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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Weird Attitude

The effect of watching too much of HongKong Apple Daiky News, I doesn't feel good when I get around with unknown China people. There's a weird thing happened around me just now. One of the China girl just put on the t-shirt that she just bought in Popular here just to show it to her friend. Well, I think is weird that she do this inside Popular here. Maybe it will be fine if she was trying a jacket on instead of t-shirt in a BOOKSTORE!!! @.@

是看动新闻太多吗? 让我对中国人真的很反感, 尤其听到一些说的不是本地口音的华语的时候, 在大众书局, 把刚才在服装店买的衣服当场往她身上套下试穿给她身边的像似她朋友的人看, 真是奇怪!!! =.=


  1. well, i always watch it daily last time but quit liao for now~

  2. 对她来说她感觉没什么的,诸如以前有外国女运动员半场时在球场上换球衣一般,她们并没觉得对其他人来说很不雅观!

  3. 嘿嘿,你好,我来回访了。好久没来啦。


  4. [宅妈]对呀,有时真不明白他们在想什么,就好像他们在香港似的,他们带着他们的孩子当街大小便,好像都不会找厕所似的!!! =]

    [Mr Lonely]Why??? It's fun lol, I love to watch that!!! =]

    [CSL]运动员在球场换衣很正常啦,我是说她们在书局里换衣,那是真的很奇怪哦!!! =]

    [小镇姑娘]我想也是,哈哈哈!!! =]

    [绝晴女]对呀,那真是奇怪极了!!! =]


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