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Thursday, December 31, 2015


December 31, 2015, Thursday
2014 almost came to the end, time to refresh back and trace back my resolution of the year. Glad that I've succeeded a few, but not all sadly. Marathon, swimming and learning a new language still hanging in the air. Gonna work hard this more on next year. SO the biggest change for me this year is about my work, I had been switched to the engineering department, finally I'm officially an engineer. There's one day one of the captain asked my colleague who am I, then my colleague answered I'm one of the engineer here and the only female engineer (kinda proud and surprise when my colleague would specify it, cause usually guys wouldn't care so much, right?)
Besides then work, of course is play, right? I get to travel quite a lot of countries this year and is self paid one, happy to say that. But unfortunately not this one at the end of the year one, due to the freaking expensive flight ticket, I was about to cancel the trip, but gratefully my mom sponsor the flight ticket only for me. Always love to solo travel, that always enough time for me to refresh my mind.
SO, end of the story is, I'm quite pleased of my 2015, hope it will getting better in 2016 (a bf maybe, hahaha....so that my dad won't never ever ask me to go do plastic surgery again!) Anyway do hope that I getting more and more hardworking update more my travelogues, I know, I know....I'm trying, so this gonna be a sad announced that I'm got to make this blog in Chinese only, hope understand that I really can't scarify more of time on blogging, so I serious got to give up some!! And last but not least I'm here to wish you a great new year in 2016 and smile always!! =]
2014年是很有起起伏伏的一年,最大的驚喜轉變就是工作上的轉變,因為自己讀的是工程系,一直進不到工程部門而一直耿耿於懷,2014年8月我終於可以破例的來到工程部門,以為看似很爽的工作,但其實壓力非常大,一個人工作之餘,當在出現狀況時候還要自己想盡辦法處理。 所幸我有著一班全男班的同事時常都會刻意給我東西做,讓我一直的學習練習,最感動是有一次一位機長問起我是誰的時候,男同事就介紹的說我是這裡的工程師,唯一一位女工程師(還真的有點感覺飄飄然的帥)
接下來的應該是旅遊方面吧,還真的全數自己付錢的旅遊年,除了年底的單身旅遊,因為機票太貴的關係,本來去不成的旅遊,感謝媽媽的贊助機票,讓我可以再去獨自旅行的放空。 明年要把假期存起來,我要獨自旅遊到更遠的地方,陌生的國度,我會比較清醒。

Monday, December 28, 2015

【Movie|电影】Ip Man 3|《葉問3》

December 28, 2015, Monday
I didn't manage to watch this movie before I left to Hong Kong, so...I watched in Hong Kong alone. Pretty interesting yea! Watch movie overseas and even by myself some more. It was a good experienced, just that the movie ticket is slightly expensive than here though.
25號上映的葉問3,我來不及看,我就去了香港。所以我唯有自個兒在香港一個人看電影,回顧在馬來西亞,我真的很久沒有一個人看電影了,因為大多都是跟哥哥和二姐夫看,加上自己的興趣很多,沒有多出多餘的時間再到電影院去自己看電影。 不過這總算讓我有藉口的在外地看電影,可以用來跟本地的電影院來做個比較。

【Christmas|聖誕】Paradigm Mall Christmas Decorations|範例商場的聖誕裝飾

November 28, 2015, Saturday 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

【Buffet|自助餐】The Saujana Hotel|紹嘉納酒店

December 17, 2015, Thursday
We always have dinner downstair cafe at my office area, but today my boss said he wants to treat us at Saujana Hotel (he means the buffet) last year the one if I still remember correctly is at Chili's. So this year is somehow different.
今天的午餐有點不一樣,因為今天的午餐老闆請吃,話說我們都真的很久沒有出外吃午餐了。 這個應該算是週年“晚餐”吧! 不! 是午餐才對,最近的午餐和晚餐我幾乎都是連在一起,因為放工很晚的關係,所以午餐都比較晚吃一些。。。

Since it's eating with boss so I can't take picture of every dishes plus it's very obvious if I do so because non of my colleagues are so into social network like me. THUS here I try to sketch whatever I eat in the buffet and the taste of it... (yea, wish that I can draw even nicer though)
既然這個是和老闆同事們吃,所以也不太方便一一去拍照,因為整個圈子裡只有我在社交網站比較活躍,公司的秘書連面子書都沒有,所以我都必須檢點一點。。。所以唯有儘量的畫出來吧! 這樣的臨時記憶畫下來,其實還蠻不錯的。

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

【Travel|旅遊】It's Time|是時候了

December 16, 2015, Wednesday
The most excited trip of the year is my solo trip, the trip I've waiting for a year. Always afraid that I couldn't make it, luckily it turns out all right every year. Where I want to go this year?? Is unannounced...it's a country that I've been through by myself and I promise to go back every two years and I am. Thanks to my mom for supporting my flight ticket, because I got the ticket like less a week from the departure date. Holy hell, it was so closed...thank goodness I wasn't buy the ticket before the date I fly, that's even expensive and tensions. Due to our currency things are getting more and more expensive. Why is it the long waited one, because that's my only free time, that I can do anything I want and go anywhere I want freely, so yea!! 
終於等到了這一個時刻,也是在一年以內最期待的時刻,就是我自己一個人去旅行的時候。 這個一點都不陌生的國度,我喜歡在國外逍遙自在的亂走,喜歡沒有人認識我的地方,喜歡冷冷的環境。 也許是工作的關係,我越來越喜歡獨處做事,每次一個人工作到深夜加週末已習慣了。 反而在有一次被擠滿人的房間,我和其他的同事都紛紛搬離。 喜歡獨處不用多說什麼,是來訓練自己的大膽,今年的膽量變得更大,雖然還不如我預期的,但我相信來年我一定可以達到的。 再次的挑戰,這次是不到一個星期以內訂機票訂住處。 本來以為已泡湯的旅行,感謝媽媽送我的機票,讓我可以省下不少。。。同事們都說我是不是瘋了,這麼近才買飛機票??開始建議我飛往其他地方吧。。。 問題是我本來是訂18號的,但因為工作關係就必須延遲到24號。 12月16日就正是24號的前一個星期,我才買到機票。 我說明年我要把我的假期儲存起來,這樣我就可以去很遠的地方了。。。單身旅程,我又來啦!!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

【Gift|禮物】Little Angels Christmas Card|五位小天使的聖誕卡

December 15, 2015, Tuesday 
去年的聖誕卡留到今年才寫,我想我是始無前人,哈哈哈。。。 因為通常正常人都會跳過的,但是以我神經質加強迫症,謝謝文章我還是使命必寫!


Sunday, December 13, 2015


December 13, 2015, Sunday

【BloggerGathering|博客聚會】3 + 1 |三媽加一聚會

December 13, 2015, Sunday
Why put the title as 3 + 1 is because there're 3 mothers here and one single (Yea, I'm represent as the single one) From the beginning of November, get to know blogger Ivy was coming to KL. I knew her quite a while but just have a chance to meet, since them she came here with her family for visit, so why not request to meetup with her, right?


Friday, December 11, 2015

【Gift|禮物】Thoughtful Christmas Gift|貼心聖誕禮

December 11, 2015, Friday


Sunday, November 29, 2015

【Book|書籍】Mon, Kiss|《媽,親一下》

November 29, 2015, Sunday

Friday, November 27, 2015

【Airshow|航空展】Singapore Airshow 2016: About the Ticket|新加坡航空展:購票篇

November 27, 2015, Friday
Something different today, also I this may reference for two years later, as I've already forgotten what're the obstacles did I face when I bought the ticket. 


Thursday, November 26, 2015


November 26, 2015, Thursday
曾經我好像很瘋狂手帳,有時候會想這些博文,假如是以以前的心態在寫,或許是會不一樣,但是現在已過多時,再講回去都講不回了。 現在我沒有放棄,只是沒有那麽在乎而已,基本上我的工作上的同事,很多都是生活只有工作,工作,工作而已,因為東西太多,這不關會不會管理的因素,而是我們喲兼顧的東西太多了。 所以常常都會聽到很多人對我說,你為什麼還有那個心情去做這麼多東西,我是真的幾乎把自己累死的狀態了,所以我現在要努力的平衡回來,學會把真的不需要的而放棄掉,不然到頭來,所有東西都會不到岸!


Saturday, November 21, 2015

【StarWars|星戰】The Force Awakens Exhibition 3| 谷中城星戰展覽 3

November 21, 2015, Saturday
說明了是展覽,當然不是只有那些沒有立體感的海報而已,所以這一篇就是要展示當天展覽的立體模型。 這裡的每一個模型都很漂亮,很精緻,所以這是不能遺忘的。


【StarWars|星戰】The Force Awakens Exhibition 2| 谷中城星戰展覽 2

November 21, 2015, Saturday


【StarWars|星戰】The Force Awakens Exhibition 1| 谷中城星戰展覽 1

November 21, 2015, Saturday
Star Wars Exhibition at Mid Valley, got to know it from Mid Valley official Facebook Page and do you that at almost the same time, there's another one at Singapore Changi Airport? And here's the link where you can check it out.
畫到不太像的X-Wing,不要嫌棄啦!最近好像是星戰的風潮,樂高有星戰主題,然後今天來個星戰的展覽。 啊! 還有新加坡也是,在新加坡機場也是有星戰展覽,不過略過照片這裡,好像那裏比較吸引我一點(這絕對不是因爲外國的月亮比較圓的關係哦,你自己看了照片就知道了)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

【LEGO┃樂高】Shops and Streets┃店屋和街道

November 17, 2015, Tuesday


【LEGO|樂高】Castle II | 城堡 2

November 17, 2015, Tuesday
話不多說,既然已過這麼久,那我就長話短說的只是來po照片就好。 這個展覽說大不是很大,但是都是由小小的樂高打造出來的,所以很多小細節,我都有很用心的注意到,感覺這樣就不會枉費了設計者的用心。 這篇是倒數第三篇。。。是城堡篇。。。


【LEGO|樂高】Friends | 朋友

November 17, 2015, Tuesday
消失很久了的文章又被我找出來,這篇竟然被我遺忘了這麼久,之所以會想到這篇是因為我在阿布扎比國際機場看到用樂觀建出將近1比1的駱駝時候才想到的。 既然是分享照片篇,那我就話不多說。。。立即開始吧! 假如有平時有在注意樂高的話,你應該會知道樂高有幾個比較標誌性的主題,有城市版本,很夢幻係的朋友版本,而這次介紹的就是這很夢幻式的朋友系列。


【LEGO|樂高】Castle I | 城堡1

November 17, 2015, Tuesday
Is kind of messy of this castle post, as it's not part by part but is like pieces by pieces. Still remember that I don't know where to start taking pictures and also not easy to capture all as I've tried, but you might confused......
第一個的城堡展品真不知道怎麽寫,因爲他們都放得密密麻麻,加上我的個子矮小,我曾想過,假如我很高,那麽不是可以輕而易舉清楚的拍到裏面的照片了嗎? 不過只可惜我很矮啊!

【LEGO|樂高】Star Wars|星戰

November 17, 2015, Tuesday
Since Star Wars is so hit recently, so I started with the star wars collection first and it also is the one that I like it very much. Hope the movie is as good as expected ya. (This gonna be lots of pictures, please be expected!)

【LEGO|樂高】Dream & Build | 夢與建造

November 17, 2015, Tuesday
Lego is one of the toys that I used to play a lot when I was a child, but not those fancy one, just that those enough to build a house or truck something like that. So when I saw this in here, was thinking to go on this weekend as the last weekend I've already went to a car show. Yea, only an event per week due to my heavy workload again and not enough sleep some more. Gosh, hope I've a helper to distribute my work a bit.
有點非常趕的博文,這個本來我是要在星期六時候才到訪的展覽,因爲我電腦要送進厰的關係,所以就來到了1U這裡。 印象中馬來西亞好像很少這樣的展覽,而在當我去了這個以後,我同事都問我“你很喜歡樂高嗎?那麽柔佛的那個樂園你是不是有去過?” 柔佛那個太貴了,一個人去樂園哦,我還沒想過,不是我害怕一個人去,而且最重要的是我沒有那麽喜歡去樂園嘛!

Saturday, November 14, 2015


November 14, 2015, Saturday
車展是不是很有趣叻? 哈哈哈! 所以我就是這麼的喜歡車展啦。。。 但是很可惜今年的車展,它竟然在5月的時候舉行,我沒有留意到。。。錯過了。。。不過沒關係,我明年一定要記得!


【AutoShow|車展】The Royal Touch|蘇丹藏車亮相

November 14, 2015, Saturday
我的上一篇結尾的時候,我說不知道我的下一篇會何時才會有時間寫,還好我沒有讓它等太久,我現在就想快點寫完它了。 在第一篇的時候,我有說到我就是為了這古董車才去到那麼遠的車展的,所以打頭陣的分享,一定是先由他開始。


【AutoShow|車展】Asean Auto Show 2015|2015東盟車展

November 14, 2015, Saturday
Was about to give up this car show, because it's too far from my house. But changed my mind after I saw this on the news paper...they are all the classic cars that you barely have a chance to see on the road, so this is the best chance to see the real thing, so why would I miss it...
本來很懶惰去參觀的車展,原因是它離我家太遠了,但是展出后的第二天,就在報紙上看到他的報道。 所展出的車幾乎都是復古傳統風格的車子,這是多難得的啊。。。所以我還是出門去到目的地去了。


Friday, November 13, 2015

【Thoughts|想法】Not days but YEARS|改掉速成習慣

November 13, 2015, Friday

原來很多時候,你以爲別人出了一點點力氣就成功,但其實私底下他人是用了很多很多時間來籌備的。 不過這到讓我想到以前讀書的時候,身邊的朋友總是說沒有讀,然後他其實有讀,就讀到很拼命那種,有種想是自己想要成功,卻告訴別人你什麽都沒有做到而就成功了那樣。然後我就會心理不平衡的在想“爲什麽他們可以不讀書就那麽厲害?” 然後就會一直轉牛角尖去。對! 所以說其實這種人到底是要別人抱著什麽心態來看他們呢? 

是想要別人覺得他們不用功就有天生的聰慧及運氣?還是他們是那麽的謙虛? 不肯承認自己的成功,但是自己覺得自己成功是否是自己看自己的另一回事,在別人虛心問你的時候,你就該盡量的回答,抱著希望他人以後也可以成爲像你一樣走到今天的地步,這才是真正謙虛,而不是一直說“我沒有,我沒有!”(當下說真的,還真的很想呼個巴掌給他,掉頭就走!) 這些人,我還真的遇到過不少,最後他人還會以爲我在那邊自己心裏不平衡,嫉妒到一旁去,但是說到一言點醒的還真的不能小看了它的力量。

分享一路的過程,告訴人家途中很辛苦很累那也是一種激勵,因爲一點可以知道的是只要肯努力,不怕辛苦,不怕累,那是不會白費的,你說是不是。 從速成爲什麽可以延伸到那麽多,因爲我覺得我一定是被這種心態而導致我相信不勞而獲,因爲那些所謂成功的人也是少少努力,就可以一夜之間成功的。 但真實的背後他們都不是那樣的,改掉那種想要速成的懶惰習慣,世上是沒有所謂的運氣。就如蔡依林說過“努力一定會成功,如果我失敗了,一定是我不夠努力!”
Read this very inspiring article this morning. (Didn't decide to copy paste here because it's too long and it's others article AND it's in Chinese most importantly!) Ohh, what does it say basically in the article is she always burn the midnight oil almost for everything. Until one day she realized she couldn't like this forever, so she started to prepare things early and that's enough for good.

After that she got her studies further in US, she was surprised that people around her, not just use days or weeks to prepare their resume and interview but YEARS... They started prepare their resume since the first day they entered Uni, and kept practicing how they gonna to face the interviews.

I was surprised to see that too actually, like we always complain why we didn't get what others always get but we forgot to look into how much efforts they've put in (so honestly is good to tell how tired you are and how hard they you've tried then people won't say such thing as "they're just lucky")

There's no such thing as luck, take it or drop it, if decided to take it, gonna to work hard till the end. You may not understand why others have more time to do lots of things, but you don't! I found it recently, we've spent too much time online, like while you're busy facebooking checking your friends status, those are their treasure time to do all these stuffs. Heard from somewhere before...everybody has very even 24 hours in a day, just depends on how your use wisely on that.

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Thursday, November 05, 2015

【Thoughts|想法】What would you be in 5 Years time?|五年后你會是怎樣的呢?

November 5, 2015, Thursday
"What would you be in 5 years?"One of my colleague asked me this question the other day.

I stunned for quite awhile, I couldn't think of an answer...felt so lost out of sudden, is like I've lost the track of life immediately......

Recall back the old time, I always take in whatever is given, not like I will desperate aiming for something then go for it...

So by after that, I took a piece of paper, write down whatever I want to be in five years, follow that to find my dream. As like what Victoria Beckham said "Just dream as big as you can and work hard. I've been successful, and I've worked for it." 







我當時驚奇的回應說這當然重要啦! 假如沒有了這個就好像沒什麽目標要去奮鬥什麽了,這個也是鞭策自己的方法之一。


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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

【McD|麥當當】The McD's Restaurant|麥儅儅餐廳

November 4, 2015, Wednesday
Here it comes the last edition and also what they called "the limited edition" So I expect must be lots of people queuing for it. I told MeiLing that we have to start queuing by 9 pm, she said it was too early, so in the end I agreed to start queuing at 10 pm. She reached my house around 9.45 pm then heading to the Kepong McD. And Yea, this is what we saw as shown in the picture, the queue was this long around 10 pm, really? It was just about 10pm, I seriously can't imagine what's gonna be later on......
有了上個星期的“食物”,當然不能少了它的餐廳,而且這個被譽爲限量版的,我在前一個星期就已經拉著美玲說我們一定要星期三晚上九點就去排隊,她一直說我“神經!” 什麽嘛! 要就要去到最極限,怎麽可能半路才開始呢? 但是最終我們都是十點才出發,因爲她說她要睡覺,睡到九點半,過後才來載我,其實我深怕她睡不醒,她說她一定睡得醒的。 九點多她來到我家,我們先朝向最近的麥儅儅出發,我們抵達這裡的時候是晚上十點鐘,看見這個甲洞大街的麥儅儅店,我們還真的嚇到,這是什麽情況啊? 也太誇張了吧?? 美玲說她上次問過櫃檯,每一家分行只是來兩百個罷了,這家看起來就有差不多三十餘人在排隊,而且非常不確定的是會不會有人中途來插隊。

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

【Haul|購物】Hobonichi Techo 2016

November 3, 2015, Tuesday
哈! 沒想到我去年的來不及寫,卻因為收到明年的Hobonichi本到來,讓我強迫症發,導致我一定要先寫完第一本,才寫第二本。 自從開始把自己平時的筆記簿美化後,我開始留意手帳的東西,發現除了我分享過的TN外,還有其它的牌子。 讓我特別留意的就是Hobonichi這個牌子,因為它有一天一頁化,這讓有強迫症的我,覺得這個比較適合我。


Monday, November 02, 2015

【Gift|禮物】My little Totoro|我最愛龍貓

November 2, 2015, Monday
This is so cute and so lucky, when I joined a lucky draw every time, I would have a thought that I won't have the chance to win the price...don't know why? But I guess is I used to be lack of confidence maybe (wait, is that related??)
我中獎啦,說真的,每次參加什麽抽獎比賽,我一定是事先打定輸戰。 對!就是超級沒有信心的那種,也不知道爲什麽呢,總是覺得只要這樣想,可能會中獎的幾率比較高? 胡説啦。。。

Sunday, November 01, 2015


November 1, 2015, Sunday
Since I got it that day, I can't stop myself from finishing it, even though the one I was reading on, it has been abandoned because of this. Indeed it doesn't turn me down after I've done reading it, and I surprisingly felt that it's better than her previous book.

Friday, October 30, 2015

【McD|麥當當】The McD Pie and McFLURRY|麥儅儅之蘋果派與冰炫風

October 30, 2015, Friday
So......from the last post, I mentioned that I didn't get the one in second week. But very fortunately MeiLing got me one as she exchanged the extra one in Week 1 with her friend, and she specified that she has been begging her friend for so long for it...(big thanks to this sweet friend ya!!)
神奇的兩個,本來以爲我就這樣的與它們無緣,相信是因爲冰炫風的關係,所以很多人都搶著,沒有的再説星期六才去買了,它們已經在銷售的一兩個小時后賣光光了。 帶著的失望,美玲跟我說她找到了,我還真的好奇她到底是怎麽做到的。 原來她找到不是要收藏的朋友,她用第一個星期的漢堡跟薯條與他交換,而且她還說明她是哀求了他很久,他才肯換給她的。

Thursday, October 22, 2015

【Phone|手機】The New Emoji|新鮮表情符號

October 22, 2015, Thursday
✈ 1 Picture Sources
Ha! The most happy thing today is when I saw this, I'm not a very emoji person, but I do found this very cute, especially the thinker one. As I always wondered why What's App don't have those cute cute emoji like LINE or WeChat. So these are really bring What's App alive.
今天最興奮的,莫過於是在這裡看到有新的表情符號更新,我還是真的有點迫不及待的要它快點下載完。 每次在What's App裡面,我總是很好奇為什麼沒有其他沒有好像LINE又好像WeChat一樣有很多可愛的圖案符號。雖然新加的表情符號沒有很多,不過也夠新鮮了。

Sunday, October 18, 2015


October 18, 2015, Sunday
✈1 Picture Sources
Olga Kurylenko, master mind of a group of mysterious thief. They were asked to stole diamonds from a bank, but her group mate had steal something, the drive from it which has brought them into a danger.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


October 13, 2015, Tuesday
因為跟卡卡的工作地方很接近,所以有時候放工後,我會跟她見個面。 這天我們約在Paradigm Mall的星巴克見面,她放工後,她同事載她過來,而我是放工後,駕車過來,因為交通時好時壞,所以有時候我會遲了一些。


Thursday, October 08, 2015


October 8, 2015, Friday
Pan, wondered why they want to call the movie Pan instead of Peter Pan, remember my first childhood English book is Peter Pan, those one has very nice drawings with simple story descriptions.
完全不知道“Pan”指的是小飛俠潘比特的情況下,我看到中段才后知后覺這是在講述他在還未成爲英雄的故事。 想起潘比特這號人物,憶起我小時候的往事,小時候第一本英語故事書就是潘比特的故事(是那種一頁文字,一頁圖畫的)

Monday, October 05, 2015

【Movie|电影】The Martian|火星救援

October 5, 2015, Monday
About the Mars story but I felt more interested on the Hexadecimal language, that Matt Damon used to communicate with NASA on earth. That reminds me of morse code, interesting ya?! That's one of the kind that I which to study all the time. Using some other language that people not usually do.
一直聽到非常好評的電影,我還真的不想錯過它,而且還是有關太空的故事,印象中這種流浪在太空的電影,我就想到了地心引力這部電影。 但顯然他們是不一樣的電影,這位太空人一個人被遺留在火星,一個距離地球有2.25億公里的火星,詮釋了叫天不應,叫地不靈的情形。

Monday, September 28, 2015

【Movie|电影】The Intern|实习生

September 28, 2015, Monday
Read lots of bloggers have a review on this movie, I was wondered why my brother and brother in law never ask to watch this movie o.O Then right on that night, we go for a movie and here is it (law of attraction??) I must got to say Anne Hathaway caught my attention the most, because of The Princess Diaries that movie, she's so pretty and do look like a real princess to me lo.
記得很小的時候就很喜歡這位女主角,大大的眼睛飾演麻雀變公主變公主的她,真的很像一位公主的完美。 那時候我還天真的以為她真的是真的公主,哈哈哈!  而在這部電影裡安妮·海瑟薇飾演的女上司,家庭事業都是盡量配合,雖然到了後面她曾經想過放棄自己辛苦得來的事業來挽回婚姻,但還好她最後還是打消了這個念頭。

So back to the movie, the story wasn't like what expected, a senior intern, Robert De Niro work at an online big company, I was expected he got some failure to get into the flow, but he turned out to be very humble and willing to learn. Even he has't been assigned to any work, he will look around find something to work on (seriously, some fresh newbies nowadays should learn from it, if has nothing to do, they might just loitering around or browsing internet and some even can finish few photo books in advanced)  Well, what about Anne Hathaway then? I do really like her character here though, woman like good in career is definitely charming but as a woman also good in family that's absolutely best of the best. Even though ended up she decided to give-up her company unwillingly but of course she didn't in the end.
這個還是滿新鮮的題材,不過我覺得假如真的有公司是這樣,應該會鬧出不少笑話來。 本來還以為故事題材會延伸到該實習生生病還是什麼的,但是故事的發展卻帶出了很多人生道理。 現代社會,很多老一輩的都會逐漸的被標籤為跟不上腳步的落後一族。 或許那只是表面的看法,畢竟他們都在社會打滾了這麼久,累積了一定的人生處事態度。 男主角罗伯特·德尼罗在新公司的謙卑及待人處事,都是我們應該學習的。

Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 121 minutes (2 hours 1 minutes)
Directed by: Nancy Meyers

Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is the founder and CEO of About the Fit, a fast-growing e-commerce fashion company. One day she agrees to a community outreach program where seniors will intern at the firm. One of the new interns is Ben Whitaker (Robert De Niro), a widower and retired executive at a phone directory company.

Ben is assigned to work with Jules, who is somewhat skeptical of him at first. One day Jules' chauffeur is drunk, and Ben forces him to tell her when he sees him drinking while he is about to drive Jules, and she begins to warm to Ben when he takes over as her chauffeur as well. Ben eventually reveals that he once worked in the very same building where Above The Fit is now based. He also develops a romantic relationship with the in-house massage therapist, Fiona (Rene Russo), and becomes something of a father figure to the younger workers. He is very committed to Jules, and even breaks into the house of Jules' mother with his band of co-workers to delete an email that Jules inadvertently sent her.

Meanwhile, Jules is seriously considering giving her post of CEO to someone outside of Above the Fit in hopes of professionalizing the company that has grown from a startup founded in her kitchen to a 250-employee juggernaut in only 18 months. Believing it will give her more time at home with her husband Matt (Anders Holm) and daughter Paige (JoJo Kushner), she is willing to consider the offer. While driving Paige home from a party, Ben discovers that Matt is having an affair with another parent at Paige's school. It turns out that Jules knows about Matt's cheating as well. While on a business trip in San Francisco, Jules tells Ben that she's hoping to bring in an outside CEO in order to save her marriage.

Jules decides to accept one prospective CEO's offer. Late one night at work, Ben greatly encourages her to think about how much this will change her authority and how her creativity may be tampered with. Also, Matt unexpectedly drops in at the office and urges her to reconsider, saying that he is willing to make their marriage work. Jules goes looking for Ben wanting to tell him she's changed her mind, to find him in a Tai Chi exercise group. She finally lets herself relax, and joins him, thus ending the movie.

Sources from Wikipedia

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

【Blog|部落格】4 x 2|四對二

September 27, 2015, Tuesday

【Festival|節日】Happy Mid-Autumn Festival|中秋節快樂

September 27, 2015, Sunday
The thing I can't miss in every mid-autumn festival is this. Yup, I was got stuck by my Europe trip so when I was back it only like a week left to the mid autumn festival.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

【Haul|購物】Skin Care Routine|小小保养

September 26, 2015, Saturday
I believe most of the girls have their own skin care routine, and so do I... Eh, nope! I've a friend, she doesn't need any skin care routine, she just need clean water to wash her face, that's all! She said if she use something skin care stuffs, her face would start to grow pimples or somewhat, that's really good! Simultaneously she doesn't need to spend any single ringgit in that and that definitely save a lot!!
說到保養,我真的不算很稱職,因為我很懶惰,我每天都說我自己是一條蟲,為什麼好好一個人不做,要做一隻蟲。 但是從25開始,不保養就是自己的吃虧。

Friday, September 11, 2015

【Airport|機場】Amsterdam Airport Schiphol|阿姆斯特丹史希浦機場|Luchthaven Schiphol

September 11, 2015, Thursday
I was so excited, as this is one of the top 5 best airports in the world. I've this instant thought that I'm here for vacation instead and not for transit only.
終於到了,終於到了,我真的抵達歐洲了,終於有那種興奮,而且這個還是全世界五大最好的機場之一。 雖然只是在這裡轉機罷了,但也是一種興奮,讓我可以順便打卡一下。

Thursday, September 10, 2015

【Boeing|波音】KLM 777-300|荷蘭皇家航空777-300

September 10, 2015, Thursday
Couldn't believe this is the one, this is the Europe airline that I wish to take all the time. Can't tell why I like KLM so much, but I truly believed minor part of the reason is the logo of the airline, hahaha! As I like like white color indeed, second is light blue, and KLM logo and the outlook design is light blue and white. Super obvious, right??
荷蘭皇家航空一直以來都是我很想乘搭的歐洲航空,我真的很慶幸Mika選到機票是他(不然我真的還會在那邊碎碎唸,而且最近我也已被很多人說我搭飛機還要講究那麼多 =.= 幹嘛啦! 我對飛機講究就好像你們對食物的講究那樣,對我來說食物只要健康,吃下去後,排泄出來還不是會變一坨東西,而飛機對你們來說也只不過是個交通工具罷了,同等道理!)
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