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Wednesday, October 08, 2014


October 8, 2014, Wednesday
Sometimes I wish I can click the "delete" button to erase every bad things happened in my past, but we all know those things aren't erasable and kept on avoid from it!! Actually I should thanks my past which had brought a better me today, if without my past, without the experience, I would have learned nothing and still straighten myself in my small box world...instead I should be grateful of my past, right?
很多时候我会在想假如可以把以前不好的一切像键盘上的“delete”键给删除那该多好,但是过去的不能改变,而那个“过去”其实也同时形成现在的自己,假如没有以前的“过去经历”也不会可以让我从那经验学习到今天的自己!!   相同的我们应该感谢过去,让今天的我变得更好的自己!

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  1. Let the past be history. Dont dwell in it. Just take experience from it

  2. 说的对,以前是成长的纪录。 没有以前,就没有现在的我们 :)

  3. I guess you've seen this before:
    Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.

  4. Let go on the past... 明天会更好。。。 加油。。。

  5. Everyone has good and bad past history. No point ponder on the past , live now with joy. Also don't worry about the future. Now is what you have.

  6. 最大感受是在当刻遇上问题时,如何先用正面角度来战胜负面情绪...

  7. Morning sweetie.. I guess everyone also wish to delete and forget the past, but the fact is, it cannot and will never be deleted.. It can only be forgotten, but it also depends whether the person wana forget about it or not.. I have some horrible pasts too, during schooling days, college days, working days, and even til now.. Really, til now.. And the past still haunts me.. I cannot forget about it.. So just move on and tell ourself "tomorrow will be a better day" :)

  8. 不错!没有以前的种种就不会有今天的自己。

  9. 没有过去的失败 就不会有今天的你, if you erase your past, then you might not even have blog lo, then it will be sienzz for many people. Embrace the past and move forward ;)
    *Cues Kelly Clarkson song* What doesn't kill you makes you stronger! Stand a little taller!~

  10. 记住过去的不美好来成就此时此刻更美好的自己,也是一种恩赐啊^^

  11. 每一件事情都是成长的过程

  12. 人生没有delete,只有警惕我们不要犯下做过的错误。

  13. Our past is a part of us like it or not.

  14. yes, think from a different angle and we may probably appreciate what we have ever regretted.. I like your positive thinking, things may be bad but you could see the good things out of them, bravo!!

    unlike some people who would exaggerate even very minute matters and make them like life is so misersble until must go one corner and sulk sulk and goodbye to this cruel world.. but you are good, learn from experience and move on happily!! I give you 100 LIKE!! ;)

  15. I am so much older than you and need more buttons to click and delete all my sad pasts!
    We just move on and meditate to empty the mind.

  16. Let bygone be bygone, hope and pray for the best!

  17. Just keep those good ones and discard those bad ones. Forget about the bad and cherish the good.

  18. 以前都是人生的经验,使我们以后会更好!加油!


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