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Sunday, June 22, 2014

【Floria|花卉展】Floria Putrajaya 2014 @ Malaysia: Inside Part I | 马来西亚布城花卉展: 内区1

June 22, 2014, Sunday
Another indoor floria display!!

Flowers as the design material to "paint" a picture, this's a very impressive hard work. I'm wondering did they put any antiseptic in or it won't last for long and wither in the end?
利用花来做成一幅画,我在想哦“这些花过后会枯萎吗?   还是他们会放一定的防腐剂,而让他们永远都能够长久保持原来的面貌??

In my primary school, I always think nepenthes is a very unique plant, it attracts the insects go near to the mouth of the cup, then close the cap, makes them fell into the cup.

Not only use flower as the designs materials but also as display on the dinner table, like so classic. All in mind is this happen in those who really concern about the environment first before the food.

This one definitely brought my memory back to the hot air balloon fest and actually here's also the venue where I watch it.

Those display on the table are pretty attractive, but please don't forget those on the floor, they're quite attractive as well.

Actually I do like orchid a lot, maybe because I've a mom who love orchid a lot.

Any idea what's this??

Closed up picture!

This's so special!!

Not just few of them, but a lot......
他们不止一点点而已哦!   还有很多很多哦!!

What a brilliant idea of this designs, my mom said this's not easy, as they need to change the water daily and cut part of it then put it back. Obviously not a simple task for normal person. I asked my mom, why don't you do something like this at home? She said "I have spend so much time and effort to plant from seedling till blossom, you thought is easy??" She's absolutely right, as each of them if you plant it in the flower pot, it can last at least for 3 months.
好特别啊,我看到这的时候都觉得,那设计的大师还真的很厉害,竟然可以想到这样地把花朵放进tube test再装起来!   我妈妈说他们这些是要天天换水,然后每一朵花都需要取出来再剪掉一些尾端的花枝再插回进去。。。(那不是很多功咯???)我妈妈是爱orchid之人,所以我家也有很多orchid,我跟妈妈说“妈,为什么你的不要弄成这样?  这样很美嘛!”   她说“这么辛苦种到那么美,你说会舍得剪吗?”   这说的也是。。。的确换做是我,我也不舍得,况且一朵盛开的orchid可以有三个月寿命,这样一剪。。。不是专业的。。。可能三天都保留不到吧?

Is the indoor, with not so high spec camera, this's the limit I can reach...

Event Periods: June 14 (Saturday) ~ June 22 (Sunday), 2015
Time: 9 am - 10 pm (Monday - Thursday); 9 am - 12 am (Friday - Sunday)
Admission Fee: RM 3


  1. Sorry, I don't understand the chinese words..but I guess this is a flower exhibition and a few of my friends' who are flower lovers will love this!

  2. Beautiful!!! I would enjoy this - all those lovely flowers!

  3. 我在电视看过猪笼草,其实还觉得它有点恐怖 哈哈哈!

  4. 要用花拼出一幅画谈何容易?很棒的展览!

  5. I like to see flowers. Thank you for sharing!

  6. hmmmm I am actually not a 愛花之人 but then if I see a lot of flowers being exhibited, I mean not just a stalk or two or a pot or two like that lah, but if like a huge piece of 花海 then I would be very amazed by the beauty, it will be so grand to see so many flowers of different species and color (like my previous trip to Hokkaido, haha, advertise a bit)..

    and this one you went is surely unique and special.. it's already not easy to let the flowers bloom, somemore the artist used the flowers to made into pictures!! wow, that is indeed very skillful, bravo!!! :)

  7. Ooooo...lovely! Beautiful flowers and crafts. Too bad I only know of such events after they are all over...through your blog. I don't subscribe to newspapers...nor watch tv. :(

  8. All the displays are unique and nice. Yes it is not easy to maintain them as we need to water them and display at cool place to look good always.


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