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Saturday, March 14, 2015

【Hot Air Balloon|熱氣球】Australia BlueBlack|澳洲黑篮

March 14, 2015, Saturday
Use the same method as last time, they use fan to blow air inside

Looks like enough air inside

Then lift it up slowly

Guess I've enough picture of this hot air balloon

But I saw lots of cameraman shooting from the bottom like this

Ohh, this's nice...can have different views of this hot air balloon
原来是可以这样拍啊?? 不然,我也不知道它的里面是有不一样的美

How about with the fire

Is not easy to capture all these moment, look at the bottom part of this picture, obviously is camera...bet no one can believe that I was trying so hard to capture every pictures, have to squeeze with the crowds (This's the reason why I've the red comment bellow, it's purposely to avoid myself to see comments like "You really like hot air balloon, until you can write so much about it." Excuses me, you thought everything is so easy to get??? You really want to stop me on writing what I like to write?? Please don't try to change others okay?? I'm not doing something bad......I'm just write a little bit long only what!!)
都说了很难拍,你看! 时不时都会看到相机的镜头在里面(这是顺便一提其实我也知道会有人说“你真的很喜欢热气球哦?所以才可以写到那么长篇大论?” 其实没有说到真的喜欢,我把每一个步骤拍出来纯碎是给自己留念跟记录,而且每一张照片都是有汗有泪的,你以为选照片不累,放水印不累,写那么多篇不累? 请在您写下那种看不惯人家写的东西的时候而刻意留的恶意留言,所以我才会在每一篇的下面加上这样的留言)

After release the rope then push it to somewhere wider to fly
Event Periods: March 12 (Thursday) ~ March 15 (Sunday), 2015
Time: 7am - 10pm
Admission Fee: Free
Address: Presint 2, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

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  1. I somehow think that the design and color of this balloon actually was trying to standout amongst other striking and colorful balloons with its plain and dull color..

    1. Yah, I thought so too exactly, I think they should make each of them very unique instead, not like everyone is alike...

  2. 热气球须要打气才会升起,顺便为你打气~:)

  3. When all these colourful hot air balloons are up together, they make a nice picture. That's when people would put TEAMWORK motivation words along the balloons.
    It has been my dream to ride into one basket someday and take photos of you below, holding a camera!! Muahahaha

    1. Hahaha, you should!! That would be nice, and I'm waiting for it!

  4. oh... this is the event where Putrajaya held it yearly but I never got the chance to go ...haha...

  5. Never went to the event, but I've seen a lot pf people posting in FB and their blogs too.. You are in Sg now for company trip? Have fun :)

  6. I prefer the one with cartoons or animals, that type.

  7. Replies
    1. I think that's from Thailand, if not mistaken...

  8. 原来热气球从下面拍上去是那么地美丽啊

    1. 对,很可惜我只拍到几张而已。。。

  9. I love looking at your photos so please post more of them and don't care if anyone tries to talk you out of it. Thanks for the photos. I can only get views like that looking into the balloon from the basket through your photos because I definitely won't go there due to the crowd.

    1. Hahaha, thanks for your support....I will do my best!! =]

  10. 我很喜欢看热气球,可是从来没有去看过,哈哈。

    1. 他们年年都有,明年看好日期,一起来观赏。


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