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Saturday, July 04, 2015

【Tzu Chi|慈濟】Dharma as Water|《法譬如水》

July 4, 2015, Saturday
My eldest sister, she's super passionate to TZU CHI (is a society that mission of charity includes taking care of needy families, providing emergency relief, visiting people in need, engaging in international relief work, and so on) Like a month before she was kept on persuasion to join her sign language and body movements. Then the first came into my mind is "it looks fun!" So I promised my sister... +.+ and that's not good at all, god knows I'm super busy......

The event was organized in Stadium Putra for 3 days, July 3 (Friday) to July 5 (Sunday) I missed the one on Friday (too much stuffs on work have to deal with, but honestly I just want to skip it because the practice is almost 4 hours after work...@.@)
演出时间有三天,第一天是彩排,在7月3日,那是个星期五(不用问,我当然是不会翘班而不去工作的,我大姐更不用说,她的假期可以一年复一年,所以她的假期是多到可以说拿假就拿假)而我去的就是星期六,那就是正式表演给公众看的时候,而且还是大爱台现场直播。。。。。。但我却很心虚的说,那是我第一次去这个活动,之前的彩排我半个也没去,我以为我可以借过说我没有去过彩排,我一点都不会所以就可以跳过,但是我大姐又一脸很委屈的样子,她说其他人看到她的时候都一直问她“你的妹妹做么没有来?” 她说她的头不知道要低到哪里去了。。。所以最后即使我很不甘心,但还是去了=.=

I went to the 30 hours famine as a volunteer here last year, so I'm sort of very familiar with the location of it and everything (especially know which toilet has nobody =]) This picture was sent by my sister during end of June, when the stage is under constructions. 
这个在武吉加里尔的室内体育场,我对它一点都不陌生,因为去年饥饿30营就是在这里举办,算是模熟了底细,知道在哪里的厕所没有人那种,相信没有喜欢去上厕所也要大排长龙吧? 完全不知道这里地上是空空的,所有的活动舞台,都是经过设计后,才开始建起来。(这是在6月尾的时候,我大姐传给我的工程进度照片)

This is took on July 3, Friday. Can you imagine under the stairs are empty just build by metal rack?? Not sure whether I'm allow to take pictures or not, so I try just to describe it.

All these pictures from my sister on Friday, so many people here and so tidy in line. Practice after work for like two months, and not just adults some are kids, like primary and secondary school students.

Before it starts I walk around to take some pictures and also went to toilet, as the show start, we are not allow to leave the stage before it ends.

Do you know the grass here are all real?? They've keep watering the grass constantly to keep it alive for these 3 days. 


The rehearsal, they're practicing how to go up to the stage smoothly without any "bumping" sound on the stairs. Thankfully my position is at the audience seat, so I don't have to practice this, because they've to do it repeatedly until the MC is satisfy!
终于开始彩排了,噢! 不是我哦!而是台下表演者,包括我大姐在内,因为他们上楼梯的时候音量太大,正如我上面所说的,台下是空心的,只是有适当的杠杆支撑着,所以步伐大力一点都会听到很清楚。 他们就一直上上下下的练习直到来自台湾的主持人师姐满意为止。

We had lunch before the audience came in and also the same one at the evening after our first show. This's definitely vegetarian food of course and it's very tasty but the one I had in the evening the rice was too hard, turns out I just swallow without any bite instead.

The audiences start to enter the stadium and getting more and more crowded. They told us to sit still, don't have any big movement in front of the audience. I thought they won't notice us much, but later on when I sit at the audience seats, it do looks very clear though.
观众都纷纷的入席,看见人潮越来越多,就越来越紧张。他们都吩咐说即使还没开始,也不要有太大的动作,因为观众会看到。 我还在想“这怎么可能啊? 但当我自己真的坐在观众席的时候,真的。。。很清楚啊!

The sharing session after the first show. Some of their story are pretty touching, where a mother and daughter, she said she never felt so impress of her daughter, as her daughter willing to give up her ballet class and practice with her mom after school for two months and at the same time balance with the school work. Also actually she's having exam in the school on that week. But she her daughter said is "she just want to accompany her mother...!"
第一场两小时的表演终于结束了,还真的松了一口气,5点多的时候就举办了一个分享会。 其中让我印象最深刻的是有一位妈妈带着她的女儿上台,她说她很感动她的女儿的付出,女儿不但牺牲了她最爱的芭蕾舞课而几乎每晚来陪她一起练习,一起同台演出。还有最值得欣赏的是这两周她学校还有考试,在星期五的时候,她考完试就立刻到现场了。这位年轻小小的小学生什么都没有说,只是说“我要陪妈妈!”。。。

So where am I?? I'm one of these here, everybody here has been practice for a month and even been to one of the practice section, besides me, this today was my first day there with zero practice and no clues of what should I do, they told me to follow the lady in front of me, but her hand was shaking which makes me even more nervous. Here's some scenes from the event, you may check it out here 《法譬如水》經藏演繹圖像回顧片
说了这么多,好像没有说到我到底是在哪里表演的? 而我就是在这当中的其中一位,真的丢脸,丢到家,他们长达两个月的彩排我半次都没有去过,我第一次去,也是唯一一次到就是当天表演这天,真是超级紧张,她们告诉我,我只需照着我前面这位师姐的手势就可以了,但。。。她却全程都在手震,让我紧张气氛更加加深。这是现场的短片,不妨到访以得知更多详情《法譬如水》經藏演繹圖像回顧片
And my sister is one of these inside, I asked "why you have so closed up picture and where's mine?" Then she sent me a picture of I was eating stupidly during the break, WHAT??!!! =.=
表演完毕的第二天,我大姐传来这张照片,里面清楚的看到她在里面,我问她“那我的叻?” 结果她就传来一张我在午休吃便当吃到很难看的样子的照片来给我! =.=!!

Event period: July 3 (Friday) ~ July 5 (Sunday), 2015
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/tzuchi.org.my
Address: Stadium Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil.

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  1. You are very sweet & nice to teman your sister.. Yeah, it's good to accompany her, then we get to learn new stuffs too..Interesting event, and it is very crowded too.. Good also, crowded means the event is "sau foon ying", bet you had lots of fun there..Where's the picture she sent to you where you were eating? Haha..

  2. impressive. It's good to have people like your sister and you who are passionate about this. Can see it takes many hours of team work to do this.

  3. it's a very grand event and so many people were performing together!! and I salute the passion and determination of the performers to sacrifice so much of their personal time to rehearse for the event.. but I more salute you la, since you did not even go to the rehearsal once but you were able to join the crowd to stand on the stage and then perform!! 簡直是天才表演者了, hahaha!! last but not least, I am awed by the photos your sister sent you, really impressive woh.. where where where was the photo you were eating lunch?? show show show, hehehe~~

  4. Hahaha, I don't mean to pour cold water, but... I (and my sis) used to follow my mom to Buddhist events like this too, and when we got interviewed we would say the same thing. "要陪妈妈 / 要学佛 / bla bla"... The truth is being forced by mom to follow her one, but cannot say "给妈妈逼的", right??

    Maybe because I used to be a kid who joined these events, nowadays when I see other kids do the same, I wonder if they really want to, or they being forced to. >.<

  5. Tsu Chi? Hey!!! I have the coin box/"piggy bak" - everytime I have coins, I will put in. Now almost full...and I am not sure where to hand it over when it is full though. Will go and find out when the time comes.

    Charity comes from the heart, people ask, I will give sincerely, no questions asked. I do not know what this is all about actually. All I believe is that what goes around comes around...and as thou giveth, thus shalt thou receive.

  6. This is an interesting topic which I could write comments into many pages. Oh well, I am very familiar with their activities for many years now as I used to visit all over Taiwan where their very active followers are all over the country from the towns of Keeliung, Taipei, Tainan, Taichung and Kaoshiung. I was so impressed when I first saw their global existence during the Aceh Tsunami. I even hang out a lot with some famous members like Datin Janet Yeoh. Her gang were doing lots of charity for Tzu Chi and the Canada's Hua Guang. I have posted this long ago here http://twilightzone518.blogspot.com/2008/11/tsunami-revisited.html

    Whenever I visit Taipei for Buddhist Praying Sessions or company's work, I would be glued to their own TV channel to see the joy of all their charity work. I was very impressed with their own many huge hospitals in Taiwan where they treat all the less privileged from all over the world for free! You might be wondering why I am not a member yet?? LOL

    1. Do you know that they have a very popular cafe in Taman Desa? It is called Cafe Vegipai.
      I love their vegetarian food there!

  7. 当大家啊都在为同一件事努力的时候,那感觉特别棒!

  8. Good of you and your sister to join these events. What happen to thegrass afterthe 3 days?

  9. I attended the Tzu Chi concert in Singapore before, ticket given to me by my friend


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