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Saturday, July 11, 2015

【Gift|礼物】Autograph Gift|作者亲笔签名礼物

July 11, 2015, Saturday
I've lots of backdate travelogue and event posts, and also gift post!! The purpose of gift post is a post to thank sincerely to that person. PS: Not about showing off of what I received =.=!! If you really want to think that way, serious that obviously not under my control, because I don't control your mind to think of what I want you to think of, only yourself can control that ya!!
從前我總是埋怨沒有禮物(明明就是自己的人格不好)導致現在每當有人送我禮物的時候,我都會受寵若驚,一直以來我都想將每一個禮物一一記錄下來,不是要炫耀,而是要衷心的感謝送我禮物的人(以前的。。。當然也會寫,放心! 我可不會偏心的啦! 但是是需要一點時間啦!)

I met SockPeng on the first day of the bookfest, as she came for MyRoadPlaner sharing session. Surprisingly she told me not to buy this book because she has already bought it and just wait for the autograph session to be done then she handed the book to me as my birthday present gift...
書展的第一天有卓衍豪的新書分享會,淑萍也因為他新書內有她穿插的文章在內而在場,在分享會開始時候,我在後面老遠就瞄到她,她卻即時告訴我“你不要買這本書啊,等下簽了名再給你!”  蝦米??

Oh ya, did I mention she has also contribute some of her Penang travel tips in this book? (Regret that I didn't ask her to sign on this, only realized this when I'm writing this post, gosh!! Apparently that's too late!!)
回家後,翻開書本,打算寫這一篇的時候才發覺。。。啊!怎麼我糊塗到忘了讓淑萍在她穿插的文章旁簽名呢?? 真的有夠遲鈍咯。。。

Last but not least, thanks that she brought this all the way from Penang to me, this is not a gift, is just a book that I've been looking for so long to read and I guess it's not longer in productions because it was remain in "out of stock" status in quite awhile. By the way, I'm almost done with this book, can't wait to share the touching stories inside as I need to return to her in the coming weekend so no more procrastinate ya!!
還有最後最不能不提的,就是這本我找了很久而且不停斷貨的書,感謝她從檳城帶來借我。 現在我已看完,真的是迫不及待的想要分享這本這麼滿滿正能量的書籍!

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  1. that is very sweet of Sock Peng to buy you that book, and what's more?? she lined up to get the autograph from the author before she handed it to you as a birthday present.. this is so much of 心思 leh.. and when you are going to meet her again, please remember to bring along this book and ask her to place a big autograph on her own pages in the book, hehe~~ :)

  2. 小影很幸福哟~有亲笔签名的书作为礼物 ♡♡

  3. Very nice of Sock Peng to hand you the book, wah, get autograph somemore timm.. Great blogger friend :)

  4. Sockpeng很好哦!


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