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Saturday, November 22, 2014

【FoodCourt|食集】Food Paradise @ Dataran Pahlawan, Melacca|食为天@英雄广场,马六甲

November 22, 2014, Saturday
How should I start this? I've no idea seriously, indeed it's been awhile post which happened last year November. So what had really brought us there is 小树wedding. After pick up Nick at Pudu Bus Station (Before it I ask my colleague which station should I go, to pick up my friend who took bus from Sungai Pertani, then he said at Times Square. So I went to Time Square....duh!! Obviously is a wrong station, luckily I call Nick for double confirmation) and Kiko at her house, we went to have breakfast at Petaling Street area (Kiko and I were so blur, as both us are staying at KL but we can't even recommend a place to eat, and when we found out we all want to have breakfast, I've already drive back to KL city) then heading Malacca.
又是一篇久到快发霉的一篇,前面很多照片都没有,所以唯有就从中间的照片开始。 荣幸我被受邀参加小树结婚晚宴,她的婚宴同时也让四面八方的我们聚集在一起。当天早上到福都车站载搭凌晨巴士从双溪大年前来的孤傲王子(早前我问我同事从吉打下来的巴士,我是要去哪里载? 他跟我说去时代广场的巴士站,而我想到我之前搭巴士的时候也是去那边,所以我也猜想是那边没错。 但去到的时候,我跟孤傲王子联络过,才知道是去福都的总车站才对,还好距离没有很远) 过后就前往Kiko的家(因为不想让她跟我一样早起,所以才说第二个才去载她,况且孤傲王子4点多就到车站了)在还未出发到马六甲的时候,我们想说找个地方吃早餐,搞笑的是我们两个吉隆坡人竟然不知道要去哪里吃早餐,而当我们发觉的时候,我车子又驾回市中心了,所以就索性在茨厂街附近找个地方吃早餐再出发。

After arrived at Malacca, we called Ember (who just arrived driven from Singapore) to meet at Dataran Pahlawan. Since we're there so early and the accommodation wasn't ready for us yet, thus we decided go to Karaoke at Dataran Pahlawan. Before it we've our lunch first at Food Paradise (as we didn't purposely look for any specify place for food, just eat anything that we can found)
浩浩荡荡终于到了,好紧张哦! 途中有人陪谈天真的没有那么闷,感谢他们俩都一直轮流跟我聊天。抵达后我们通知了Ember,而她也是和西瓜在新加坡开车过来。由于时间还早,我们约定在英雄广场见面,因为那边有K房,可以去消闲一下(我这个已是N年没有去的地方,每次去唱K都会让我不由自主的想到我当年自己一个人去唱K的情景O.O)订了K房,在还有时间的情况下,我们到3楼的食为天吃个午餐(因为那是我们所能找到的)

Claypot Chicken Rice RM5.50
As usual claypot chicken rice, nothing much special...... 

Mee Siam RM 6.50
Very spicy mee siam, actually at first I thought is mee hun, maybe I don't know how to differentiate mee hun and mee siam =.=!!

Mushroom Yee Mee RM5.50
Wasn't as tender yee mee that I expend, have to deep in the source longer to let it become softer. 

Thanks so much to very gentleman Nick that decide what to eat, buy and also delivered all on to the table for us. Such a gentlemen guy ya!! Or I should said we bully him...umm......o.O

Food Paradise
F3-01A / Third Floor BW05, Jalan Merdeka Melaka, Malaysia

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  1. 你们都玩得好开心哦!! 能够跟来自四方的朋友见面, 最开心不过了
    吉隆坡的巴士路线很乱咯, 富都车站那里塞车又没有泊车位

  2. Last November? Gee!!! That's a long long time ago. Hmmm...Nick went, eh? Still waiting for him to come to Sibu. I'd go for the claypot chicken rice - if got pork, I'd go for that instead. No salted fish and lap cheong in it? Used to have ONE very good one here, no more...closed down...so cannot get this here except at one hotel, chicken...expensive and not nice. :(

  3. Think Suituapui is waiting for Nick to go Sibu till his neck long long liao, kaka....

  4. 哈哈哈。。。也托太久了吧?好怀念的聚会!!

  5. Last November? Now August liao, almost one year, hehe.. But nevermind la, better than forgotten.. The claypot chicken rice looks good, very fragrant..

  6. 哈哈,真的快发霉啦!!! 不过不用紧,照片不怕旧。

  7. Mee siam is bihun lah, cooked in Siam (Thai) flavors lah... so you are not wrong. :P

  8. wah so happy leh Blogger's Gathering in Melaka, somemore everyone is from all over the places!! that would be so much fun, I hope there place is not too packed with people.. anyway, unless with a local guide I think he/she sure knows where to bring you to avoid the tourists crowd and also to the nice makan place..

  9. Yay! Got kaki for basi post like me. Nevermind...this is just as a diary mah. Fast or slow okay aje.

  10. 冬菇意面卖相很好没想到不好吃lol

  11. We can tell the difference between Mihun and Mee Siam very easily. The real Mee Siam is sour, slightly spicy and has the coarse texture of fine grated coconut. Most people sell distorted Mee Siam. LOL Muahahaha


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