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Sunday, March 31, 2013

【Summary|總結】March 2013|2013三月

March 1, 2013 Friday
Popular Bookstore @ The Curve --> Love this popular because it has the book that I wanted to buy for so long!!! =]
Dad's Company Annual's Dinner --> This is delicious lol!!! =]

March 2, 2013 Saturday
Weird Attitude --> Just saw this funny attitude in the popular bookstore, trying the shirt on public!!! =[
Flight --> Watched a nice movie with my friends!!! =]

March 3, 2013 Sunday
Happy Birthday to my Friend, Irene!!! --> Had a birthday celebration with my friend, Irene!!! =]

March 4, 2013 Monday
Fruits Kingdom --> Have to thanks to my mom to buy so many fruits for us!!! =]

March 5, 2013 Tuesday
Effect of Gamble --> I don't like people who gamble, you can gamble for fun, but please don't addicted to it!!! =[
Ballet Class --> Got force by my sister to attend this ballet class!!! =[

March 6, 2013 Wednesday
My Second Car --> Was keep beggaring that I didn't get a car, when the car is out and I was scared to drive!!! =[

March 7, 2013 Thursday
My Twitter and Weibo --> Shared my Twitter and my Weibo!!! =]
Sabak Bernam --> Had to head to Sabak Bernam to work on something!!! =]
Dark Skies --> Was thinking is a horror movie, but turned as an alien movie!!! =[

March 8, 2013 Friday
First Day of Driving Alone --> First time diving alone, was so scared!!! =[
Stubborn --> Have you ever keep on trying on something that is hard to get, but once you get it, you felt that turned out is not that you really want!!! =[
Season of Love 《恋爱季节》 --> So so drama, there's no nice drama recently!!! =[
Happy International Woman's Day --> Yeah, is a day for woman!!! =]

March 9, 2013 Saturday
Car Sticker --> Finally get this!!! =]

March 10, 2013 Sunday
Oz the Great and Powerful --> Felt asleep in such a nice movie!!! =[

March 11, 2013 Monday
What do you hate about guys??? --> Guys should see this!!! =]

March 12, 2013 Tuesday
Honing a Bull's Horn??? --> I'm like this, are you???

March 13, 2013 Wednesday
Snitch --> Nice movie, but doesn't really like the way the camera shoot!!! =[
Second Job Interview Offer --> Happy or Sad???

March 14, 2013 Thursday
Happy White Valentine's Day --> Another sad day for single!!! =[
Dead Man Down --> The story is interesting!!! =]
Second Job Interview --> The job wasn't really suit me!!! =[
My Nephew --> Get frustrated with my eldest nephew spoiled child attitude!!! =[

March 15, 2013 Friday
Postcard from LA --> Received nice postcard from my friend when he travel back to his hometown!!! =]
Arcade Game --> Such a long time didn't play any arcade game, got to thanks to my friend!!! =]

March 16, 2013 Saturday
Twice for Jack The Giant Slayer --> What to do??? My friends haven't watch it what!!! =[

March 17, 2013 Sunday
Badminton --> Such a long didn't play badminton, thanks to my friends!!! =]

March 18, 2013 Monday
Woman Addicted To Drinking Blood --> This is scary lol!!! =[
Sick of the Society Nowadays --> This is freaking sad and ridiculous news ever!!! =[

March 19, 2013 Tuesday
Addicted to 《The Walking Dead》 --> Love this recently!!! =]

March 20, 2013 Wednesday
Happy International Happiness Day --> Happy = Happiness!!! =]

March 21, 2013 Thursday
Heavy Rain --> Crazy heavy rain on that day!!! =[
SaSa --> Happy shopping at SaSa!!! =]

March 22, 2013 Friday
Felt so Sorry for this!!! --> I promise myself I won't do this again!!! =[
Olympus Has Fallen --> Freaking awesome movie!!! =]
Gift for April Birthday Angels --> Happy Birthday to those who born in April!!! =]

March 23, 2013 Saturday
Princess and the Seven Kung Fu Master《笑功震武林》 --> Wasn't that funny!!! Wonder why people say it's funny!!! =[
The Call --> Love the story!!! =]
Side Effects --> So so movie!!! =[
The Croods --> Cute and lovely kid's movie!!! =]
Ah Boy to Men: Part II --> Is funny movie, but it's fine for me!!! =[
My Movie Day --> Yes!!! I cleared up my movie to watch list!!! =]
Linda Chung @ 1U --> Saw this pretty artist at 1U accidentally!!! =]

March 24. 2013 Sunday
Warm Bodies --> What a love story movie!!! =]
Dinner --> Dinner at BBQ Plaza!!! =]

March 25, 2013 Monday
Thinking of A Person Alone --> Nice and meaningful song to me!!! =]

March 26, 2013 Tuesday
I'm Sick --> Sad day!!! Cause I was sick!!! =[

March 27, 2013 Wednesday
Still Recovering --> Still recovering ooo!!! =[
Backup Plan??? --> Still can go for a movie even though is sick, hahaha!!! =]

March 28, 2013 Thursday
G.I. Joe --> Nice movie, especially handsome and hot Lee Byung-hun!!! =]

March 29, 2013 Friday
No Holidays for those Kids --> Too many kids in my house, was getting crazy!!! =[

March 30, 2013 Saturday
Happy Easter Day --> Happy Easter Day!!! =]

March 31, 2013 Sunday

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