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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Impermanence of Life

January 2, 2014, Thursday
Seriously, I don't want to mention some sad things in the beginning of the year…but I have to……

As in 1st of January my mom received a call from my eldest sister which were telling her, her younger sister (my mother side relative, who I called her as "Forth Aunt") her son in law has passed away yesterday, he's only around 37 or 38 year old……and his kids are still young to take care of themselves!!! They said he's because of Myocardial infarction (Heart Attack) And now everyone turns the concert back to his four children, because the eldest just in primary school, how they gonna to go through it……

And today I got an message from my friend about one of our  friend's dad has passed away in the morning!!! And I just came back from my friend's dad funeral……

Things I want to share is we won't know what came up to in the next few seconds, please treasure anyone around you, your family, your siblings, your friends, and last but least especially your parents!!! Once people start growing up to start their own career or maybe family, the only thing that might less concern is their parents!!!

话说在一月一日的时候我大姐打电话给我妈妈说我四姨的女婿昨天过世了,算一算我妈说他应该只有37,38岁,还很年轻而且他儿女还很小!!!   询问一下才知道他事死于心肌梗塞,现在全部人所关心的是他那四个还很小的小孩,最大的才小学而已。。。。。。


想要说的是“这一秒并不代表下一秒”,请珍惜你身边所有的人,你家人,兄弟姐妹,朋友,当然最不可以少的是父母!!!   很多人长大后都开始忙着自己的事业,另一半,家庭,好像逐渐忘记了最需要我们关心的爸爸妈妈!!!


  1. 是的,人生无常,真的要惜缘惜福!

  2. 人永远不知道,明天和下辈子,哪一个先到。。。

  3. yeah, life is impermanent, like you said we have to appreciate what we have and most importantly those who are still around us.. RIP to your aunt's SIL and your friend's dad..

  4. My condolence.

    Yes Heart attack is an unexpected thing. :(

  5. Nothing is permanent, make the most of everything while we can. Don;t waste precious time mopping over things we can;t change - nobody would want to go having lived a life that has always been frustrating and unhappy, I'm sure.

    May he rest in peace.

  6. 妳说得没错,世事无常,真的是要好好珍惜身边的每一个人~

  7. Condolences to your family.

    Such a sad thing to hear.

    Hope the family gets all the support they need.

  8. It's so sad to hear about it. Me too, heard of some sad news right before 2013 ended. But we gotta stay strong and face them ... Remember to smile and cheers !!!

  9. Sorry to hear about this...

    Health is indeed the most important thing these days.


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