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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

【Colleague|同事】Bad Boy Cooks @ Oasis Ara Damansara|开斋晚餐

July 14, 2015, Tuesday
I'm so hardworking to have new post up recently, right? I know! Because I've too many outdated posts and ALSO I'm a very greedy person, don't like to just focus on one. So in order to do that, I need to force myself to be very hardworking in blogging.
今年的开斋晚餐(国庆日都要来临了,现在才写开斋节? 不过我都已经写得很快了,至少我没有停止出文)话说有一天同事小欧就说我们应该来个开斋节晚餐,眼看开斋节就要到来,所以就急急忙忙约好,不能再拖。。。(其实拖的那个人是我才对,因为当同事小斯说怎么不约在星期一的时候, 我就说星期一不可,因为星期一要去洗车,还真的有够霸道。。。=.=)

Since is a fasting month, so we thinking to have a "buka puasa" dinner together. The funny is my Malay colleague 小迪 was kept on saying "We should fasting together, then only can be so called "buka puasa" What! Umm, let's pass that!!
约好后的前一天,马来同事小迪说“你们应该跟我们一样禁食,这样才算是真的开斋餐嘛!” 嗯。。。那个!! 我们都静静,哈哈哈!

So this is the raya week, so most of the halal restaurants have off early. As my colleague 小莫 suggests to eat buffer, but when he called up the restaurant, they've already close on that day. In the end, lucky he found this which is like 5 minutes drive from our office.

As the spaghetti wasn't full enough, my colleague 小淘 ordered another fish and chips.
平时午餐时候,看到同事的食量已经过人,没想到晚餐更让我掉下巴,吃了一碟意大利面还外加一个fish and chips小淘o.O

And my the other colleague 小欧, he had fish and chips also but with this double burger....O.O 小蔓 ordered this burger too, but just a single one.
还有食量一样大的小欧,一个fish and chips再加双层汉堡(下巴已掉到地上去了)反而同事小蔓就只需单层汉堡餐就已经足够!

While 小木 and 小迪 ordered this

小斯have his spaghetti and another french fries. Actually taste of fries not bad though, cause I've tried some from 小淘 plate.
小斯同样点了意大利面外加薯条。 我有幸让小淘看到我一直盯着薯条看,所以他说我可以尝试到他fish and chips盘上的薯条,味道还不错,但要乘热吃。

Last but not least, this's what I ordered as I like olio spaghetti a lot recently, so I picked this. Not so oily and not so dry, I love it very much, hope to visit again.
当然最后最不能少的,就是说我点了什么,也是唯一我可以说出它真实的味道,因为我不可能一位一位去问他们的味道怎样吧,即使如此,还要写下来这样,也太奇怪(加上全场男的,我再这样,可说是怪上加怪)嘿! 那我的意大利面味道呢? 好像说了很久都没有说到,话说我最近很爱吃这类型的意大利面,这家的味道煮到刚刚好,不会太油也不会太干,是让我有种想要再回来吃的感觉。

Can't really ask everyone how's the taste of their food and even they've told me, I could have forgot about it, but it's kinda funny I put all the nicknames for them. And only with this picture can see the chair clearly, this plastic string chair just like the old one we saw in our grandpa and grandma house.
还蛮搞笑的,我给他们每一位取了一个小名,虽然不是全体出席,但也算很多人了,因为平时要超过5位在公司也很难。 其实放这张照片的目的是要显示一下那很怀念的椅子,好像以前阿公阿嬷的椅子。

When I arrived there, the sky was still bright outside, so I take out my phone wants to take a picture, but my colleague inside called me...they thought that I can't find the place, so after I've went inside, I totally forgot about it! Thus now I only have night picture left......

Is too late to wish "Selamat Hari Raya" but the view here is very nice at night, day and night, with the light and without the light is totally two types of beauty!

Bad Boy Cooks

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  1. Ooohh, you came here at night ahh.. We go to Oasis quite often, but it's very hard to find parking during lunch time.. I like the cajun chicken and katsu rice here..

  2. The food all looks pretty good huh.. Although at first I thought: "This place halal meh?". I don't know, the menu and the restaurant name don't sound like halal type hahaha!

  3. haha, at first I was impressed your colleague has such a sweet Chinese name, only to know you gave all of them a nickname, but more 親切 like that leh, hehe!!

    nice to buka puasa together with them la, and someone was so happy that he ate two portions of food, haha!! I bet you had a nice dinner huh?? and you are the only lady amongst your colleagues?? oooh, sure they all gentlemen sayang you la :p

  4. I think i have pass by here before but never go in. Hmm...portion looks like it's for small eater. Hahaha your collegues so jolly la

  5. Food looks so so and faces don't look very happy. LOL!!! Aiyor!!! That kind of chair, I can sit or not? LOL!!!

  6. U r surrounded with guys lo, no female colleagues meh? haha

  7. 虽然知道很多咖啡馆在那一带,除非特地约好,要不然 Oasis Ara Damansara 是平时不会踏足的地方,目前去过两次都是和朋友去吃韩国烧烤,感觉是很有 feel,但也不知道下次是什么时候会过去了 ^^

  8. I would be shy if I am the only girl in the group and so many people, I prefer one to one, haha, got the hint? if you are a guy LOL

  9. Food looks good and the place looks very nice at night. I will never get to go there because I don't go out at night when in KL.


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