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Sunday, May 31, 2015


May 31, 2015, Sunday
Today, I take you to see flowers...Yup, in the floria of course you assume to see lots of flowers, right? As my eldest sister point at which then I take a picture of it...and that my eldest brother in law started to get bored (hardly find men to like flowers ya! =.=!!) He said he waiting us outside at the food area......
今天来看看花,以下这么多,你最喜欢哪一种花呢? 下面全部照片都是我大姐指哪个,我就拍哪一个。。。她一直说你这样一个一个拍,要拍到何时?? 所以我大姐夫都不耐烦,索性到外面吃个汉堡及喝咖啡等我们。。。

Boom...all in once, so which one you like the most?? I've been cutting down to 67 from almost 100 of them, because some of them are too blur and shaky. So please enjoy!! (Hope I will finish this floria posts as soon as possible and not to wait until next year, which is true that I haven't finish last year floria posts......)
这篇本来就是来分享照片罢了,哈哈哈! 100多张删到67张,因为很多都手震模糊了,满满欣赏吧!(这次我不会再拖到明年才写完的,握拳加油!)

Event Periods: May 30 (Saturday) ~ June 7 (Sunday), 2015
Time: 9 am - 10 pm (Monday - Thursday); 9 am - 12 am (Friday - Sunday)
Admission Fee: Adult - RM5 ; Child & Senior Citizen - RM1


  1. The flowers are indeed very beautiful.. Cantik mata memandang.. See also happy.. Haha bil got bored and said wait outside.. Biasa la, men.. kekeke...

    1. Wahaha, but surprisingly when I went to buy flower with my mom, the gardener always is men though.

  2. haha, maybe you are true.. not all people also like flowers and especially guys, don't even say spending time to admire flowers.. actually if like the parks one whole piece of land also flower then I will be excited lah.. like the lavendar and flower farms I went in Hokkaido last year.. then these one pot one pot of orchids hor, errr, I think I 不懂欣賞 lah haha!! so how long did you make your brother waiting for you outside?? hehe~~ :)

    1. Hahaha, yup! I guess also when guys been request to buy flower for girls, they also don't understand one... Not very long, my sister also nagging not to take too many pictures, so we went out pretty soon.

  3. I like to see flowers wor. I guess what most guys don't like is buying flowers, especially for Valentine's Day XD .

    1. Ha?? Serious...you're the one only kind though!

  4. Beautiful photos!!! You have a lovely blog! :)

  5. Waaah! So many flowers in your post until my eyes all looked colourful like mata bunga! Wakakakaka
    The flowers are awesome and many are very unique to me. Some looked eerie too! That's nature's wonders.

    #16 - The color and shape is very unusual
    #21 - This bunch is pretty and deserved to win First Prize
    #31 - It looks like a Spider alive
    #33 - This one looks like insect with long legs
    #39 - The flower bud resembles Lion Dance head
    #41 - This is like a Fish with open mouths
    #44 - Unusual to see brown flowers and scary too
    #49 - This bud looks futuristic like Star Wars
    #51 - These blooms are cute and stick out like flamingo birds
    #66 - This may be common but seems most popular in all Taiwan as
    they grow and display everywhere. It looks neat.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Wow, this's very detail of it, thanks you like it, actually before it, I was so scared nobody like this, I'm really appreciate this comments, thanks a lot!! =D

  6. 你的花真的很美,而且你真的拍到都很美。

    1. 谢谢,谢谢,我真的乱乱拍的,因为我不好意思让我大姐与妈妈在等我。

  7. 都是漂亮的 orchid 呢!特别喜欢第22和第35张~ 拍花的乐趣,也只有爱花之人懂了

    1. 不要懒惰,因为过后会后悔哦。。。

  8. i enjoy looking at the beautiful orchids. Thanks for sharing. Can't decide on my favourite.

  9. 耐心拍,花儿真的美,不过,我也要去吃汉堡包了

    1. 哈哈哈,是真的少有人会欣赏的啦。。。

  10. 叫我临老入花丛,眼花缭乱~:)

  11. 看到花,心情都会美好起来~

    1. 这是在室内的,室外的也是又热又多人。。。

  12. wow!Orchids就那么多不同品种了。。。都好漂亮~~


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