study during my primary school but I do really scored very well during my secondary school test...(For those of you guys that don't know about this, actually my primary school is I studied in Chinese and in secondary school is in Malay so is basically the same freaking things)

I'm currently on this book, it's display everything geography and famous places symbol in all over the world. And it also start to gimme the feeling of wants to have backpack travel to Spain again duh!!!

And those are the books that I not yet finish reading... Erm...still have long to go duh!!!

My Eyes Operation Day 2

Day 2, is the day I can go home, what a peaceful feeling for me. And what the nurse told me is:
1. Can't swim (Seriously, I was about want to learn swimming)
2. Can't carry more than 5kg stuff (What??? Sigh!!!)
3. Can't work out (Hey, I'm already fat enough, why I can't work out???)
4. Can't go to public (Guess what??? My sister, PT said "Can't go Public then I go Maybank lol??? Seirously??? Swt!!!)

This is the bag that carry all the medicine in it.

Okay, I have no idea why this bloodspot makes me so difficult to upload this form my mac iPhoto. First , I have the difficulties to upload the photo from iPhoto then second is the arrangement of the photo, I have no idea why it is in the middle sometimes and it's start from the left. It's just so ridiculous. (Also for privacy issue, I erased my name on it!!! Hehehe!!!)

Erm, obviously, these are not the part of the medicine, this is just the towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, and facial liquid for me to used on the day but the thing is... I didn't even notice this until I was about to leave and the nurse told us this is for you... Okay, I think maybe I can take it and use it as a travel pack next time.

On the second day, my eyes still can't open brightly, it just can't take it more light so my sister brought this to hospital for me. (What a nice thought!!!) And guess what??? From this pic you won't notice what brand is this sunglasses is... Let me tell you... is

Hehehe!!! Is not to show off, is just that, I never know that Dior has sunglasses, before that, I only thought that Dior product is just perfume or jewelry or something. But why I show this is because I really like the case, hahahaha!!! Because it is in white color!!! XD

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