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Saturday, March 14, 2015

【Hot Air Balloon|熱氣球】So Early|七早八早就是为了

March 14, 2015, Saturday
Time flies, can't believe is a year ago already, last year I went alone, and this year still the same =.= (damn sad, guess I was the only rare one went to see the hot air balloon alone, as those I saw surrounding must be in couple or in group) I did quite good in my time management this time, woke up at 4am then leave my house at 5am, drove 30km away from house alone, I felt a little bit proud of myself, thank god that I didn't fall asleep while I was driving as I always fall asleep after 30 minutes drive duh!! And now you see how early I was there, the sky was completely dark and not many cars...even the moment I get out from my car, I was so aware of my surrounding, worries any robber around to grab my stuffs or my car, so I quickly follow the very small amount of crowd in the dark walked towards to the camp opposite!!
我把时间算得很准,我要4点起床,然后5点出门,几点到都无所谓,反正我一定会早到(本来是跟陈美龄约好的,但她竟然去打麻将到四点。。。气得我无语)所以我就惟有自己一个人驾车到布城(我也有点确定的是。。。那么早到的多数应该是摄影师,情侣或朋友群)像我自己一个人去的应该没几个,而且还要一个女的这么早驾上30公里的路程才到,路上一直强迫我自己不可以打瞌睡,一定要保持清醒顺利的驾到目的地,因为我平时驾超过30分钟的车程后,我就会开始一直不停的打瞌睡(这才让我抵达后真的有点莫名的虚荣的光荣感,自以为自己很强!) 我抵达的时候都是天黑黑的,而且没有几辆车(看人家都是一群人一群人从车内下车,只有我自己一个的,我真的超级害怕,怕被打抢还是被抢车什么的,一点安全感都没有,所以我赶紧跟着人群,走向大鹏营)

 Was thinking to stand near to where I stood last year, but it was so dark and I didn't even dare to walk closer to have a look so I came to this entrance where I saw a few was walking in and out naturally, so I also pretend myself as one of the staffs there and walked in like nobody business...I met a photographer because I was asking him where to take pictures and somewhat, then a staff came over asked "Do you guys have any pass to entered here or any ticket something??" The photographer answered her "Nope, last few years I was just walked in like this!" then the staff said "No, no, no this year we've limit the amount of people to enter......"
本来还想找回去年的位子来站的,但那边是黑到感觉走路都会不小心被自己的脚绊倒的那种,所以我看着哪里有人群就往哪里站。。。当看到有几位在这里进进出出的时候,我有些好奇的,于是自己就若无其事的很自然地走了进去站着,遇见这位摄影大师询问一下详情,但聊了不久就有位工作人员就走过来问“你有没有工作证件还是票?” 摄影师跟她说之前他来的时候是不用票的,这样进来就可以了! 工作人员说:“不可以,我们今年要收票了!”

So likely we got "chased out" by the staffs, across the road I saw a long queue from the camp...I walked closer to ask those them what are they queuing for...then surprisingly this lady answered "I'm not sure as well, that's why my boyfriend was asking at the front desk there..." I was like...(Seriously? You are queuing for something, but you don't know what are you queuing about...means that doesn't care what is it, just queue first before it's too late, is it???)
就这样被“赶”了出来,我们来到对面的大鹏营,看见很多在排队,我上前问排队的人“你们在排什么?” 她说“不知道啊,我男朋友在前面问着!” (不知道又排? 有点是不是总之就跟着照排就对了的那种感觉,那样才不会吃亏的心态对吧??)

The photographer told me to keep remain in the queue then he went in front there to ask...couple of minutes later, he came and told me he got the ticket already...then I was thinking he means he got the ticket already then he went in first, but he said "I got a ticket for you too!" I was like "Wow, we just met like half an hour ago! This's damn lucky man, means that I don't really need to queue...Next I quickly take out my wallet and wanted to pay him pay, it's RM12...but...but...but I only have RM11, I asked him do you have small change for RM50?? He said "No need la, is okay...!" Honestly I felt so sorry for that, I didn't really mean to be like that ya!!
摄影大师让我去排队,他去前面问问,结果几分钟后他就买到票了,我还以为他要跟我说他买到票了,他要先进去,没想到他连我的票也帮我买了。。。哇,这真的是遇上贵人,才认识几分钟,应该说半个小时都不到就帮我付钱买票(当然我下意识知道就立刻掏出RM12给回他,但遭透的我只有RM11零钱,我问他有散钱找给我吗? 我给他大钞找,谁知道他说不用啦!) 真是感激不尽啊 。。。后来拍完热气球后,我有回去问一下柜台,你们一共发售多少张票的啊? 她说400张一下吧! 想说假如不是这位摄影大师的帮忙下,我也是傻傻的还在排队吧!

Finally I was "legally" to be inside waiting for the hot air balloon...

Suddenly my attention was caught by this...and I wanted to take out my camera, but looked around...I was surrounding by all DSLR camera, I better wait until somebody was using compact camera or hand phone then I only take out my camera lo......

Okay, don't really know what is it at the moment, because it was too dark and has to use flash to take picture if not it appears completely dark.

Will talk more details about this in the following post as the sky still not brighten enough to catch a good picture.

The hot air balloon basket was out already....

Each of them has their own country flag on

This's so cool...thanks to those photographers on the spot, because I almost missed this shot, then them kept on ask "Sir, can you do it again? Can you do it again???"

Hah!! To be continued, I'm pretty sure I've more posts than last year!! See ya!! =]
陆续有来,这会比去年的长及多很多篇,嘻嘻! 因为我是超仔细的嘛!

Event Periods: March 12 (Thursday) ~ March 15 (Sunday), 2015
Time: 7am - 10pm
Admission Fee: Free
Address: Presint 2, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

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  1. Wah, woke up at 4am and started driving.. 30KM ok la, me everyday from house to office, already 28KM.. Ooohhh, RM12 for a ticket but you only got RM11, kam ngam.. Nevermind, the photographer will understand one la..

  2. wah, geng!!! you woke up at 4am!! haha.. I think I have never waken up that early before for a long time already haha!! last time in school, wake up early to study for exam.. and I guess after schooling time no more lo, hehehe!! but good lah, it's not like you dragged to wake up but you really have something exciting going on and I guess you very happily woke up on time for this event.. the feeling is very different one leh, you agree?? it's excitement and looking forward to something you like, so you feel refreshed and energetic.. :)

    1. I slept for whole day on the next day because I was so tired until I can't move to do anything, old already ya!! Really have to see self physical can support or not, hehe!!

  3. 哇...你也很专业...做么要这样早去? 你喜欢看热气球?那么近我家...我一次都沒去过...汗.

    1. 哈哈哈,我應該是那種輸不起的死心態吧!

  4. What an interesting post again today! I like the way you always share photos that most people won't be able to see esp behind the scenes. Thank you for sharing by taking all the extra miles.
    You are always lucky to meet nice people everywhere. This guy must have liked you for not accepting your money. Did he write his contact number behind the ticket? *Wink *Wink

    1. Thanks ya, I just try my best to take all the pictures to show ya!!

      No la, he's an uncle I guess is married already de, hahaha~~

  5. Wa, so early?
    as early as people going for marathon run, haha...
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. 我也试过摸黑起早过去看, 不过不算是特地, 因为刚好送机, 就转过去了^^

    1. 我好久没有送机了,假如不是什么重要人物,我应该都不会那么的牺牲。。。

  7. OMG,4點起床,5點出門...

  8. 那位摄影师很好人 ^^
    我好像没看过真的热气球,所以通过你的分享看 =)

  9. Putrajaya! Such a beautiful place...but like ghost town at night, nobody. Only busy during the day.

  10. 下次买晚上的, 加多8块钱, 可以看 night glow, 最重要的不用那么早醒哈哈。 不过, 为了看热气球你也太强大了!!


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