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Thursday, February 11, 2016

【CNY|新年】Endless Fireworks|不停的煙花

February 11, 2016, Thursday
There's nothing in this post, I just post to share my fireworks pictures. As it wasn't an easy task, I was at first floor of my house, then I saw fireworks outside the window. So in order to take very good picture, I climb up to the third floor quickly. Done with it I back to first floor again...then I heard another fireworks sound......so I quickly ran up to third floor again...Yea, indeed it's considered as a very good workout then......


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  1. I hear a lot of fireworks on the even of CNY, and also chor8 midnight.. That's the maximum one.. I think got another round, which is on the last day of CNY, day 15th at night I guess..

    1. I guess chor 8 is the most, the first and the last day lesser.

  2. Replies
    1. Compare to Malaysia, it's quiet, the most, lion dances...

    2. Oh, but it's better, it won't be noisy at night, hehe!

  3. 好啊!放多一点烟花的照片,给我们看的带来多一点好运气!

    1. 哈哈哈哈,你這個好!其實我還有一個篇啦。。。還在寫著!

  4. Quite a lot this year. I hear they're cheaper - economy not so good so cannot slaughter like previous years.

    1. Cheaper?? Serious? No wonder my neighbor like putting it non-stop la!

  5. I always have problems to snap nice firework photos. I wonder how the photographers could snap so well.

    I hope you enjoyed your CNY!!

    1. Hahaha, keep pressing non-stop, then choose the best among hundreds of them, hehe!

  6. when did you take these photos of the fireworks?? hmmm, 11th Feb near your house huh?? i thot on the night of 15th Feb when your neighbours 拜天公.. guess you have to use good camera to capture the beautiful moments right?? hehehe, i think normal phones can't really make it..

    1. 拜天公one is coming! All these are took by iPhone 6, hehe! My camera has broken and the new one hasn't figure out to use completely!


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