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Saturday, September 27, 2014

【Haul|购物】Notebook: Open Box|手帐: 开箱

September 27, 2014, Saturday
My posts of 2013 weren't finished, and 2014 is quarter of it and now 2015 is coming in soon, so I must control my time and not let the time to control me!! I always thinking of finish tons of stuffs within a short period and not influenced my health as well, as for me health concern always be the first, only with good health they we can get more things to be done!!
我2013的东西没写完,2014的又没完没了,2015的进击,我要掌控时间,而不是让时间掌控我!   每天都在想要在最短的时间完成最多事然后不影响健康那种,对我来说健康是排第一,没有健康的体魄什么事都做不成,所以我都一直把健康放在榜首!!   


【Art Expo|艺术展】Art Expo Malaysia 2014: Part 6 @ Matrade, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia|馬來西亞艺术展2014 六

September 27, 2014, Saturday
這個已經久到我幾乎都快忘記的展覽,我一直都以為我已經寫完了,但是一查之下才發覺原來我是還沒寫完的。 至於我為什麼會忽然間想起這個展覽那是因為我手機收到大會發送來的訊息,說今年的展覽就在這個來臨的週末(因為當時我去的時候我有填寫說到訊息通知,所以每當展覽前夕就會收到通知)可惜去年的我沒辦法去到(我記得那時候我好像不在國內),所以既然如此我就加碼的趕快把當年的寫完它吧!


【Art Expo|艺术展】Art Expo Malaysia 2014: Part 5 @ Matrade, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia|马来西亚艺术展2014 五

September 27, 2014, Saturday

【Art Expo|艺术展】Art Expo Malaysia 2014: Part 4 @ Matrade, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia|马来西亚艺术展2014 四

September 27, 2014, Saturday

【Art Expo|艺术展】Art Expo Malaysia 2014: Part 3 @ Matrade, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia|马来西亚艺术展2014 三

September 27, 2014, Saturday
After have been seeing so many 2D pictures, so now here are some different really "artwork"!!
来到了第三篇,其实我有在想一直写一样的图画,会不会很闷??   所以上一篇我以快速的程度带出平常平面画,那现在接下来就可以说一些不一样的艺术展品!


Bull In The City 城市公牛 ~ Chen Wenling 陈文令
2012 Stainless Steel 不锈钢 140 x 29 x 43cm
I've a very weird habit, I like to see something shining shining just like stainless steel, would never get rusty!!

Quite a few people got attracted to this......

Look from the right...... 

The left



String Hands 1365 ~ Sung Chul Hong
2011 Print on elastic strings and steel frame 75 x 100 x 14cm
Watch closer and check out the string, wondered how they put the color on every string?? And the image color is so strong and bright!!
哇~~~ 我其实都在研究它到底是怎样上色的,怎么可以让颜色在每一条铁丝棍 上的是那么的清楚鲜艳啊??

Thought was just one of it only, then I spotted another one opposite......


The left and the right side......

String Hands 0247 ~ Sung Chul Hong
2013 Print on elastic string and steel frame 100x100x14cm
Interesting right???

Mataram ~ R. Sumantri MS
2014 Acrylic, Oil & Wood on Canvas 400 x 200cm (diptych)
Okay, what you see from this picture???
There're all Marvel héros on the right side, hahaha!!! But I felt they're not so match though...what do you feel???

XOXO ~ Meme
2014 Mixed media on metal plate 152 x 152cm
What I thought of this picture is like waiting for the message and phone from someone important just like we did in our daily life!!



OThe Rainbow looked from above-blended color ver.-O ~ Masashi Hattori
Felt, Acrylic box, Plywood 20 x 20 x 20cm RM2,480
This reminds me of spiral spring toy, don't you agree???


 OThe rainbow looked from aboveO ~ Masashi Hattori
Felt, Acrylic box, Polywood 20 x 20 x 20cm RM2,480


OHitoONational flag-MalaysiaOHito ~ Masashi Hattori
Felt, Acrylic box, Plywood 8 x 8 x 8cm RM1,280
When I was taking this picture, the artist was just siting beside, he explained he follows Malaysia's flag to make this, from the blue, yellow as the star and moon, then 14 red and white line bar, very thoughtful, right??
这是比较不一样的,我在拍照的时候,刚好旁边就坐着它的发明着,它说这是完全照着马来西亚国旗做的,先是蓝色,然后黄色代表星星月亮,下面足足是有十四条横条的红白色,真是太有心思了!!   你说是不??


 OHitoORainbowOHito ~ Masashi Hattori
Felt, Acrylic box, Plywood 8 x 8 x 8cm, RM1, 280

Guess I've underestimated people's passionate of arts!! Saw an aunty purposely bought an expo gallery magazine to let every artist in the hall to sign on their own artworks image page inside the magazine!! (Ever since I know I thought this only happened to singers or superstar...don't know it happens to artist as well...what a silly thought hahaha!!!)

To be continued~~~
不知道是不是只是喜欢艺术的人才来艺术展,这还是我第一次看到有很多人对艺术的热爱!!   看见有一位妇女还刻意买了会场会刊,找到每一位画家/艺术家请他们在他们的作品的那一页上面签名(印象中这是拿签名的景象只是出现在偶像明星上,看来这真是我 实在是很肤浅的想法咯。。。


Event Periods: September 25 (Thursday) ~ September 28 (Sunday), 2014
Admission Fee: Free
Official Website: http://www.artexpomalaysia.com

【Art Expo|艺术展】Art Expo Malaysia 2014: Part 2 @ Matrade, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia|马来西亚艺术展2014 二

September 27, 2014, Saturday
Looks like I've underestimated the expo, it's so huge until I was kept on wondering where's the end of it, why there're so many things to see......
其实这个艺术展真的很大,大到有点我难以想象的感觉,或许我鲜少参观类似的展览,走着走着就感觉怎么都还没走到入口出啊??   由于我是为了避免不错过任何展示品,我先是绕着靠外面的展览看完一圈,才慢慢集中回去看中间的展示品,而以下的都是靠外面展览的后半段。。。


【Art Expo|艺术展】Art Expo Malaysia 2014: Part 1 @ Matrade, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia|马来西亚艺术展2014 一

September 27, 2014, Saturday

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

【Thoughts|想法】Negative or Positive|不好还是好

September 24, 2014, Wednesday
I grew up as a spoiled child, even so I still have three fierce sisters, they'll always correct me and even scold me when I did something wrong!! Sincerely I won't be mad when they scold me, instead I felt happy about it!! (Guess for the rest, they'll just cried about it!)

I'm very happy with it because I know I still have things to learn and at least I know what's my weakest point and by that I can aim for it keep improving myself without wasting any time!!

But in 20s century nowadays, lots of parents always tend to use "love" education which without any scolding and correcting them even when they did something wrong!! Even they did something wrong, their parents will try their best to fix it and most important is they won't let their children really face the fact or the problems!! Or  some even worst cases are their children can't take any negative comments from others or can't stand up from any failures...... Gradually, when they had encountered any problems, they'll just runaway from problems!! Is like some of 20s or 30s nowadays, they straight away stop school or work just because they can't take the stress or any negative feedback from their friends or colleagues or even their boss!! When you ask them why you're not working or going to school?? They might just answered "no one likes me in school so I don't have any friends, then go to school for what?? OR my parents can support me, work for what? They're not waiting for my salary to pay any the bills, rents, loads or anything?"

What I want to say here is, no one in this world is perfect and they're always right!! We've to learn accept our imperfections and learn from any mistakes we had made!!! And if we can, we should try to accept others imperfections and try to look at the bright side instead, is like a perfect person as you always thought, he/she also has his/her imperfections!!

As a positive and negative feedback? Which one would you accept?? You wish to receive positive feedback to show you've done perfectly fine and nothing to improve?? Or any negative feedback that might bring you down anytime but at least you know which part you've done not so well and lighten it up yourself on the other way round??





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Saturday, September 20, 2014

【KLPF|摄影节】KL Photography Festival 2014 Part 5|2014吉隆坡摄影节 5

September 20, 2014, Saturday

【KLPF|摄影节】KL Photography Festival 2014 Part 4|2014吉隆坡摄影节 4

September 20, 2014, Saturday
This's not the last post, very sorry to say that, I know I always take so long to write a topic, but......that's my style what...always want to share everything and also the interesting one
还没到最后一篇,还没到最后一篇。。。不好意思啦! 我已经尽量的找重点来写,不过这个摄影展实在有太多有趣的东西我要分享啦!

【KLPF|摄影节】KL Photography Festival 2014 Part 3|2014吉隆坡摄影节 3

September 20, 2014, Saturday
Seriously before I went to this festival, was expecting everything about photography and nothing much else, but this really surprise me...

【KLPF|摄影节】KL Photography Festival 2014 Part 2|2014吉隆坡摄影节 2

September 20, 2014, Saturday
Back to the Photography Festival post again...wondered do you want to ask me..."Is that more to go?? Why take so long to finish??" I know that's lot, that's why got to finish them as fast as I can what!!
又回到这个摄影节,有没有一种要问我,我到底要写多久才写完啊??   我也不知道,只是我真的有太多了,再拖就真的太不像话了!

Here is still in the hall 1, there's a photography festival, nonetheless they're some booths are selling cameras!!

【KLPF|摄影节】KL Photography Festival 2014 Part 1|2014吉隆坡摄影节 1

September 20, 2014, Saturday
That Art Expo is not yet finished......just that this has been in my draft for so long and haven't post, so I like this to slip in between the expo for awhile!!
那个Art Expo是还没有写完的,只是这个照片本来很早就准备好,所以就把它写就好。。。


Thursday, September 18, 2014

【Book┃書籍】Superstar Doctor O┃診所大明星

September 18, 2014, Thursday
歐陽林的書看過幾本,但是一直都沒有寫,最近因為要努力清文,所以就勤勞一些來把它寫一寫吧! 歐陽林把他在診所發生的一切寫進書本內,讓你看到很多醫生和病人之間的趣事還有人生探討。


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Do what you Like or Follow what people Expect?

September 17, 2014, Wednesday
Picture Sources - (okay, this picture is nothing to do with the post, but I found this's so pretty, so I tended shared it here...XD)
Do what you like or follow what people expect?? I realized lots of people nowadays always goes with the second one, they're not being themselves but just acting to be the person which everyone around is expecting, are they really happy with it?? I don't know but what I know is nothing is happier than you're doing what you like, anything that you're passionate about!!

Maybe currently everyone can gives an excuses that we need to tolerate, but some aren't think like that...time flies, the more and more you gain is tiredness and asking yourselves...why are you keep on doing so if you can't any happiness with it...So how about you?? Are you always free to do what you like or being another person that not exactly yourself??

For now I'm happy with what I'm doing, even not so discipline myself to open Feedly to check on every new post every minutes to comment, but I'm still going through every of it quietly and sincerely......and no longer have the forcing feeling to do so but doing it anytime I feel like it......

随便乱来的一篇,我想说我还是喜欢做我自己喜欢的而不是跟随做那个别人所期待的自己!!   当下的你做着的是你自己喜欢做什么就做什么的,还是你都在做你被告知该如何做的啊???   很八卦噢???   但最重要是自己和身边人都开心不是吗???

Sunday, September 14, 2014


September 14, 2014, Sunday
我曾經這樣說過“要一星期,一本書”,其實這件事無非都是受到很多成功人士的影響,像是比尔·盖茨,股神巴菲特奧花·雲費和面子書的創始人馬克·扎克伯格,全部都是愛書之人。 我這個習慣本來都維持的很好的,只是在每次出國公幹的時候,就被破壞掉了,因為公幹的時候,工作回酒店都累垮了,不說看書,即使真的想要看書,還沒讀上兩段文字,就睡著了。 最近看到那快要倒下來的書櫥,讓我又激起了看書的興趣,所以我又回來寫書的讀後感啦!


Monday, September 08, 2014

【Festival|節日】Happy Mid-Autummn Festival 2014|2014中秋节快乐

August 23, 2014, Saturday
Check back my previous Mid-Autumn Festival posts, realized I won't miss their mooncake every year since 2012, so this year gonna be the same as well!!
写这篇的时候,无意间回看前几年的中秋,我都在干嘛?!   原来我从2012开始就已经很喜欢他家的月饼,每年都是一定要买一粒来尝尝!!

Last year my eldest sister was crazy request to buy 8 mooncakes for her, surprisingly this year even though she didn't request, I know she really likes it, so I got one for her!!

The packaging was almost same as last year, just that last year was packaging for four mooncakes and this year the one I bought is for two mooncakes only!

The middle part was for the dry ice, and remember to remove the dry ice before you put into the fridge as the staff told me to do so!

Picture Sources
She requested the Chocolate flavor!

They did some changes on the design, it isn't like last year and the year before designs just only Häagen-Dazs written on!
今年他们有稍微加一些设计,不再像以前的只有 Häagen-Dazs的只眼罢了!

As my favorite flavor is strawberry, so I just pick what I like!! =]

Just trying to cut to try just now......it was so awesome......I must keep it and enjoy it slowly!!! (Okay, of course it won't look exactly the same after I've cut it, can imagine the hardness of the ice cream just right after took it out from the freezer......)
刚才切开来吃的时候。。。哇~~~实在太好吃了,我要吃一点点一点点的慢慢享受! (当然我也没有很好的仪器可以切到好像宣传照那样,毕竟是结冰的雪糕,切下去的时候是很难会切到很好看的=.=!! 但也不需要那么好看啦,又不是要拿去比赛,对吧?)

There're two more flavor that I didn't get, the staff over there told me the "Macadamia Nut" is their best seller... Well! But I still love my strawberry more!! =]

Almost forgot to say 
"Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!" 
everyone!! =]
他们还有其他两种味道,购买的时候,那边的人告诉我这个“Macadamia Nut”的味道比较好买。。。但我最终还是选择草莓,嘻嘻!


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