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Sunday, July 12, 2015

【Gift|礼物】Souviner and the Gift|手信加生日礼物

July 12, 2015, Sunday
Another lovely from my secondary school friend. It was so surprise that I thought it was just a meet up, but then she handed over me a bag while we were ordering food.
是項鍊嘢! 打開起來的時候,還真的有些驚訝,都忘了最上一次收到項鍊是什麼時候,還是應該說都是我自己的買的居多。

I know I know...I know I'm very busy, when she asked me where to eat, what I can think of is the book fest that time, so I told her to meet at KLCC, but later on I found KLCC is quite far away from the convention center, so in the end we choose to have our breakfast at the food court.
那天因為書展的關係,被迫將約會地點放在KLCC! 但是後來我又發覺KLCC跟 Convention Center好像又有一段距離。 為了省下的麻煩再和朋友淑梨溝通下,她說她沒常識過在Convention Center的Food Court吃過,所以不妨一試。

As she just got back from Hong Kong, so I've already assumed something from Hong Kong, but I didn't expect also is she has even prepared a birthday gift for me.
本來還以為她只是要出來見個面,但她忽然間遞過來的環保袋,她說是手信跟生日禮物。 哎唷,這個我還真的完全沒有預料得到啊。

And this's very lovely and also my first time received necklace as a gift from my friend. I wore it to Hua Hin trip on the Day 1, and my aunt was kept on saying it looks good on me. (blessed!!)
這麼棒的禮物,在華欣的第一天,我就戴上了,興奮的是阿姨一直稱讚它漂亮。 让我非常开心也很感动!

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