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Friday, August 09, 2013

【ClubMed】Cherating Beach: The Last Day ➕ Room Tour ➕ Giveaway|珍拉汀灣: 最后一天➕房间巡礼➕送礼

August 9, 2013, Friday
I'm so glad that I finally have time to clear our all my club med post, as it has been procrastinate for too long already >.< Back to the topic, here's each of us got per room, time seclude of every activities, two luggage tags, a 20% discount voucher of their souvenir shop...the orange string is given to tie on our hand when we entered, guess we supposed to have it tie on all the time, but we all untie it on the first night already...
虽然这个我已经分很少篇了,但是为什么我还写得那么慢啊?? 是不是需要鞭策我一下呢?? 这些是第一天住入的时候所领到的,有一条橙色的手线,绑在手腕上,由于是布制的,所以不担心触碰到水的时候会溶掉(但在第一天的晚上,我们都很不合作的脱下来了,因为很麻烦而且不习惯手上绑着一条绳子),行李的luggage tag,活动时间表,房卡,wifi上网 密码,商品店的折扣劵

Took this picture before I leave the room, of course bed is this messed...didn't even bother to tidy it up!! =p

Touring around the room and have a look



Done with everything, we all waited at the lobby for the bus, then suddenly, my eldest nephew show me this
看完房间,就走回大厅等候巴士。。。忽然间我大侄儿拿了这个给我们看,好特别哦! 有种乡村的感觉。。。

Which's made by this man, he's one of the visitor here from Japan

Before we leave, we went to the souvenir shop to have little shopping, as we've the 20% discount right?

Can't imagine that I've keeping this for so long, since that time I only thinking of getting one (not like later on I always have 10 souvenirs to send out) so I would to make a giveaway here for the only one, who like to receive this fridge magnet from Cherating please leave your email below...winner will be announced on next Friday!!
买一个给我家,所以就多买一个打算送出去,不好意思,我当时不贴心的只会买一个罢了(不像过后都是以10份送出),所以这一个,就看看谁想要赢取,就麻烦你留下email吧! 得奖者下星期五公布!

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  1. Ooohh, checking out already.. I also don't bother to tidy up the bed, hehe.. Wah, got giveaway fridge magnet.. Leave my email ahh? Ok la, I also try my luck, since we are so nearby, you can pass to me during lunch, kekekekeke.. Email: louizyee@yahoo.com.

  2. oh I thot you have completed writing this trip already since the last post you wrote, you mentioned it was the last day and you didn't want to miss going to the beach.. so you still have not had enough of photoshooting around!! hehe, the hotel room eh?? I thot usually this one was done on the first day when you enter the room, cos cleaner and neater than after you slept for days and preparing to checkout, haha!! :p

    1. Is the last day, but not end yet, hehe!! I forgot why, I think I was too tired to do so maybe, hahaha~~~

  3. 我也要参加,你太客气了,这个纪念品我喜欢。物轻情意重。
    cm wong

  4. Sighhhhh!!!! Ever since they started, I had always dreamed of going to Cherating, Club Med. I don;t think I ever will now...so a fridge magnet sure would be a nice consolation. Hehehehehe!!!!!
    My email? sibutuapui@yahoo.com

  5. Since when you went to club med? Hehe, looks like you had quite a lot of backdated posts to clear huh?

    1. Well, that's the thing, you want me to post the update one then how about those outdated one? Why I don't have time to post all??? First again and again and I said it the one last time!! I wake 5am every morning goes to work then back at 6pm I need help me mom on housework then shou Zhang then reading! It repeats everyday and sleep around 12am!! Try to put you in my position, if you can squeeze anytime on blogging BUT NOT DURING MY WORKING PERIOD then I would be very impress about it and give you a big applause!!

  6. Your life is so packed with interesting events..

  7. The place is really nice. Thanks for sharing the photos. All the best for those taking part in this giveaway. :)

  8. 如果那是pandan 鱼,一定很香! 日本伯伯给了clubmed 一个好主意设计房间啊!

    1. 我回头在想他是不是在那边工作的,哈哈哈!


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