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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Filial Piety

March 4, 2014, Tuesday
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My second aunt (my mom's second older sister) has passed away this Tuesday' morning......what a very big shock early in the morning......she has been sent into hospital before last year, doctor was saying she's overwork......she's just a housewife.....how could this be???

My aunt's husband passed away when she's thirty plus......she was a tailor and raised up her two sons by her own......her second son and his family are staying with her while the eldest and family are working at  Johor......

My mom and I went over to her house during CNY, she's super busy cooking and surprisingly......no one is helping her......I walked into the kitchen quickly and helped her out......where's her daughter in law??? Looks like she was standing in front of the mirror making her hair (just woke up???) This isn't the first time, my mom and the rest of my aunts were kept telling don't have to cook so much, but she said "if I don't cook then no one come by!"......"What???"......the "no one" means her husband's sisters and families......

Maybe I don't know understand some conflicts between mother in law and daughter in law......but I understand......if your mother in law doesn't exist, you'll never meet her son......

Is Thursday morning.....almost all my family member were taking half day leave to send her last journey......RIP!!!
何谓孝顺???   我很少会不喜欢人,即使不喜欢我过后就会不当一回事的把它忘了,但是最生气就是那些不孝顺的人!!!



话说在新年的时候到二姨家拜年,一进到家门就看到二姨在很幸苦的煮新年吃的饭菜,不是几样,光看下去最少都有十样不同的菜肴。。。看到她二话不说就到厨房帮她,毕竟都68岁高龄了,看到都觉得很心痛。。。二姨煮完了,我们到客厅坐坐。。。途中经过她那儿媳妇的房间,她在弄头发。。。(都不知道是不是刚刚才起来???)   这个到底是什么人啊???   这种女人。。。我真的不想骂她。。。

你说我夸张???   这看似只是小事一宗。。。话说去年我二姨就晕倒过一次,医生说她“操劳过度”。。。她家媳妇从来没有帮过任何的忙,而且要时不时跟她骂架。。。何曾更深一层想一想,一个家庭主妇。。。会操劳到哪里去呢。。。???



每次想回去我妈妈和其他阿姨都会跟她说“新年不用那么幸苦的煮那么多啦!”。。。她就会反驳说“我不煮,就没有人回来吃了!”   所谓那些人就会她夫家的小姑她们,想说这些“人”难道人家是有必要服侍你们的吗???   




  1. 节哀~

  2. sorry to hear about the loss of your family, may your aunt RIP and i am sending my deepest condolences here..

    i think your aunt was really a great woman.. she raised up her two sons all by herself and even still taking care of them after they have grown up.. she will sure go to heaven and lead an afterlife happily ever after there..

  3. Sorry to hear about that news. My deepest condolences.

  4. 节哀!

  5. Sorry to hear about this, it's indeed heartbreaking and shocking huh?

    But you have to take it easy, stay strong!

  6. 听了你二姨的故事,真的很难过,她守寡将近30年,一生人服侍夫家的亲戚们,自己却没有好好休息,那些人却不懂孝顺,以后会报应的!!!!1


  7. 家家有本难念的经。。。


  8. 爱是恒久忍耐,又有恩慈...但愿母爱流芳百世,如一盏明灯照亮启迪人性的愚昧。

  9. Sorry to hear about this. My deepest condolences to your aunt's family. May she rest in peace. May I ask roughly how old was she? Do you happen to know the cause of death?

  10. 家里的事情,总是最难理得清,我一直很相信因果,所以你也别气坏了,愿你二姨安息哦~

  11. Rest in peace, condolences to all in the family.

  12. "she's just a housewife.....how could this be???"

    i can give u 1001 reasons leh

  13. hard to comment on MIL and DIL thingy as there could be plenty reason. We see may not be real.

  14. 其实家庭主妇也是很忙碌的,从早忙到晚,也不会注意吃喝和照顾自己。


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