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Friday, July 03, 2015

【Birthday|生日】Two days Before|前兩天

July 3, 2015, Friday
Backdate post again, many people don't know this, that the date showing on top of the first line the exact date of the post, so just for future reference and I won't mention this again... Indeed I've lots of outdated post and meanwhile I did trying to finish them all, so please excuse me ya!
這是很久以前的文了,其實也沒有很久啦,只是幾個月前的,相比我其他的,其實這篇還算可以接受啦。 在我每一篇的第一行都有寫下日期,而那個就是當天發生的事,所以說實在的都還蠻容易知道的。

 The reason I put up this picture wasn't to show how bad the traffic was. It was part of the reason but not all, check out the battery percentage indicator. I forgot to charge my phone that day so was thinking I can charged it in the car while on the way to my destination. After awhile I saw the percentage was kept on dropping, why it's not charging?? I checked my power bank, it has full power so what's the problem?? End up I realized is  the USB was losing from the power bank, that's why it make it doesn't charge =.=

Told Mika I was gonna be late due to the traffic, she asked me to let her know when I almost arrived as she can get ready to depart from her office, since her office was quite near. Here's the place where she found out together with her colleagues, she brought me here once, I like the condition here very much, so every time we schedule for a meet up, I always choose this place. This time she has this chicken and egg with mushroom on top, seen she finished them all, can tell she likes it so much. 

She likes this olio pasta too, actually this is her favorite that she recommend to me. It was my first time try this and after that I fall in love in olio pasta as for the rest of the meal I order for my next two celebrations, I ordered olio pasta too.

After dinner dessert, Mika asked me to pick one, I picked the brownie, she said I always ordered the same thing. Is it? I didn't even realized it before she mentioned it to me though....hey I'm very loyal person, okay? But by the way, did you realize I've blur the restaurant name? Because we all know the blogger world, if one person mentioned it, then everyone will go to the place (like have that kind of can't lose thought)...I know this is kinda of selfish action, but I don't like when the next time I went there, there will be no empty seats around, not like now two, three servers are serving us and they even will setup a place for us to settle our bags, most importantly the food are nice and reasonable, I like the quiet condition very much where you can eat slowly without any bothering. And not just me thought about that, Mika has a very famous food blogger friend that Mika brought her there once, she also said the same thing as I do.
晚餐後,最巧好就是來個甜品,原來我每一次每一次來都是叫brownie的,這個假如Mika不說起,我還真的不知道我對這個蛋糕情有獨鍾,哈哈哈! 說穿了,我只是喜歡吃巧克力口味罷了。 最後這家餐廳的店名地址一切,我就自私的不分享了,你我都知道,只要一位博客寫了,其他很多博客都會恿去吃,現在這個時代,要找一安靜,氣氛好又不太貴的餐廳真的數也數不出來。 而且這也不只是我說如此,Mika也曾經帶過一位很出名的美食博客去嘗試,她也是說出了同樣話。即使我看似很喜歡公開所有東西,但是在某方面都還是需要留一些空間的。抱歉咯!

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  1. Replies
    1. See when you want to visit KL, I bring you there...

  2. 那就把这家餐厅私藏起来吧!!嘻嘻

    1. 但是可以私下帶你去,衹是不可以公開罷了,哈哈哈。。。。

  3. eih, i like the food woh, aiyah, but you are not going to tell us where the place is.. the chicken chop with mushrooms omelete looks super delicious, that aglio olio pasta also not bad..

    you know my usual practice is to blur the name in photo and then i like to twist the name a little right?? hahaha.. but when i think the place is really good and should be recommended, i will 光明正大 show and mention the name.. sharing is caring mah~~ :)

    1. Cannot le...if you you want, I can tell you behind...we all know how blogger's thought are, always with the kia shu attitude, so can not argh....


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