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Friday, July 31, 2015

【30 Hour Famine|饥饿三十】 2015 Countdown Preparation | 2015 倒数活動準備

July 31, 2015, Friday
Is so difference this year, as it was held in MBPJ Stadium, the first impression when get there was...is this gonna be very hot?? And where they gonna to set up the stage?? Is that clear to see??
很幸運的今年又被抽中到世界宣明會的飢餓30大活動當義工啦。其實每一年我都會很擔心會中不到,因為參加人數眾多,不是每一位申請的都會被抽中。 幸好幸運女神的庇佑讓我再次被選上。

Glad that I still be able to join this year, because is not that you volunteer it and you'll get it. is they gonna pick you! Was so surprise when I see the location is here but not the Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. Even though this is nearer to my house but I still prefer that place, at least it's an indoor place.
一收到郵件看到地點時候,還有一點嚇到,為什麼不是在武吉加厲爾(Bukit Jalil)室內體育場,而是在這個八打靈再也的室外體育場。 雖說這個地點離我的家比較近,但是話說室內怎樣都好過室外啊。

Okay, here's it the stage...wow!! That's super duper far, unless you're sitting on the field, if not how are you gonna to see clearly? While we're doing the preparations, the workers are setting up the stage as well.
放工就立刻到現場去,一來也是要避開擁擠的交通,因為它外面那條大道天天都塞車(而且過路費還要越收越貴) 去到場地的時候,我還有一些質疑,他們會是四面台嗎? 但是為什麼舞台又只是設置在體育場的尾端一方?

It stated in the email was arrived at 6.30pm and start 7pm, ends at 10pm. But guess what, the truck that carry the chairs came around 9pm..... So before that, we were moving all the certificates and mineral waters and drinks into the storage room first.
當工作人員開始搭建舞台,我們也開始工作了。 根據電郵裡面的說我們必須6.30pm抵達,然後7pm開始,10pm結束。 但是很不幸的載椅子的卡車差不多9pm才到, 所以在那之前我們是把所有的獎狀和飲品搬到三樓的休息室。

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Definitely can't see me in here, I was the one stand very near to the truck. Putting up this picture was just to show how to transfer all the chair up the stairs.

When the first truck almost finished, we all thought that "Are we done??" Then who knows...the next truck came in, according to them we need to arrange 4000 chairs here and one truck is carrying 1000 chairs.
本來以為一輛卡車完了就可以收工,但是我們看見後面再來多一輛卡車。 越來我們是要搬4000張椅子,一輛卡車可容納1000張椅子,所以我們還有3000張椅子要搬。

It looks easy here, but carry three to four chairs once up to the top, is not kidding at all. Because everybody is doing the same thing without any complains that was very impression.
看到這樣整齊的一排排,我還真的有點佩服自己哪來的精力(話說我平時運動都懶!) 照片上的椅子只是看到在跑道上的罷了,實際上我們還要搬上來,即便有空位的地方,都可以再多加一排長長的椅子。

Yea, maybe we did complain a bit, that we need to drink some water. Thanks to the volunteer that carry whole box of mineral waters for us.

By the time it was finished the stage was ready as well, look how far is it...hope they did put on a big screen after that. I wondered why there don't want to set the stage in the middle like make it easier for both side to see it clearly?? 
在我們完成的當時舞台的結構都完成得七七八八了,這裡看過去也要放大幾倍才看到。 不知道星期日的時候會怎樣? 真的會清楚嗎?

I didn't stay up till the end, indeed I'm very tired and I really want to take a bath, I left around 10.30pm while the're still unloading the third truck. Nope, I must know my own ability, don't force myself too harsh and I couldn't attend the volunteer countdown tomorrow afternoon.
我大約10.30pm離開,因為實在太累了,而且根據實際這活動是到10pm罷了。 為了也不辛苦了自己,所以我選擇盡力就好,臨走前還有一輛卡車的椅子還沒搬完呢。。。

Event Periods: August 1 (Saturday) ~ August 2 (Sunday), 2015
Time: 10 am - 12 am (Saturday); 12 am - 4 pm (Sunday)
Admission Fee: How to Join?


  1. oooh you were worried that you would not be selected?? hehehe, at first I thot you were worried you would be selected because I remember there's another time you did not even go to the rehearsal for once and straight away went up to the stage on the performance day itself, hehe!!

    1. That one because I got force to go, but this one I willing to go, so is very different ya!

  2. so this volunteering job is to help arrange the chairs on the field.. reminds me of my schooldays when we prefects need to do that for all the events in the school hall too.. :)

  3. Oh, you go volunteering again? You very kind-hearted and yau-sum la.. Night time somemore, makes me think of team buildings haha, where we need to come out at night for ExploRace, jungle trekking etc.. Haha..

    1. Serious??? Then your kids leh?? Now you cannot lag, have to wait until you give birth.

  4. Ya wor...when you say MBPJ stadium...i thought not hot meh. Was in J sport day. they had it there. so hot leh

    1. I know, it was raining that day, holy crap seriously.


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