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Sunday, June 22, 2014

【Floria|花卉展】Floria Putrajaya 2014 @ Malaysia: Inside ~ Designs by Various Countries | 马来西亚布城花卉展: 内区 ~ 多国家的作品

June 22, 2014, Sunday
I've pictures for this post done very long long time ago, just that I don't have the time to post!! Reason?? I've explained on the post yesterday, as I really don't want to skip it because I found it really useful when I want to look for the pictures to show my friend, then my blog here is just like an online external hard disc for me, super easy to refer back!! Is okay for me if you want to skip this post......I'm just here to record it!! =]
这篇照片很早就弄好,只是都没有时间写,回归昨天的其实一半也是因为我写的东西有严重过时,所以才会有这样的有感而发,忘了那些种种,我写部落格都是纯碎要让自己记录罢了!!   因为曾经真的尝试很多次,我要给我朋友看照片,来部落格,按一下就 找到了,它就算是我网上流动的储存箱吧!   没有兴趣的你,可以随时跳过,无伤大碍,欢喜就好!

Since the outside was so hot, then I told my mom to visit the inside one first!!

Taiwan ~ Chin Tine-Huang

Taiwan ~ Wen-Hao Liao
Of coz I don't simply take picture, look closely those petal wear putting inside the tube so nicely!! (There's some distance between it, so can't get a closer look with my current camera spec)

Hong Kong ~ Wong Shing Rringo

Korea ~ Korea Jeoung Young, Johnny

Taiwan ~ Tung Chin Nursery

This's what I meant, but this's the other way round, they put the root inside the bottle (is this the correct name for it??)

Taiwan ~ Chen-Zao Mei

Germany ~ Petra Konrad

Wonder how the designer get this complicated things done ya??

Japan ~ Haruhiko Nagata

Event Periods: June 14 (Saturday) ~ June 22 (Sunday), 2014
Time: 9 am - 10 pm (Monday - Thursday); 9 am - 12 am (Friday - Sunday)
Admission Fee: RM 3


  1. What a lovely post sharing all the very beautiful floral arrangements! It gave me a happy feeling by looking at the photos. Over the years, I discovered Taiwan's remarkable progress in their agriculture after seeing so many fabulous orchid orchards and tea plantations in their mountains. So heavenly nice and I salute the way the Taiwanese decorate their shops, homes, gardens and even the Taipei airport with so many blooms! Now you have brought the new innovative exhibits here! Thank you!

    1. You're most welcome!! It's my pleasure to have a chance to share it here!!

  2. wow, simply amazing! They are all so lovely and gorgeous!

  3. Ooohhh I remember this post! Somemore I was the first to comment leh.. Deleted jor ahh?
    Lovely and colourful post, especially to those who loves flowers a lot.. Nice..

    1. Not this one, I've too much, me myself even got confused!!

  4. 哇,很美很美!值得一按,千万别跳过哦!

  5. just blog what you like to blog but then I hope you will slowly clear your backlog else you cannot go travel anymore, because it's like 一浪蓋一浪, haha!!

    I like the FLORIA 2014 arrangement.. errr, I'm not a flower person so only special shape attracts me, those in bunches or bouquet, hmm~~~

    1. Hahaha, cannot!! I love to go travel!! And more and more to come ya!!!

  6. 记得我有带孩子去的那几次, 最喜欢就是室内的, 因为很凉爽啊

  7. Replies
    1. 不是,他是把花的根部剪掉,然后直接插在玻璃瓶子里!

  8. Thank you for sharing the photos of these beautiful flowers. Every year I will say I will go to Floria but up until now also I have never been. Must try again to go this year.

  9. So beautiful!!! Such lovely flowers and awesome arrangements. Wowwww!!! June last year sure is a long time ago., LOL!!!


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