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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

【Movie|電影】The Mobfathers|《選老頂》

April 13, 2016, Wednesday
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 I guess Hong Kong movie of peak mafia generation is still remains on the 80s, after that…whatever movie that came up, no matter what, any character, any stories, it still can’t be replaceable. Almost can’t run away from its typical story line. I’ve an impression of this movie that, they trying to scenario this as the Hong Kong politic society (actually not just Hong Kong, it happens to be all the politic around the world) when they trying to have democratic system to pick their own boss which is everyone has one vote on their hand. Of course everybody wishes to be the boss, wish to being on top, but the place only allows for one person. BUT what’s ending? Guess the ending always make a very good ending, people died and the bright side always stand still.
從前的就是經典,即使再怎麽復拍都好像拍不回以前的經典(就之因爲是無可取代,所以才叫經典嘛! 不然怎麽會被稱爲經典呢?)80年代的古惑仔,好像到現在都不會被消失的一樣,陸陸續續出現多部,幾乎都想再創經典,衹可惜那都是無法再回去的。 撇開那些不説,先來説説它的故事,我還不得不佩服他們香港可以把故事拍得那麽影射與政治化。 就如戯名所稱,這是一部“選老頂”的電影,當然每個人當然都想當老大,但那時不可能的事,老大衹有一位。 走到前衛的說我們應該一人一票,所以最終的人選是誰? 這種場合莫過於是打打殺殺收場,所以最後的勝利好像都歸功於光明的那一方。


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