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Sunday, March 02, 2014

【DIY|自制】Handmade Card Kit|手作卡包

March 2, 2014, Sunday
What can I recalled was I bought in some book fair, but I haven't  write it (do I still need to post it? Uh, lazy duh!) Oh well, actually I got this with this Christmas kit (which is also now you can buy it at Popular, but the thing is I'm not sure whether they have it in every branch or not, so far I've seen in their 1U and IPC branch)

Almost same as the Christmas set, but different designs. Honestly I call this as the lazy set, don't have to think of the materials and what's the design, because it has already well prepared for you. Just that, do you have the time to do so??

These are materials for each card. You know what? I always have a thought that how about they don't have enough materials inside?? That gonna be sucks, right? (but I know that shouldn't be a problem to me because I've enough backup support! xp)
我發覺我不但有拖延症,而且還有焦慮症,我會幻想假如他們裡面提供不夠材料的話,那我應該要怎麼辦? (這不是焦慮症,還是什麼? 沒東西還可以拿東西來想!)但實話說,我卻實也無需太過於擔心,因為我我收納箱內有很多嘛!

Pretty sure I don't have to explain step by step, because the pictures have showed everything, just the thing got to be aware of is the ribbon, you may need to measure the length of it correctly. So you won't have a problem that not enough ribbon for the last one!

Last, I got to be very honest here, as I've already forgot who did I give this to....(=.=!! Seriously I'm old already, if don't write it fast, my memories won't last it forever)

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  1. Sheta.. you are very good in handicraft la... you should open a blog on handicraft only... then might get famous...

    1. I agree with Claire and that's good money. My old friend opens that handicraft paper shop in MV for many years now and still survived!! I am sure you know which one.

  2. Wow! You made another pretty handicraft like a happy girl. How can you call yourself old?? Then me and Claire must be antiques from the museum! Wakakaka

    Next time when you get married, I am sure you will custom make every single wedding invitation card! I received once from a friend whose wife made them all...!!!

  3. 哇!!!~这有很方便的说,很适合懒惰又想要自己动手的人。对于我较注重的朋友或节日,我也想要动手DIY卡片,但心思不够,怕坏了整个美感。有这个懒惰包,就不用担心啦!!~ 哈哈!!~

    By the way, 刚看到小影的Header, 漂亮哦!!~ (=


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