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Saturday, August 16, 2014


August 16, 2014, Saturday
Looks like a lots have been going on recently, need time to settle down and rearrange my daily life schedule!! As I've planned this in the beginning of the year and I never wish to stop it!! Nonetheless of reasons, why I want to continued it, just that I don't like to let things stay undone and remain there with nothing or maybe forever!!
之前太多东西忙的我,让本来原定一星期一书的我,都必须让它搁置,好不容易因为在书展看到好书的动力,让我那股冲动再次回来! = ]

I got this from the KLCC book fair, usually the way I buy book as I just flipped through few pages of it, if it's nice then I buy, if not I won't never think about it (so ya, basically how I got this!)

An author from Korea, her book got translated to Chinese edition, guess it must be a very good selling in its Korean version, if not it won't get to translated to other language, right?
一位作者可以写书,写到书被翻译去其他语言,那它这本书一定不会差到哪里去,也一定会有它的可看之点!!   来自韩国作家,金银珠!   她以简单的方式带你寻找人生中多那1cm的幸福。。。

Hate and love just like crossing a border, nothing much really different, if everything in your mind were all his/her bad things, attitudes, news......you would never get a chance to see the other good side of this person, if you never try to look at the other side of it, because you're just keep remain on the same spot and never move forward!

Do you believe in miracle?? No one knows, but what we know about is if you never believe, it would never happened!! Because miracle won't happen on someone who never believe in miracle!!
这个世界到底有没有奇迹?   我相信信就有,不信就没有,所以我每次都选择相信,你相信吗?

Lots of people always try to show their best impression to the rest, always acting they're very gorgeous, very good heart person, but on the other hand, she/he turns back to the other person and start throwing bad about it!! Come on, what's the point, man?? Unless you thought the way you do like this can gain more fans, followers or even friends then please continued, but honestly...you're just so fake and always live under of people's words, but in the end you would never find any happiness in your life, so be true to yourself and that's what make's you special!!
很多人为了要在别人面前展示自己最大方的一面,就假装接受,假装自己很友善的一面。。。很多人时常都做到自己像是一个超棒超棒乐观的好人那样,但其实转过头来指名道姓的对身边的人说那个人的不是不是,我想说其实你那么不爽,为什么不就当面说就好,何必那么假惺惺的觉得自己是高人一等还是好人一等啊??   所以我很诚实也很有性格的,我不爽就是不爽,我不会打电话给你,也不会找你,假如你所做的一切超越我的底线,是好朋友的话,我会当面说出来,不是的话,就拜拜,我也不想委屈自己,因为我需要要有很多很多的朋友但却假惺惺的讨好你跟你说笑!!   所以我朋友不多,但好的几位都会很认真当面的说我不是及做错了什么跟什么!!!

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  1. 1cm+ ? Sounds very interesting.. What is it all about (written in the book) as I dont understand Chinese..Oohh lots of things planned? 2015 is coming, new resolutions?

  2. 会被翻译出版的书真的应该都是不错的

  3. oh I thot this book is like those novel with lots of words.. but after you showed us the pages, it's kind of nice to read I think.. just a couple of lines a paragraph and each give a meaningful quote and very inspiring too!! good buy..

    I especially like the quote on photo #3.. and I thought of a song "there can be miracles, when you believe"~~ by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey :)

  4. 一星期一书我还怕我会从此忘了写部落了~时间太紧很难安排啊,我真的在时间管理上需要加油~

  5. Thank you for sharing with us the gems from this book.

  6. Hahah....I no longer reads. Used to read a lot of books.

    1. Why?? Should start reading back, it's pretty fun!! =]


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