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Monday, March 03, 2014

【Movie|电影】The Lion Men《狮神决战》

March 3, 2014, Monday
Is like life replacing rotation, the  youngster replaced the elder, as they believed the youngster has more new creative ideas and elder was kept stick to the old tradition......

The society giving up the old fashion traditional culture slowly, everyone seem to be more intended to change everything to "new world"!!! An old loyal master wanted to kept his ancestral on lion dance, but his eldest apprentice wants to have some new change idea on lion dance...and since that he left his master,trying his best to prove his right on it but getting slowly he only sees the fame and wealth and forgot his past enthusiasm and goal......

Tradition and Changing??? Is like those family business has to close down, because the youngster refused to continue for it!!!
无论是传统的文化还是思想都慢慢地被废弃掉,被认为那是无谓及无需要的。 随着时代的改变,所有的一切都不停的要求改变及创新!!!   一开始师父要保留传统但徒弟却一味要求创新,过后徒弟试图因为被名利给冲昏了头忘记了自己当初热忱与目的。。。

传统和创新的对折???   就好像很多多年留下来的家族事业都被迫停业因为没有人愿意继承,让多年来的文化传统就逐渐的消失了。。。

The new idea of lion dance brings the change of traditions, but the old one always has the profoundly affecting result!!!

Even though they've the "machine lion" in the movie, but for me......I still prefer man plays in the show instead!!!


The old tradition lion dance compete with hip-hop dance and lion dance, which one would you prefer???

All pictures from http://www.xuan.com.my/entertainment/article/articleid/459815/weekly-movie-the-lion-men-1


  1. 虽然说要大胆创新,但有些传统还是要保存下来的
    之前看了他们在 Ah Boys to Men的演出,发现他们的演技都有大大进步!

  2. Machine lion? 很奇怪吧!
    加上跳舞元素, 应该会吸引年轻人!!

  3. 有看过预告片,被最后的那只机器舞狮吓到,也笑了。

    1. 哈哈哈,真人比较好看,那个好像是个玩笑,对吧?

  4. Jack Neo's production!! haha, okay, i think i will not go watch this movie.. but then i can guess in the end, the traditional lion dance beats the modern street dance??

  5. Do you like this movie? Last time I watched aa lion dance which then turned into the oppa gangnam style dance.

    1. Not really, for me so so only!!!

      That's funny, realized they always simply add in the Korea dance!!! O.o!!!

  6. I saw the Thai movie a long time ago - The Iron Ladies...


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