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Monday, November 04, 2013

【Book|書籍】《我 心安处是幸福》

November 4, 2013, Monday
Honestly, it's easy to found a book that suit for different age range, since as age goes up we request different things!!! 20+ hunt for materialistic and passionate of love; 30+ try to look the balance between family and work while 40+ started see things differently and wanted to enjoy life!!! This book start with things should do before 30 then end with how you overcome the conflicts between mother in law and daughter in law!!!

Since we're young in school and later in office, we keep on learning the best way to communicate with friends and colleagues while at home have to learn on how to treat your mother in law as you treat your families!!! Overall, the basic idea to describe everything is be tolerate and understanding!!!
In fact, you can find a book for women of all ages look is very small, because of different ages have different needs, 20 + pursuit of passion and love on the matter, 30 + want to get in on the family and career of secure, 40 + want to begin to enjoy the moment and happy life! ! ! This book consists of a 30-year-old should be done before the start of the conflict inside the company began to competition and between-law! ! !

In schools and companies, we have all the time in learning how to treat people's attitude, back home but also to learn how to get along really simple and mother in law, after all of a sudden you want to leave early age to live in a big family and came to her husband's lives , used to have a lot of new adaptation and learning, tolerance and understanding will let everyone get along rapport! ! !

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