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Friday, February 28, 2014

【MusicFest|音樂會】Planet Eupe Music Fest: Giveaway

February 28, 2014 Friday
I know this's pretty hurry to announce for this, but I've been trying my best to ask around who wants but nobody wants!!! >.<!!!

Anyone wants these tickets??? I wanted to go this, but I can't find anyone to go with me and unfortunately I know if I drive more than 30 minutes I'll fall asleep......that's true!!! No kidding, don't laugh, I tried it many times......unless someone sit beside me kept talking to me, if not I'll getting sleepy slowly!!! =[

These giveaway only open to anyone who around at KL or maybe Selangor area...because the tickets are with me!!!

I only received them this morning and wanted to send them to bloggers who staying around Kedah or Penang this morning, but the Post Office lady told me tomorrow is the first week's Saturday is holiday, so it's closed, it won't managed to get there by tomorrow!!! I tried skynet, DHL......all said they can't make it!!! =[

有人要它们吗???   我是很想去这个只是非常不到的是我找不到半个人去,我自己去又太过危险,话说你不知,我不能驾超过30分钟的车程。。。因为我会打瞌睡!!!   对,不要笑,我已经做过很多实验了,我也不明白为什么,除非旁边有个人可以一直跟我说话,这样就会一直清醒着!!!



Wednesday, February 26, 2014

【Random|隨寫】Five Weird Interview Questions from Google|5個奇怪的問題

February 26, 2014, Wednesday
Google always well known as it's best company to work for,  according to The Guardian, the personal chief Laszlo Bock has listed five weird interview questions......

Do you have an IQ higher than 130? 
The worst possible answer here is "Yes." Bock specifically wants "intellectual humility", without which he claims people can't learn. Those who have been clever all their lives often commit, Bock says, "the fundamental attribution error, which is: if something good happens, it's because I'm a genius. If something bad happens, it's because someone's an idiot." Taking IQ tests and remembering the score suggests exactly the wrong combination of self-aggrandisement and insecurity. 
As I recalled, my IQ is not that much, my answer should be very honest and say "no" lo!!!

What shall we have for dinner this evening? 
Don't say "I don't mind" or "I'm easy, really" or "What would you like?" or any of that rubbish. If we're going to solve the dinner problem your opinion is required, so stand up and give it. This is the kind of "emergent leadership" that Google want: the willingness to take charge when required, and not take charge when not.
Ever since that's one time my friend told me is kind of impolite for not giving an exact answer once people asked you what to eat, so by now I'll try my best to give an exact answer!!!

Why did you choose the last five articles you read? 
What do you mean you don't know? Bock's first criterion was a type of intelligence that he calls "learning ability", which is defined as being able "to process on the fly … to pull together disparate bits of information." It doesn't bode well for Google's "structured behavioural interviews" if you go to pieces when a simple question like this is fired at your face. 
How about articles from bloggers??? Does it count??? If do so, I think it should be more than five duh!!!

Are you incompetent and lazy? 
You are? Excellent. Bock wants to hire people who feel "ownership" of the company's projects but also enough "humility" to do only what they usefully can. If you're incompetent, therefore, you're only going to ruin anything you get involved with, so never volunteering is the right call. Clever and active is another successful combination. 
I'm very lazy, lazy to do a lot of things......lazy to go out, lazy to eat, lazy to peel shrimp......

Do you have a track record of doing something really well? 
If so, that's a disaster. When faced with a problem, Bock explains that: "The expert will go: 'I've seen this 100 times before; here's what you do.'" A clever novice will usually also solve the problem, and while sometimes they fail this is more than compensated for by the valuable occasions when they solve it in new ways. People are better at things, in short, if they don't know what they're doing. If you do get in, you might find that a useful line on Friday nights. 
So far as I know I've troubles more than well done works...hahaha!!! Never have a record on anything......

Those answer in purple are from http://www.theguardian.com/technology/shortcuts/2014/feb/24/work-for-google-five-questions-laszlo-bock


1. 你IQ超过130吗?
我的IQ印象中是没有那么高,哈哈哈!!!   所以我一定会答没有咯!!!

2. 我们晚餐吃什么?

3. 最近看过那五篇文章?   为什么看?
“甚麼?你不知道?博克最重視「學習能力」,亦即「匆忙中能夠綜合眾多瑣碎資訊」。   ”

4. 你无能又懒惰吗?

5. 你是否经常做事都很有成绩?



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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Recycle Center

February 25, 2014, Tuesday
Every once or twice in a month, my family'll send those recyclable stuffs to the recycle center!!! So far as I know they use it to trade in some money for charity or to help those who're needed!!! Maybe you'll said "Those could be "fake" as you can see so many branded bags on the streets, people kept on eating at high-class restaurant or travel around the world freely, I can't see the economic is bad and how poor could it be???" Honestly, rich people are getting richer, but poor people are getting poorer too......before it I don't know all about this ever since I've visit some houses of those who really needs help and help my sister to write the report about it!!!
每个月一两次少不了的就是把家里的垃圾归类再载到环保站去,借由环保物换回来的酬劳费拿来做慈善或捐给有需要的人,很多人会说“现在的社会,即使再穷也不会穷到哪里去。。。看看满街名牌,时不时高级餐厅用餐,可以随意出国旅行,谁说现在人很穷???”   有钱人是有钱,普通的也用普通的生活方式,但穷的就是越来越穷。。。假如不是因为自身有探访过及帮我姐姐写报告,到现在我都还不知道这社会的实事!!!

Among my family members  my eldest sister is the most aggressive one, she'll pick up every single plastic once she saw it and put in her car boot (Sounds like crazy, but nothing wrong, right???)

Believe we had heard a lot about "Earth will be cover up with rubbish in what and what year (somewhen in the future) so we must save the environment and support recycle, don't create so much rubbish!!!"......but on the other hand, I always heard people saying "Everyone did the same thing as well, they didn't do like that, why should us??? It's so troublesome to do recycling, don't have to care so much la, plus I don't think I'll be alive for so long, just let it be la......"

After hearing that, I always wanted to answer "They don't do it is their own business, why do you have to follow others??? To categorized the recyclable stuffs might just take few minutes of your time, it won't delayed much of your works, right???"


每次我都想回应说“别人不做是别人的事,为什么别人不做又管到你的事???   所谓的麻烦分类就是那几分钟的事,难道那几分钟真的会影响几百万上下???”

Recycling Collection Point @ Tzu Chi
Yayasan Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi (Cawangan KL & Selangor)
Donation to Super Typhoon Haiyan
Recycle Center
Dharma as Water|《法譬如水》

Saturday, February 22, 2014


February 22, 2014, Saturday
I bought this book right after I received the CNY greeting card from 洛卡卡[Luoka]'s blog last time!!!

Another book from local author, the story is about a princess from magic kingdom has missed entered the human world, which is Malaysia (this was considered pretty strange to me, as most of the books I read are from Taiwan, hardly see the word, Malaysia)

She used a very lifestyle way to describe on how she been through so many interesting incidents after she had met with a stranger who had helped her a lot on earth!!! Also, she kind of like described very well on every categories, characters, background in each condition, I think its pretty suitable for teenage to read it!!!



2013 Week 35 (September 1) Way Back into You 《 回程》
2013 Week 36 (September 4) 《给未来的旅行者》
2013 Week 45 (November 4) 《我 心安处是幸福》
2013 Week 52 (December 28) 《非常关系》
2014 Week 2 (January 12) 《陪我去旅行》
2014 Week 6 (February 6) 《激励自己才能改变命运》
2014 Week 8 (February 22) 《异国爱莉丝》
2014 Week 12 (March 23) 《在路上》

【Movie|电影】The Journey《一路有你》

February 22, 2014, Saturday
Believe this the most watched movie in Malaysia, as I really want to take this chance back to the movie world......I considered myself as not graduated movie feedback writer, so please don't expect any high expectations from me, hehe!!!

Ever since the beginning no one likes to watch local movie, no matter what movie it's, once they heard is "made in local" and they'll give a pass......But as a movie lover like me, I still watch it no matter what and usually I'll watch alone, but since I was kind of lazy lately so I've been trying very hard to persuade my mom and my aunt (my mom's younger sister) to watch with me this time!!! 

一直以来本地电影都是被我们强烈打击,不被看好的,我自己本身也是其中一位,但由于我是电影爱好者,所以我还是会去看!!!   最近老是很懒惰自己一个人去看电影,好在那天经过多篇的怂恿,终于说服我妈妈和我阿姨(妈妈的妹妹)和我一起去看!!!


一开始我是抗拒这部电影,因为它会让我想起从前我和我朋友一起所引起多次的文化分叉勾起不好的回忆!!!   西方人的家庭教育很独立,不像东方人保护式,他们从中学开始就是自己打工赚钱,进大学的钱都是自己搞定的,对他们来说父母是小孩需要的而已,一旦到了懂事的年龄就要自己照顾自己了学会独立,所以那些所谓的亲子亲情是很微薄的!!!   之余东方人的思想,小时候父母照顾得无微不至,千依百顺却让小孩逐渐觉得那是理所当然的事,忘记了父母所付出的苦心。。。

刚开始听到很多说这部电影很感动,我自己还跟自己说“不过就是女儿带了一个老外回来然后跟爸爸相处上有冲突然后有个完美的结局嘛,这么简单的剧情。。。真实的民间的故事孝顺的故事有很多!!!”   实话说我没有哭,不是我哭点低,我是很眼浅的人,或许打从很早的时候在我已经了解了当中的感动,所以不再哭了!!!

 小时候的玩伴有多少个可以再度重遇???   回归当时无忧无虑的友情,没有收到任何诱惑,纯碎只是大家因为在一起而开心呢!!!


曾经有一段时间我都愤世,愤怒怎么朋友会如此残忍的对待,但。。。经过一场庆幸没有发生的车祸,让我顿时觉悟,认为只有真正的朋友才会无论你做什么事都会原谅你,不会丢下你的!!!   放开了那一班所谓“只是因为找不到人陪而才找你,但假如当你有事就是搞失踪不顾你感受”的朋友。。。放开了他们电话簿少了几个人,但是我活得比以前快乐轻松,不再执着于那些不值得我对他们好的朋友!!!

每当发生事情的时候,不知道为什么都会以“不想让家人担心的理由”而选择不告知!!!   家永远都是我们的避风港,即使再冷酷的家人或许只是有些误会不解而形成的,把话说出来,“家”的大门一直都为你而开,对吗?

有时候自己的所坚持的一切在外人的眼中好像是个笑话,但每个人所想要坚持的事情不同,别人眼中的笑话却是我们的梦想!!!   现代人愈来愈活在别人称赞下生存,无论面子书的“LIKE”数目,部落格的游览次数,逐渐好像为了要得到别人的讚许而才去做的,放佛像是努力成为别人眼中所期望的燕子,但你是否何曾问一问自己“那是真实的你吗?”

Those in Chinese is super hard to translate all, because is more like to be literature style......(have been trying all day, so I give up!!! =.=!!!) so I just have to make a simple conclusion to conclude all in once, personally it's very typical local style movie......a Malaysian Chinese girl wanted to a Caucasian and she wants to get some blessing from her very strict traditional cultural father!!! As people always said those young generations don't know anything about tradition, assuming their parents very old fashion, don't know anything, but do they ever think deeply......or try their best to discuss with their parents, try to negotiate whatever it's to solve the problem......for them the best is to hide everything from their parents to save the "troubles"!!! Actually they've forgot, even they can't help but at least they know what's going on on you, they'll be happy that they've being part in your life like they always used to be since the second you're born!!!

All Pictures from https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.564624043616509.1073741828.373272262751689&type=3

Piano Station - 7th Malaysia Piano Exhibition

February 22, 2014, Saturday
Saw they promote this event in the newspaper few days ago, since I was kind of free that day so might go have a look!!! First time been to this shopping center, it's kind of scary because not many shoppers as usual shopping center that you've been to......

The reason I willing to head over to this never been before shopping center is because of the "Crystal Piano" word!!! Moreover they're not just displaying crustal pianos but also some new and used piano that you can place an order on the spot!!!
冲这这个“Crystal Piano”的字眼,我就来到了这个没有来过的商场,一眼望过去好多钢琴,非常壮观呢!!!   前面的都是展示品,后面就是有新的和旧的钢琴可以下订单买回家哦!!!

The moment I reached there, he was there playing some songs to attract shoppers!!!

The first to introduce must start with white due to white color is my favorite color!!! Not like those white wood piano, any light reflect on it, the crystal white makes it shines!!!

The black key are not like those usual black key you see, as you can see from the side, it's clear crystal!!!

I'm a person who does't like pink, but I've to say I like this pink piano!!! It's just like suit for those little princess who learn piano since they're young in castle!!! Also, I'm pretty sure for those who love pink might scream once they saw this!!!

Same as the white piano, the "black key" are clear crystal but the bottom color has changed to pink!!! 

Another piano in red, it's so sharp and attractive!!! (Don't know why by looking at this, I started think of it's like CNY decorations)
还有一架非常鲜艳的红色,有很抢眼吗???   (不知道为什么忽然感觉很新年嘢!!!)

Keyboard in red, are they attractive???

All of these piano are from this brand!!!
Maybe those above are kind of nothing to you, but I believe the one coming up must caught your attentions~~~


Purposely take pictures from first floor in order to catch the best angle of it!!!

Even though those strings inside are extraordinary beautiful!!!

These are four of them, from this angle of shooting, the middle piano looks like a "music box", don't you agree???

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