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Sunday, February 09, 2014

FGS Dong Zen Temple (佛光山东禅寺) @ Jenjarum: Main Shrine

February 9, 2014, Sunday
I like the umbrellas decorations above!!! They look so beautiful to me!!!

I was kept on approaching MeiLing to play this, so I can take picture of her......but luckily she refused to play it......because......they ask the competitor to stand too near to the beginning/top part, so is like the they put the noodles on top then the competitor just pick it up on next few second......personally think it should be more fun, if they ask the competitor stand further a bit lo!!!

No edit video...because I've no idea where's my video editor apps go...so lazy to find again...sorry ya!!! Is a bit shaking in the middle because someone blocked my sight!!!
没有经过剪接的视频,想说我的那个apps不知道去了哪里。。。非常懒惰找。。。想说我只是想要剪掉被人挡掉的那部分而已!!!   不好意思,不好意思!!!


  1. Replies
    1. 就是把面放在水里跟着水流然后再用筷子夹起!!!

  2. Wah, the umbrellas decoration up on the ceiling is so beautiful! To think I miss reading your this post. Luckily I went back and check your reply on all the old posts so I got to read this one. Very beautiful ceiling decoration indeed. :)

    1. Thanks for checking back, hehe!!! So happy to hear that!!! =]


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