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Monday, August 31, 2015

【Thoughts|想法】Unsaid Words But Still have to Say

The world is not just black and white, there's always a grey side in the middle. I wasn't there because I wasn't feeling that since the morning until the night. But ever since the "support" word came, I almost wanted to throw my phone towards the TV and extremely wish that I've a super power can take me instantly to the spot!!

I've a friend told me all these are just about following, follow what's hit on now, follow whatever people do!! (I honestly gotta said they seriously got nothing to do or they're too free for other staffs??) I can't tell what's their basic motive is, but what I know is, if you don't ever make a single change, then you won't have any difference. Just like one of my friends, who has made the same complains to me for more that 10 years, but until today, she still complaint the same thing, not like didn't tell what to do...but she just only sit there kept on thinking and never take any actions!

Love is blind, but always a limit (and the love is blind term only apply to relationship, okay?) The true love is the make it better, if really losing of love, then no one would ever care about it, don't you agreed?
是非不是黑跟白而已,中間還夾著的灰色,因為身體狀況無法出席,導致的耿耿於懷,一句支持的聲音,讓我激動到想要把手機丟向電視機。 頓時還想要有一種瞬間轉移的本領,立刻將我自己轉移到現場。

有朋友說這是隨波逐流,所謂的“跟風”(我還真想插一句,這樣也可以算是跟風? 那是太無聊了嗎?? 還是吃飽太得空,在家在商場有冷氣吹都不要去??? ) 是不是隨波逐流,我不知道,我只知道的是事情不改變,它永遠都會一樣。 就好像我有一位朋友一直不停的埋怨,埋怨了超過10年,她還是在埋怨同樣的東西,我跟她說“你不踏出改變的那一步,你永遠都會原地踏步!” 但是她還是一樣,所有事情都只是憑空想像,莫非光是冥想而不行動就會成功?? 找位成功人士來問一問吧!

不是不愛,真正的愛不是盲目的包容,而是有限度的包容。 就是因為愛所以要他變更好,假如真的不愛,就索性讓他自生自滅,對吧?

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  1. Yeah, but find a good time to say and also the right words.

  2. In times of trouble, pray, for guidance and for help.

    1. Been pray for so long, but non can do any single thing

  3. I thought you are talking about Bersih.. Because yes, if we don't do anything, nothing's gonna change.. If we do something, at least there's something, there's hope, and the world's watching..

  4. Puzzle...but hope you found an outlet for all the frustration

  5. well, i guess there are many ways to show your support to somebody or something.. you don't have to be physically support but can show your spiritual support too, as long as it's genuine then it is good enough, much better than say one thing and do one thing..

    and true, it is only when we love someone or something that we will have expectation and try to make them better.. for those who do not understand, it's better not to comment anything without putting on the shoes of others.. :)

    1. That's right, but that somebody never understand!

  6. 是啊,一直埋怨同样的事情就不会进步,一直停在原地。


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