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Saturday, March 07, 2015

【Violin|小提琴】My Violin Tunning Lesson|学习小提琴之调音课

March 7, 2015, Saturday
Today is our forth lesson, we learned how to tune the violin today...Remember when I learned violin last time about 10 years ago, the teacher didn't teach me anything about the tuning, so what I did was he will tune it for me before the class starts (thinking as in a lazy way is...that teacher was so good, he tuned it for me, so I don't have to worry it's on tune or not, but honestly I learnt nothing from it) 

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In order to tune the violin, of coz we need a tool for that, this's the app that we need to download in our phone (this's for iPhone while for Android is another app for that and unfortunately I forgot to write down what was it...)


First of all is to check the each of the string one by one, if the red line is fall on the green bar then that means the string is on the right tune


From the left count from top to bottom is G and D, then right from top to bottom is A and E


This's the tuning peg which use to tighten or loosen to do the big string tuning

From the left is G, D, A, E, it's named as Fine Tuners, is for light tuning use

Notes of the day, we learned the ABCDEFG major and the # and b

Homework of the day, done!!

I think we need more patient for the first time learner, because everything won't go easy on the first time, it takes time on the learning process, I believe practice makes perfect, don't you agree??



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  1. 学音乐真的是一门很大的学问呢。我之前学钢琴, 到现在还不会调音哈哈

  2. music is something big I think, it does not only involve your skills but most importantly your passion and how you blend yourself into it with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, temper etc.. glad to hear that you are picking it well.. :)

  3. Err... I dunno a thing about violins ... You are musical talented !

  4. 好有心思还去学音乐!我对音乐最不通!

  5. Yes I agree practice makes perfect! IMHO


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