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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

【Boeing|波音】ANA Dreamliner 787|全日空航空787梦幻客机

April 11, 2015, Saturday
I haven't finished my previous travelogues then now I got to start a new one, but I MUST write this first instead, as I've already paid so much for the flight ticket, so I don't want this to be keep in my draft for too long ya. (I know some would say I better hurry up finish all my travelogues instead of jump here and there to write separately, guess that's not only the time issue but also depends on my mood, actually I'm pretty great that I wasn't a full time blogger, because I seriously don't have the mood to write everyday. One post could take me AT LEAST 3 hours to finish, so ya...it's really time consuming, don't you agree??) This post gonna be a bit long because I can't split them into parts like I always do and that gonna be very awkward...but I wonder you prefer to read all in one post or separately, parts by parts??
又在开启另外一个游记让我好惭愧,因为我有很多其他的都还没写完(算了吧,我的拖延症再加上恐怖的忙碌生活,还可以有文出已经算很好了。。。)既然如此,这日本游记也是可能只写一篇,然后第二篇就不知道何时了。。。但这一篇(会很长,而且照片很多,因为分开来写又太奇怪了,难道飞机餐一篇,窗口一篇,厕所一篇吗? 虽然我很爱分开来写,但这个实在太难了“不过我倒想问问你们比较喜欢看一篇长长的还是短短的分开来写啊?”而且我几乎用了一个星期来写这篇,真的有够力,但即使再长我也一定死都要写,毕竟花了这么比一般机票贵3倍的飞机票换回来的(不写真是太对不起我自己了! 然后我顺便也要说很多人可以花很多钱去吃高级餐厅住高级酒店,我这只是因为要满足我爱飞机的欲望,只是看价值在哪里罢了,不然不用说一定会有人会讲,“你花这样的飞机票钱,我都可以拿去买欧洲的机票来回了!” 犀利的留言你不用写,我现在就帮您写啊! 对,就这句,对吧?难道你每次吃贵贵的食物,我要留言说“你花这样的钱吃一餐,我已经都可以用来吃一星期了?” 相同道理,而且几个小时后,还会变成褐色的。。。怎么讲飞机就讲到米田共去?)

I bought this last year and I placed it on my desk to inspire me everyday. After my solo trip to Hong Kong last time with A380 (which is I seriously pick it not because of the destination but because the type of the aircraft) Same as this time, I picked ANA, not because the price of flight ticket, instead it's very expensive, like 3 times expensive than the budget flight ticket (Okay, here comes to the part where people like to say "with the same amount of price ticket, I can fly to somewhere in Europe instead!" Well, how about I say "With the same amount you having meal in high-end restaurant, that could last my meals for a week!" Is it the same thing, just depends on how you judge the values on it)
在它之前我疯狂的喜欢上A380,在独自去香港尝试后,我现在又想要有另尝试,无可否认的是我出国旅行最期待,最注重的不是目的地,而是飞机的航班和飞机的型号(这个比地点更重要? 对! 那份激奋不会有人比我还厉害,即使和我一样爱飞机的同事也是一直说我是傻的! 哼,我何时说过我是正常的呢?)人家出国都是选越便宜的机票越好,再不然就是想坐商务舱还是头等舱,可以像我这样白痴的,我真的没有遇过。(但照我来说,飞机里我最想最想坐的是战斗机的驾座,那才算是帅,酷嘛! 又离题了。。。)去年某天购入了这787模型一直放在我桌子上,我同事几乎每次来到我桌子前就会拿上来玩玩一下=.=!!


Felt a bit strange that I write my last day trip first before the first day...The reason is I supposedly fly there with 787, but they change to 777 two weeks before depart...not like 777 isn't good to ride, just take I'm much prefer 787 what!
我的游记每次都是第一天开始写起,但这个却是最后一天,因为啊。。。我就是为了这个飞机的型号才选择ANA全日航空的嘛! 本以为我会坐787去,然后再坐787回,但是去的时候竟然被换去777,虽然那个也不错,但我说好的787呢?(难怪我登记前就有一种不祥的预感。。。) 

Guess nobody can tell, how nervous I was when I was checking in. Since I wasn't fly there with 787 now I wondered do I fly back with 787?? I asked staff when I was checking in, she was surprised that I asked the question (guess nobody else beside me has ever ask the question) Then she asked me back "Why, what's the difference??" while she was checking the answer for me. Not sure whether  she understands what was I trying to explain to her then she replies me back is 787 then I left happily...
因为去的时候坐不787,让我超级担心我回来的时候也是也会坐不到,在我check in拿机票的时候,我问地勤人员这是787梦幻客机吗?她整个都傻掉(应该常人来说都不会问这个,还是从来没有人这样问过她? 都说了我不是常人嘛! 还好她不是以为我是什么恐怖份子,需要这么了解飞机的型号干吗啊!)她说她帮我看看,期间她问我“为什么呢? 有什么特别吗?” 嘿,差别就大啦,然后我就叽里咕噜的说了很多专业词语出来。她回来的答案是“是!” 我放心了一下!

Was finally got at the gate where I supposed to be, then I felt still not very satisfy with my confirmation. So I went over to the boarding gate desk to ask again...The staff checked on desk computer, then came back...she forgot what she wanted to tell me...then she go check it again......she forgot again on the second time (curious......is that hard to remember?) Then thankfully she remember on her third time back to me...is 787~~~
那个“一下”还真的只是为此了“一下”罢了! 在等候处,我看到外面的飞机的机身和特征都很像787,但我还是很担心(恐怖吧!) 所以我又跑去问登机处的地勤人员,她很好笑,我问了她,她去电脑查了查,再回来她要说出来的时候,她又忘记了,哈哈哈~~~ 然后再回去查,第二次她也是忘记了(有很难记吗?)。。。第三次她给到我真的答案是787

Yup, my destination is Singapore! For those you don't know...ANA doesn't fly to Malaysia. From here again, you can see how passionate I was to this plane. Honestly I really purposely fly to Singapore just because I want to take ANA 787...Also special thanks to Ember who willing to try ANA airline with me, sad to say  she didn't even get to try 787 in the end, don't know why lo......
目的地是新加坡? 为什么目的地是新加坡呢?? 不说这个还真的没有人知道,因为ANA是没有飞马来西亚的,所以再次由此可见,我是因为787而刻意飞到新加坡坐的(谢谢Ember陪我怎么癫,但她新币买的机票是不会很贵啦,马币买才很贵,是非常贵才对!)

Even though I've double confirmations from the staffs, but I'm still very nervous, just like you're waiting to get your exam paper and you so worry about what result you're gonna to get...(crazy woman!!)

Look the cabin, I post this picture Facebook, everybody was so wondering why the cabin is so colorful. And even funny that I've friend who asked me, "You took business is it?" Well, I wish too...but that maybe in the future when I got crazy ya!
字眼都无法形容到我的兴奋感,我是兴奋到一直傻笑,我平时搭飞机,我都是几乎等到90%的乘客登机后,我才慢慢登机(什么嘛?干吗要那么匆忙啊?都有位子了!) 可是这次我就很心急的跑到第一位,等头等舱跟商务舱的乘客登机后,我就是经济舱的第一位,所以才可以拍到没有什么人的机舱嘛!

I've colleagues who have took 787 before during their work trip, they just mentioned to me the engine is quieter, screen is bigger and the window is bigger, but not this colorful LED light. I also wonder is it just only appeared in ANA 787??

Can tell from my pictures the cabin quite empty, actually it is not! It was completely full after everyone has boarded. The  reason I got to take picture with less people inside was I queue as the first passenger, that means after first class and business class, I was the first in the queue in economy line...(like seriously ya?)

Always heard people comment that this xxx aircraft is very small as it has very small gap between seats. ACTUALLY not completely because of the types of aircraft, the airline is taking into parts also. Of course that every commercial aircraft, they have their own minimum and maximum seats, BUT the airline has the final decision to choose how much gap between seats they want to be for the certain minimum and maximum amount of seats. Maybe I should say it like this way, as the smaller gap between seat they have, the more seats they can fit in the aircraft... So now you get what I mean??
我看过很多人很喜欢写这个xxx型号的飞机很小,不好坐这样那样。。。 嗯,我想说不完全是xxx的型号大小的关系,而是因为他的航空的关系啊! 因为他们想要可以容纳更多的乘客,所以把座椅与座椅之间的空间缩小,这样后面前后不是可以纳多几排座椅咯! 每架飞机都有他们特定的数量那是一定的,但最终航空自己本身是可以从中指定的数目中设定这机身内可以容纳多少乘客的!! 

But honestly this rainbow colors looked so nice, guess maybe we've already get used to those white, yellow, dark colors...so when see this, it looks so fresh to us...

Usually I won't take picture of this, I always assuming I'll remember it forever, but the answer is NOT...I would definitely forgot about it once I get out of plane (beside this and those that I'm really passionate with ya)
很兴奋的一直狂拍,不过说实在的,我平时真的不会拍这个(因为我以为我自己会记得我坐过什么型号的飞机嘛! 结果我过不久是会忘记的,下次还是什么都拍餐饱比较行,所谓有杀错,唔放过嘛!)

Don't you see the beauty of this aircraft? Japan Airline has 787 also, but would I choose this?? Because I've tried Japan Airline in 2012  so I expect to try something new this time, so I choose ANA, and do you know ANA is the first airline who placed order on 787???
它~是不是很美啊? Japan Airline也是有787,但我为什么会选择ANA呢? 那是因为我在2012的时候尝试过Japan Airline,所以这次要试一下ANA Airline,而且还是最重要的是ANA是第一个向Boeing订购787的航空,所以事后787频频出事几乎都是ANA Airline的,大多原因都来自他们才有新电磁的关系。

Can't see clearly from this picture, since I've tried 787 now...I wish to try Airbus A350 XWB next time. Part of the reason is this's the aircraft that Airbus used to compete with 787 ya!! Interesting!!!
这个看不太清楚,但我每一架都好喜欢哦(现在尝试了787。。。下一个就是Airbus的A350 XWB,传说这是Airbus用来敌对787的,所以我也要去八卦,尝试一下!)


Stephen Hawking's movie, is this shown in Malaysia as well?? Why can't I recall that ya? First get to know this movie is after Eddie Redmayne won the best actor in several awards.
不知道为什么马来西亚没有上映这套电影,这可是很好看的叻! 霍金的电影,虽然他的私生活好像不怎么正面,但我很佩服他的毅力,假如真的是我有他那种病,我一定是一直颓废下去。。。

Honestly I do really like this where I get too choose subtitle for it, not like those usual one, it only appear Mandarin or English sometimes even worst...it came out Arabic words... Um...how to understand ya?? I asked my colleagues when I got back, they told me is because of the system, the older version wasn't allow you to change the subtitle usually.
由于我真的太早登机,也没有什么东西做,所以在等待的同时找电影看。 我超爱这个的啦,由于是新的程式,所以可以选语言字幕,虽然我比较想要的是英文,不过好过没有,因为我平时的不是按不出字幕就是阿拉伯字咯!!! 过后回来我有跟同事讨论,他说很多机也是有这个程式啊,可能或许那些按不到的,都是旧的程式,新的程式应该是可以按到的!

Why do need subtitle?? It's very important of course. As we know the headset on board is not like those we wear at home, won't be so good quality, thus we need to refer to the subtitle sometimes... Why not bring my own headset??? Because mostly on board is 3 head in plug, so it can't be use also. But this time it's 1 head plug, unfortunately I don't have my headset with me...
为什么要字幕? 因为字幕是很重要的,因为他的耳机不是那种塞进耳朵,还是很好的耳机,周遭的声音还是可以听到的,然后就听不清楚电影里的对白(我这次没有带上我的耳机在身所以就用他们的耳机,不过又不是所有飞机都可以用上自己的耳机的,因为我们自家的耳机上一个插头,像飞机很多好像还是采用着三个插头的耳机,所以根本就用不上嘛!)

Not long ago, the rainbow light was gone, wondered is this apply yo all 787 with different airlines?? Because my colleagues they got to try 787 of other airline, what they told me was just the engine is quieter and window is bigger, that's all...

What??? Picture of the promote video???? Serious????? Yup, what? This's easy for me to explain what! (Not sure how's the girl who sitting beside was thinking, she must thought that this girl must be crazy, kept on taking picture nonstop and now is the promote video =.=!!)
我的变态程度是到这样的程度,我竟然去拍他的宣传片,哈哈哈! 哎哟,用这个的话,比较容易解释嘛! (我真的完全忽视我旁边是有坐人的咯,说我神经其实也不过分。。。)


Bigger storage compartment, those usual lock we saw is set either pull from top to bottom or bottom to top, but this one can be opened both side! Don't you have a feeling I'm way too details in this post? What to do?? This's my favorite what, mostly I saw people post about aircraft or flight, they just post picture outside the windows (mostly and must), taste of the flight meal (second)......and is the stewardess pretty?? Yup, for me...I would like to cover all ya!! =]
更大的储存空间,还有它这个开关,平时的是往上拉或往下拉,现在这个是上下都可以拉哦! (我有点发觉我好像在做787的代言人,哈哈哈! 没办法啦,写到我喜欢的题目就是这样,我看别人写飞机。。。最多最多只是写窗外的景色,餐饮好吃是否,还有空姐漂亮是否。。。不好意思哦! 有看我部落格的,都知道我爱包完所有东西,我全部都要写的!)

Use my previous pictures to make a comparison, can really tell the window is bigger here (PS: don't confuse by me, they didn't change back to the rainbow light, after they've changed it to white light, didn't see they changed it back to rainbow light again! =[)



Weeks before my flight since my colleagues have experienced this, he kept on said the window is huge and different...(kind of showing off to me, guess this is part of the reason why I must take this flight lo)

According to my colleagues this does work like this, but I can't give a demo here because my flight was a night flight, is super duper dark outside...=.=!! I did try to play with it but the picture wasn't that clear to show though!

What? Picture of the toilet?? Of course, if take pictures might just take they all, right??? How can I missed one!! So what you expecting next is the read toilet picture, right??? Tell you what, I was so smart that I forgot to bring my phone into the toilet and I can't go to toilet too often due to I was sitting the window seat, I need to passed by two person to get out. So instead of troublesome others, I wait until most of the passengers have leave the plane then I ran to toilet quickly to take these three pictures before the stewardess has found out...
厕所也要拍?? 那是当然的啊?? 你真的第一天认识我??? 我还想讲说,你们知道吗???? 我去上厕所的时候,我忘了带相机或手机,而我是坐最里面的位子,不好意思一直说要上厕所。。。所以我以下的厕所照片是在等几乎全机的乘客下机后,我才快速道厕所咔嚓几张。。。(哎哟,我一直在想假如我没有拍到我一定非常后悔,所以我真的是阔出去了!)

The blue button on right is the sensor that shown in the intro screen. (I should have a close up picture of it, but what you expect, I was doing this in few minutes what!) When I was back to the office I told my colleagues that the toilet was very big and it has a window inside. Then one of my colleague said "What's that for? They expect you to look at the window while you're in the "toilet"! =.=!!
上图所说的sensor说就是那个右边的蓝色键。厕所还有窗口哦! (我回来的时候,我跟我同事说它的厕所很大,还有窗口在里面,他们还一直笑说“难道你要一边上厕所,一边看外景啊?”)

I should really take a full view of this toilet but the time wasn't allow me to do that. But is okay, I can tell story from the picture, can you see the white board like hanging on the wall?? Actually it's adjustable table board, easy for parents to change toddler diapers. So when the when the board was kept like this on the wall, the compartment inside was bigger.
他的厕所真的很大,只是当时我无法把整个拍完出来,因为他在一进门的时候前面斜右边是马桶,左边是空空的。。。看到图片白色墙壁上的东西吗? 它是个可以拿下来的移动桌子,是让父母方便帮小孩换尿布的,所以当它收起来的时候,当下空间就显得很大!

I really like this, it's a full body scale mirror, mostly I saw was just half body scale mirror (can't tell exactly the size of the mirror in this picture, but how ya? If I stand more further like outside of the toilet, then the stewardess may start to notice me lo...)
它还有全身镜哦,我还爱这个啦,不然平时的飞机都只能照到半身,这个全身镜子对爱照镜子的你来说,是不是很棒?? 但是我却拍不完,因为全身镜是要怎样拍啊? 要站很远的话,空姐就会瞄到我了,我可是很紧张的在临走前才拍到的这三张啊。。。

Okay, it changed color again, was so excited to see what colors they gonna to change later. (Like a small kid ya, but I guess not the "small kid" issue is myself is truly love airplanes!)
又变颜色了,我真的看到很爽,一直看它变颜色,好像不知道它下一个颜色会是什么颜色的那样期待,我像个小孩子,这样也开心啊? 我是凡是飞机的东西都开心的,好不好!


This is so cool, can tell where were you even in the sky (but this won't appear automatically, you need to check out yourself at the "Flight Info" bar then click the "High Resolution" button)
要起飞了,可以看看自己在哪里,酷极了(但这个它是不会自己显示的哦,你需要自己按进去Flight Info里面按,要选High Resolution的才看到这个画面哦!)

Is a late night flight so I've already keep my camera before boarding, because I was expecting I'll fall into sleep right away. So through all the whole flight my phone is my camera, luckily the quality wasn't that bad, ya!!
由于我当时是打算上机就睡觉的了(即使很兴奋,但是也要睡觉的嘛!),毕竟是夜机,所以也没有拿相机出来拍,这篇所有照片都是来自我手机iPhone 6的,还好效果还不错,他让我捕捉到刚要起飞的画面。

Not so clear night view, because I took zoom in picture, it hard to focus well especially after at night!! Despite the blurish, it looks pretty also, right?? Just like little stars...
但是放大来拍就没有那么美了。。。夜晚的照片也许拍不到很清楚,但却看到很漂亮的灯光,好美哦! 好像小星星,飞机不但美丽,连带飞机场都很美丽哦!

Felt like a bit sad and happy (so extreme??) when I saw the runway. Sad is because I'm leaving, happy because I got to go back to the office to see the FTD (gone crazy again......is that any medicine to cure ya??)

All my pictures here not bad, right? I took all by my iPhone 6. Pride to say again, not because of the devices, is because of the person's skill!! See my third older sister, how come she can use any devices to shoot a very nice picture of me anyhow when nobody else does!!?? Is the person skill, okay?! Don't blame devices or person inside the picture ya!
手机拍的,还不赖吧? (我要厚脸皮的说,都说了是看人的技术不是看产品,相同的道理,就好像同样的相机,为什么我三姐又可以把我拍得很美,但其他人却不可以的呢??)

About half an hour later after take off, stewardess started serving snacks. Now look at this lovely snacks, really...I honestly I think I have spend my money without any regrets. Their stuffs and staffs...this post are just all about on board, but they're very good service on the ground also...
起飞后不久,空姐就开始派小食给我们。。。小食都可以包装到那么美。。。你说我不爱你,还可以爱谁呢?? 我对ANA的一切的满意度,除了在飞机上,还有很多很多在地面上的(这个要另外开文,看我何时有心情再说)。。。不过他是真的要被我赞到无话可说啊!


The packaging of the snack is even nicer than those I've seen. After got it from the stewardess I took a picture then put in my bag, because it's very late and night was thinking that I can do the "photo shooting" things later. But I forgot I need to transit at Singapore, when my bag went through the scanning machine then I just realized I've a water bottle inside. But this's no big deal, it's very little, I can finish it shortly!
清楚的拍一拍,话说由于我从空姐手中接过这个后,我就到头入睡了,完全都没有开过的直接放进包包里,想说整个带回家才拍照。 可是我竟然忘记了里面有一罐水,在新加坡转机回来吉隆坡的时候不能过关卡,所以我要在当场喝完整支水,不过还好它的分量不多,一大口就喝完了。

I didn't open it until I brought it to my office to have it as a little snack during. This's sweet and yummy...wanted to ask for more, please!! Thank god I didn't put this on my home dining table, can you imagine I put all the food souvenirs there then it was totally gone on second night, which means I woke up early morning on the third day...it was nothing left......bet my brother and nieces had them all (sob, sob...some I didn't have chance to try though, so this one is consider lucky!)
吃不完的,我拿回公司当茶点吃(不过还好我没有拿出来放在家里的桌子上,因为问谁也想不到我买回家所有吃的。。。在第三天早上就被吃得一干二净,想必是我哥哥还有我侄女们吧。。。有几样我都没有吃过,就这样没有了!) 这个很好吃,稍微甜甜的,感觉吃了就想再吃。

This's a bit salty, I prefer the first one more... Talking about salty, it reminds me compare to some airlines...only serve salt nut and drink, this's way more attractive, right??
这个味道就平平,因为它带一点咸,我还是比较稍微甜甜的那个(说到咸咸的,我就想到这个小食好像跟某某航空相比,他们只是给一包很小包的花生罢了,而且还是超咸的花生啊! 那么咸,会不会得肾病啊??)

Got my breakfast around 5am, we got to choose from these two menu and I chose B (a bit similar to what I have when I flew there) Sad to say that I forgot to take picture of the meal, just got realized this when was at home...guess what now I can say that the food was too delicious until I've forgotten to take its picture. But to be honest this's the best flight meal I've ever had, the fruits and vegetables are so fresh and the food (that I forgot to take picture) it was served by completely hot like just came out from the kitchen...

Wow, I'm completely done with this post, it took me almost a week to write... Hope you can take some time to read them all, don't waste my energy and time to write all for you!! =]

好了我终于写完了,我梦寐以求的787就这样写完了,意犹未尽,想要再尝试,但其他航空的787,会不会也是那样棒的呢???  写了整整一个星期的一篇,算是我写部落格以来用了最长时间的一篇,希望你们慢慢细读吧,不要浪费我的心机哦! =]

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  1. One post needs 3 hours, really need a lot of "jing sun" and "sum kei", this one I agree.. Just post whatever and whenever you like lor, no need to rush.. And whether or not you post into separate parts or one post, up to you, you post what, we read what, right ?
    Wow, this is a very detailed post, thanks for sharing.. But I'm most attracted to the snacks and your breakfast, haha.. Eh, you didn't take picture of that potato gnocchi, but nevermind, I think I can imagine already, yummzzz..

    1. Hahaha, I tried see when my mood came then I post that ya....hahaha~~~~~

  2. 我读这篇文可以感受到你的兴奋。。嘻嘻!
    你应该把宣传片录下来,那你就可以一直play back看。。

    1. 旁边的人已经可以感觉到我是神经的了。。。我不想待会儿我拍东西,反而被人反拍回啊。。。

  3. 一讲到飞机, 妳就很兴奋了^^
    无论长篇或短篇, 最重要是随心的写, 不要有压力就好, 我都会读完, 加油哦

  4. 你真的是个好疯狂的飞机迷!噢 xD
    要不是你的分享,我还真的不知道有 787型号耶, Ember 可真好,陪你一起选择ANA 航空,哈哈
    彩虹灯光好美~~ 787 跟其它型号大不同,感觉就很赞! 飞机餐的盖子也好可爱!

    1. 因为现在本地飞亚洲多数是搭亚航或吗航,而这两个航班没有买这款机,所以即使两年了,都还有很多人不认识哦。

  5. 我也很喜欢ANA的飞机啊,只是不知道几时才会乘坐。。。 哈哈

    1. 嘻嘻,一定有机会的,吸引力法则!

  6. 哈哈哈~原来你是飞机痴


    1. 对,我的机票是多少钱。。。我肯定不会说。。。哈哈哈~~~

  7. wah.. you took ANA to Japan!! i have not taken ANA before leh.. in fact, i just took AA for all my trips to Japan only.. really different lor, on AA what also don't have but on ANA you like have got so many things to explore.. the food also looks good woh, thousand times more better than the MARS Airlines i took recently to Bangkok, haha!!! actually when i took AA to Japan, i bought things from AEON the night before and then keep them in the bag and brought onboard to makan, hahahaha.. all these "overnight" things still taste a lot better than those on MARS lor, but i guess sure yours on ANA must be good, at least fresh~~ :p

    1. Wahahaha...that two can't compare with this (check the price also can tell what's the biggest different)

      Not bad wor, but usually I just eat whatever they serve it onboard, lazy to care so much, hehe!

  8. Wow..wow... such a beautiful airplane !!! Must take Japanese airplanes next time :)

    1. Yup, for you is cheap instead ya, hahaha!! Go try, go try!!

  9. Last time I also like aeroplanes a lot because that time first time taking plane, but now don't really like taking planes, feel dangerous

    1. Honestly like I always said this second is not the same to next second, we can't predict anything, neglect the plane, everything can be dangerous also, like ship and car accident, even though you walk on the road, maybe the signboard might fall suddenly, can't escape much. So just be aware and hope for the great things!! =]

  10. Not a popular aircraft this one, lots of problems...but ah well! If it will happen, it will happen...all in God's hands.

    1. Yah, the battery thing...(I mentioned in Chinese one, forgot about the English version xp)

  11. 我读完这篇,也跟着你兴奋起来哦,呵呵!!

  12. 看完好像我也在飞机上,忘了下机。。。

    1. 哈哈哈。。。我过后的飞机也没有什么惊奇。。。所以也没有拍啦。。。

  13. I can't believe you write one super long blog post for the flight itself. This is beyond my capabilities @.@"...

    I've seen a few of those ANA 787 at Haneda Airport on my flight back home. I have to admit, they look pretty bad ass!

    1. Hahaha, actually it can be more detail...coz I didn't mention much about the engine and battery part though...

  14. You are absolutely right! It is all about priorities - since you like planes, spending more on them should be a priority. Oh, oh, I will need to catch up on your previous posts this weekend.

  15. Wow! What a long posts with full of interesting information. I had never flown ANA but stayed at ANA Hotels only. Muahahahaha
    You sounded very happy and excited like a small girl. I could feel your excitement and hope you will get to fly all your dream planes. I must be more adventurous like you in future but I need to find more money first. I have flown in 777 and many Airbuses but never recorded down the models. I should do that. Maybe I should start listing down the airlines that I have flown in.
    This ANA plane you took looks really spacious and beautiful inside with rainbow colours besides its updated facilities!

    1. Yup and I'm waiting you to blog about it, hahahaha

      ANA Hotel.........maybe I should try that next time, wahahahaha~~~~~~~~~~


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