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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


How's going everyone??? Is the last day of 2013, time flies like nobody business……here to recall back everything happened in 2013……

My Beloved Family
The most thing I care about is my parents' health!!! No matter how busy am I, always have to make some time picked up my sisters and have lunch with my dad once a week; Awake 630 in the morning to have morning walk with mom every weekend even though I slept around 2 or 3 in the morning, since it's my weekly routine!!!

Since I was young always believe "BFF won't always by your side, but once you need them, they'll be there for you!" Surprisingly why when I really need someone aside or by my side, there's no one and I do have to force myself stayed strong to get over it!!! Gradually I heard "once you treat your friends from your heart, they'll feel that no matter how!" As conclusion they might be the wrong person to be treat as nice or they haven't feel what I've given out!!! Thus, those "retreat back" wasn't important anymore, the most important is better to give better than receive!!!

Easons Life Concert 2013, lyrics of the song named《歲月如歌》about no waiting and keep going….Richard Clayderman's 《Dream wedding》, felt the touch and sad story from its rhythm!!! 

Promise myself looked towards some events to attend every weekend, see and learn a lot…also met a lot, some can be very kind opposite as some are arrogant, which explain "words can be fake to cover up their true face!" 

Single Lady Trip
As for a normal female, I'm over independent, booked the flight ticket and fly right away!!! Things always happened due to a reason, it could be I was too frustrated on why my friends leave me alone, so I just want to go somewhere nobody knows me……travel alone is understand myself more better!!! Get out from the busy daily routine and meeting people from all around the world, listen to their stories and think wisely!!! 

Neglect my friends in real life, I've met a lot of awesome people here, people who good in observations, sharing, cooking, computer and etc. Special thanks to all of you, lucky draw presents, presents, souvenirs, cards, Christmas cards and postcards, I'll treasure them as limited edition priceless happiness!!! Last but not least, thanks to those whoever glad to received those small gifts and cards that I've sent, my eyes always start rolling with tears when I saw you posted on FB and as well as your blog……felt so touch and unforgettable!!! 

Here I'm to wish you all the best in 2014!!! 

爸爸妈妈健康都是我时常关注的,再忙赶来赶去的飞车都要抽空载上几个姐姐和爸爸吃午餐;   即使再累周末六日都是六点半起床与妈妈去晨运,尽管晚上忙到两三点还是风雨不改!!!   

很小的时候,一直都认为“好朋友不会在身边,但是只要你有事他一定第一个出现!”   我一直都这么认为和相信着。。。可是,我有事的时候身边都是空空的,而我都是靠我自己强迫自己以“不靠人的态度”活过来的。。。后来又听到有人说“只要你用真心来对人,别人一定能够感受得到!”只能说或许我付出的对象是错的还是我还不够真心,别人好像从来都不会在乎。。。所以我都不再去在乎有什么回报,但求不要有坏的回报就好,施比受更幸福快乐!!!

陳奕迅的演唱会,听着首首感动的歌曲,歲月如歌里的不能在等待,路还是要走,还要飞。。。;Richard Clayderman夢中的婚禮里的激动奔放,光是的钢琴的旋律都可以呈现里头的动人故事。。。



虽然少了现实的朋友,但是认识了很多部落格的才子才女,让我今年过得很感恩!!!   感谢你们的抽奖礼物,礼物,手信,卡片,圣诞卡和明信片,深深的感受到那份喜悦!!!   还有还有,当然还少不了你们喜欢收到我送的一切,看到你们在面子书上载的,在部落格分享的,看到我眼眶都泪水泛滥。。。

祝大家新年快乐!!!   =]

【Haul|購物】20132013 December Shopping|十月的購物

December 19, 2013, Thursday
Since my last visit around October which I posted here also, and now here I'm to top up new stock again……Um……realized I finish them pretty fast duh……think on the good side ~~~ I'm very hardworking on taking of my skin which is good, right??? !!! =]

This was recommended by the stuff!!! I've tried it and it turns out to be pretty good!!! I'm recommend thing product as well!!!

Since I've finished the one that I bought last time, so now I wanted to try some different flavor!!!

December 20, 2013, Friday
Since last time when I bought this case with my phone, I didn't really get a chance to change it, until it almost broke like this which uncomfortable for me to open the flip, so now here's my excuse  to change a new one!!!

The last case I had was in black!!! And now, I'm happily to change it back to shinning silver white!!! =]


December 31, 2013, Tuesday
Was at the shopping centre's parking lot that day, saw a security  guard was copying my car plate number…what??? why???

Walked closely and asked, he explained he copying the car behind my car, cause its window wasn't rolled up (Don't you feel this car owner is so generous, people nowadays scared of stolen car, but he/she isn't!!!)

Guess that he wrote that its car plate number and make an announcement to inform the car owner!!!

Most of those security guard I saw nowadays were kinda of lazy……always try to sneak out to take a nap or just pretend doing their job……

What if……our country's police try make some effort to "take care" of those robbers or thieves, then we won't be longer worry while we're holding a bag walk along the road, pumping gas at the gas station…….





Monday, December 30, 2013

【Gift|禮物】So Many Gifts Today|今天收到很多禮物

December 30, 2013 Monday
Last two days of 2013, wasn't expect to receive anything anymore!!! But this morning I found so many surprise in my letterbox!!! =]

Postcard from 雁子 while her trip at Thailand!!! The touch part is which she wrote her feelings during the trip on it!!! =]
来自雁子去泰国旅游的时候寄来的明信片,很感动的在上面看到她贴心的写上她当时在泰国的感受,打从心里的真心谢谢你!!!   =]

Christmas card from Sharon!!! Always felt so sweet to receive Christmas card……especially it's all the way from Singapore, thanks for letting me to have another card Christmas card this year!!! =]
来自新加坡Sharon的圣诞卡,感谢你用心,卡片没有不见。。。谢谢你让我今年收到的圣诞卡片又多了一张!!!   而我每次收到卡片的时候都很开心呢!!!   =]

A small card fold calendar from World Vision!!! What a cute design!!! =]
来自世界宣明会的2014年月历卡,好可爱的设计哦!!!   =]

Very an impressive gift from SK!!! Those leaves  are where he picked during his trip at Osaka, Japan two weeks ago!!! And made it into photo frame size!!! As I'm very glad that I'm one of those four lucky winners, hehe!!! Thanks for your very 高水准 souvenir!!! =]
来自SK超级特别的手信!!!   不说你不知,这是手制的手信。。。还是真的第一次看到这么用心的手信!!!   枫叶来自大阪,回来后做成了相框般大的手信!!!   而且只有四份,非常高兴我是四位幸运者之一!!!   =]

Sunday, December 29, 2013

【Concert|演唱會】My Rock N Roll Idol

December 29, 2013, Sunday
My favorite rock n roll singer, Avril Lavigne!!! Super cool and talented singer!!!


Saw the one at Singapore, I do really want to forget about the currency and buy it…...

But now, there's lucky she has one at KL!!! Hahaha!!! Already bought the ticket, present for my 2013 Christmas present!!! =] 
还好最后一场在马来西亚,哈哈哈!!!   已经话不多说买票了。。。给我自己的圣诞礼物!!!   =]

Seremban Then Sze Khoon (芙蓉沉香蜈蚣山天师宫)

Location: Jalan Temiang, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
December 29, 2013, Sunday
I understood that I still lots of travelogues to finish……since last year Jiu Zhai Gou (with family), HK (with sis, her husband and his younger sister), Kuching (Rm60 flight ticket trip), Kuantan Cherating (my dad's company holiday trip), HK (My lonely backpack travel trip, lots of pictures in it to share(especially those places you haven't never been too, why so sure??? because never anyone talking about it yet!!!)), Singapore (meet my best friend from Indo)……

But I believe this gonna be very short……because I traveled with my family!!! First, I've to take care of my mom and my aunt, have to carry this and that, do this and that!!! Second, have to take care of my nieces and nephews, I do have a lot of nieces and nephews for those don't know about it, we have to keep checking they have drink enough water, then for the little one who kept on walk around silently (bet most mom know about this, little like to run here and there after they learn how to walk) So many things to care, right??? How do I have any hands to take pictures and write down anything???
我严重知道我游记一罗罗的写都写不完。。。由去年九寨沟(跟家人去的),香港(跟姐姐姐夫还有姐夫妹妹),古晋(六十块亚航的飞机票),Kuantan Cherating(爸爸公司的度假旅行),香港(单身潜逃,这个照片多不胜数),新加坡(与好友约会)。。。

再来又是这个,不过这个应该会非常短,因为我和家人出去不像我一个人出游那样可以什么都拍,跟家人出去要顾着妈妈和阿姨,要帮忙提这个做那个!!!   还要要照顾家里的小孩,我家小孩真多,不是顾叫他喝水就是怕他不知道跑到哪里去,有小孩的妈妈都知道会走路的小孩最爱到处走!!!   哪里还有手拍照???   什么手记游记都不知道去哪里了!!!   加上我那电话line一直好像废物一样完全不能用,完全不能一边更新一边玩!!!

So stop those nagging and start talk about this place!!! Actually was quite "ulu", without my eldest brother in law's retired basketball friend, we don't even know about this place!!!

Some silly jokes happened here, when we're here my aunt said: "Before it I was so curious that, why you all take me to a place to see the real centipede? It's nothing fun to see also!!!" =.=!!!

I was about to answer her: "Who would like to see the real centipede??? Just want get scared by the centipede is it???"
来看这个拜拜的山之前我阿姨还很好笑她说:“我之前就很奇怪你们是不是要带我去看真的蜈蚣啊?   蜈蚣有什么好看?” =.=!!!

Kneel down on the yellow board(press on it) then the fish will spout water, lots of kids love to play with that (but not my family kids)

That's all, I only have three pictures to share, because I was busy praying, so on I had some ice-cream then left (ice-cream some more…cause I must have an ice-cream once I saw one)!!!


Since the information so clear, so I just print screen it, then shouldn't be any typing error!!!

View 芙蓉沉香蜈蚣山天师宫 (Seremban Then Sze Khoon) in a larger map

A' Famosa Villa

December 29, 2013, Sunday
There are 18 of us!!! Nine of us each villa!!! My eldest sister's family, my third older sister family, my aunt, my mom and I stayed here!!!
我们总共有18个人,一间屋子住刚刚好9个人!!!   我大姐一家,三姐一家,阿姨,妈妈和我就住这一间!!!

The rest stayed at the one beside, who are my second older sister family, second brother law's friends and his younger brother!!!

Stepped inside the house the living room on the right!!! (and my little nephew was busy eating which I can sneak sometime to take pictures)
一进大门的右手边就是客厅!!!   (还可以看到我小侄儿在很专心的吃东西,所以我才有空拍个照片)

On the left is a very empty spaces, where my mom, sisters and brother in laws used to play mahjong at night!!! (Me??? Reading, hehe!!!)
左边是很大个空间,晚上就给我妈妈,姐姐和姐夫们打麻将!!!   (我???   我在看书啦!!!)

Further deep inside on the left is dinning room!!! Where another place for three person mahjong…the one before was four person mahjong!!!

The kitchen on the right!!! So called "kitchen", but not for cooking!!! Just a place to prepare some beverage only!!!

Toilet right in the middle inside between the kitchen and dinning room!!!!

Master room on the left!!! Room for my third older sister family!!!
主人房在左边,里头还有私人厕所!!!   这是我三姐一家的房间!!!

Private toilet for the master room!!! But we used it as well, since so many people stayed in one house!!!

Very messy bed sheet, because the day I took the picture was the last day, so never tidy up before we leave!!!

A twin size bed for my mom and I while the single bed for my aunt!!! Again, very messy blanket on the bed…...
一个双人床给我和我妈妈,一个单人床给我阿姨!!!   还是一样,我们的床是很乱,没有收拾的。。。

The hardest picture to take!!! Because my eldest brother in law was still sleeping……can't wait for him to wake up……so I just don't care about him!!! =.=!!! This's another room which has same furniture with my room!!!
最难拍到的一张照片!!!   因为我大姐夫还在里面睡觉。。。等到不能再等就不理他,直接拍照下去!!!   =.=!!!  这间房间的家私和我房间一样!!!

A small swimming pool at the backyard!!! Kids love to play here!!! =]

Most of the pictures are out of focus and bad quality……because I got to take all the pictures secretly when my sisters not around……if not…..tons of questions got to answer!!! =]
屋后院还有小小个游泳池!!!   小孩子最喜欢在这里玩闹!!!   =]

很多照片都拍得很差。。。因为我必须偷偷的拍照,万一被我姐姐发现,她们可以从马六甲询问到吉隆坡的!!!   =]

Saturday, December 28, 2013


December 28, 2013, Saturday


来自书的简介[在书中,47个我们最想知道的问题,邓惠文提出勒最独到的分析和建议,最柔软的慰藉与抚触,陪伴天下有情人挣脱两性关系的迷思,破茧而出! 而最终我们将会明白:即使错过了全世界,也别错过了自己!]

ISBN : 9789863013181 
Format : Paperback 
Publisher : 平安文化 
Published Date : 04-JUL-2013

Friday, December 27, 2013

【Attraction|景點】Still Remain Like the same After so many Years

Can't remember when was the last time, I've been there, maybe somewhere around my high school!!! But the show still look like the same after been so long!!! Can they upgrade something at least try to add something new!!!
忘记了我以前何时去看过, 大概是中学时期吧!!! 奇怪的是过了那么多年了, 似乎没有什么变化, 为什么他们不尝试加一些与众不同的惊喜呢???
Blogging through Samsung S4 from A Famosa

A' Famosa Safari Wonderland

December 27, 2013, Friday
Since our villa weren't ready yet, so we decided to visit the safari park (the shortest distance attraction) If not mistaken, I've been there twice, then now is my third time!!!
那时候我们的住的地方还没有清理好,所以我们就到动物园走走(因为是最近的嘛!!!)   印象中我都去了两次了,这次再进去是第三次!!!

On the way to the bus station where we wait to see the wild animals……my eldest sister said "look, is grapes!" when she saw this!!! Um, for me……I don't agree they're grapes, how about you???
途中要去坐车看老虎的时候看到这个。。。我大姐还很大声说:“葡萄啊!”   我跟我阿姨都给她翻白眼去。。。这那是葡萄,虽然不知道是什么植物,但这个应该不是葡萄吧???

While waiting for the transport, we saw them opposite of the station!!! But why they don't want to look at my cam???
So many of us, took 3/4 of the seats!!! 

First bunch of animal!!!

The driver drove so fast, didn't even have to time to focus on anything!!! 

Didn't manage to catch any animals……then I started to take picture of the inside!!! My aunt said "we aren't here to see the animals, we're here as the display for the animal!!!"
没有动物拍,尽然拍起铁架来!!!   我阿姨说:“我们是给动物看,不是我们去看动物!!!”

Look!!! Out of focus again…...
看!!!   都还没定位好。。。

The driver was driving way too fast…...

Are you taking a nap???

The following is camel!!!

Wait, I wasn't ready yet……only get to see their butt…...

Are you taking a nap or sunbathe??? Hahaha!!!

Lunch time…...

Half of the focus……I want it to be in the middle…...

Hello, driver……I haven't done with their pictures…...
啊!!!   司机大哥我还没拍到啦。。。

We already got so far away while I was trying to focus…...

See the lion…...

[Lion: "Why you all always come and visit me??? Don't you feel bored???"]
She{it} didn't even want to bother us!!!
[狮子:“又是有人来看我,你们不闷吗?   我才不想理你们呢”] 

After lions, now is tigers…...

How to take picture???

Luckily the driver stopped!!!

[Tiger: "Sigh, felt so bored…..."]

[Tiger: "Have you guys done with the shooting?"] 
[老虎: “你们拍够了没?”]

[Tiger: "You still want to bother them? Like me, didn't even want to look at them!"]
[老虎: “你还要看他们?   我连看都不想看!”]

[Tiger: "I'm not meanwhile I''m so sleepy!"]
I was wondering this gonna be a great picture if it open its eyes!!!
[老虎: “我才没有,我很爱睡呢!”]

[Tiger: "Why you even to take of my sleepy face?"]
Bad that I zoom out on this!!!
[老虎: “我要睡觉,你都要拍?”]
但是这张我zoom out了!!!

[Tiger: "Let's stand up and exercise a bit!"]
[老虎: “起来伸个懒腰先!”]

[Tiger: "Sigh, time passes so slow!"]
[老虎: “唉,时间过得真慢!”]

[Tiger: "Don't keep staring at me, I'm very shy!"]

Try to guess, what was it doing???

It's doing its "big business……my second brother in law said "it doesn't have enough water, that's why hard for it to poo!!!" =.=!!!

Hahaha……because that's the way how we told the kids, since they don't like to drink water, so they find very difficult to poo, always half poo-ing and half crying…..
[老虎: “你们不要那么多人看着我,我会害羞的!”]


它在大便呢。。。我二姐夫说: “这个老虎没有喝水啊,所以大不出便来。。。!!!” =.=!!!

哈哈哈!!!   因为我们每次都这样对我侄女们这样说,她们超不爱喝水,然后就发热气,然后就大便大不出,大得很痛在那边哭。。。

[Tiger: "Done, got to go! So many people staring at me, how to poo???"]
[老虎: “快点大完,快点走,大个便都要这么多人看,害我都大不出来!”]

[Tiger: "But……felt like I haven't done with it!"]
[老虎: “可是,我到底大完没啊?”]

[Tiger: "Wow, are you okay, what's your matter?"]
[老虎: “你是怎样?   看我不爽哦!”]

[Tiger: "Hey, I just want to say hi, why so serious???"]
[老虎: “我只是跟你打个招呼,干嘛那么凶!”]

[Tiger: "Fine, won't bother you again!"]
[老虎: “算,我不想理你了!”]

[Tiger: "Omg, looks like my back legs have stuck inside!"]
[老虎: “糟糕,我的后脚好像被卡住了!”]

[Bear: "Purposely don't like you see my face!"]
[黑熊: “就是不让你们看我!”]

[Bear: "Hey!"]
[黑熊: “嘿!”]

[Bear: "Looks something to eat!"]
The driver get down and holding a can of drinks…...
[黑熊: “好像有东西吃勒!”]

[Bear: "Wow, so delicious!"]
[黑熊: “哇,真好喝!”]

[Bear: "Must stand up to have it more"]
[黑熊: “要站起来才会喝到多!”]

[Bear: "Rest for a while first, let me take some breather…..."]
[黑熊: “休息一下,喘一口气先。。。”]

[Bear: "More!"]
[黑熊: “再来!”]

[Bear: "A little bit more…..."]
[黑熊: “还有一点点,一点点!”]

[Bear: "Satisfies!"]
[黑熊: “真满足!”]

[Bear: "Hey, hey, hey, wait for me, I want some too~~~"]
But that moment, we're about to leave……
[黑熊: “喂,喂,等我啊。。。我也要~~~”]

["Am I pretty?"]

After ostrich, we're leaving back to the station just now……

Then follow the pathway to see more animals!!!


["Something to eat?"]

["I caught one!"]

["Don't you think you can run away from me?"]

["What a great one!"]

This is an naught ostrich, it doesn't allow me to take picture of itself!!!
I walked to the left…...

To the right……
["I just don't let you to take my picture!"]

I still got it, I walked further a bit and zoom it!!!
I won!!! =p
你不让我拍,我就走远远再zoom in!!!

Peacock! Peacock! Peacock!!!
Can you show your head???
孔雀!   孔雀!   孔雀!!! 

Fine……That's one gorgeous at the back, it isn't like you…..so arrogant!!!
算!   我不拍你,你看你后面那位多么合作大方。。。

Hello, look at me!!!
鸵鸟!   鸵鸟!   鸵鸟!!!
看我!   看我!!!


["So yummy! But, can you hand it closer?"]
[“真好吃!   喂,但是你可以不要越拿越远吗?”]

["Hey, no more? I just saying only, don't get angry!"]
[“说你一下,就没有了?   怎么你这样小气!”]

["Why they've food? How about me?"]

["Sigh, speechless!"]

["Don't shoot me!"]

["Told you not to!!!"]

Then I took it from far lo!!!

["Test the temperature of the water first!"]


Heads! Where are the heads???
头勒!   怎么没有头???

Hey, why you all always head into the water while I press the "shot" button???
喂!   怎么人家一按快门你们的头就进去水里面???


Is okay, then I took the rest!!!

But, why don't you look at me???

["We're sleeping, don't disturb!"]

["Prefer go into water!"]

Hey, you head!!!

["What your head? Leave me alone!"]

["Just doing it on purpose, not to look at you!"]

Thought I can't get it???
As I changed the angle a bit……
I still can get one, I won again!!!

As I mentioned here before, same show for years!!!

For those who watched this show before, don't you agree they're still the same???

So bored……time to leave!!!

Sources from it's Official Website

3days and 2nights trip is so short, moreover I don't have time to catch any pictures!!! As I always try to split into lots of post for my travelogue, but for this I don't think I can make one as for tiger, lion or bear duh???

Thus only three posts of them!!! Done!!! Less two hundred plus now, so happy!!!

所以总共就只有三篇而已!!!   写完这里,照片少了两百多张,真开心!!!

Place to stay for 3days 2nights ~ A' Famosa Villa 
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