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Wednesday, February 17, 2016


February 17, 2016, Wednesday
About the Friendship thing, when I was young I was thinking isn't bad to have many friends, so when you wanna ask someone else to hangout, at least you've bunch of list in hand. 
今天來談談友誼吧! 友誼這回事還真是學不完的人生課程,不同年齡遇到不同的朋友。 如何找人當朋友,如何自己當一位朋友,這學問從來不簡單,看似簡單的也許是你幸運的遇到好人,但是遇到不好的呢?


But today I do learn something new, something and someone who really wants to maintain the friendship or want to see you, they would squeeze out the time for you no matter what. Story won't be so detail here, just can say that when the other part see it as a troublesome, they won't compromise with any reasons. But for someone who don't see it as a troublesome, they would spend the times and the efforts to come and meet you no matter what......don't you agree?
最純真的友誼,當然是童年時期的,今天不跟你好,但是明天還是會一塊兒玩。 隨著年齡的增長,人生的友誼開始變成互利互惠,不再是單純天真那種。 最近在朋友裏面再次見識到真的朋友,無論時間多麽緊迫多麽忙碌多麽麻煩,都會擠出時間來見面,相反的不想見面的話,天氣都可以成爲一個拒絕的理由,你説是嗎?

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  1. 确实。有心安排见面怎样难都会挤出时间。反之,什么都可以是借口。

  2. Yes, it is all about priority but with a bigger pool of friends, there are higher chance that someone in your pool of friends will give you first priority and put you first and drop everything on hand just to see you.


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