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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

【News|新聞】Overseas News

November 12, 2013, Tuesday
The reason I always tended to watch international news or oversea news because I refuse to read those sad accidents/incidents happened in our country!!! Especially those robber or snatch cases…

Meanwhile I always hope there's no Malaysia's news in it…maybe it can be good news on but NOT the bad one!!!

The shameless I watched in HK news is the five 0 five and five 0 eight one….(purposely not to write it in the proper way in order to get rid of google search)

Though what shown in this video were talking about how expert was that slim girl take down the robber!!!

But on the other side, it clearly states location of the video is our country in the description part, which also telling them even we're just right outside of our house, but we still under the unsafe condition!!!




来源: http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com/international/art/20131112/18504598

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  1. it looks like malaysia and i guess only such thing happens in malaysia.. good!! i must click LIKE for that girl, she is so garang and can fight the robber!! everyone should be calm and learn to fight from her, even the robber was scared off, leaving the bag on the ground untook and ran for their lives..

    1. Hahaha…only happens in Malaysia? Nice one, like the erase mural also, only happens in Malaysia!!! =]

      I like that girl too, feel like want to learn some protective skill also!!! =]

  2. but most of the time when Malaysia appears in other nation's news.. probably it's something not good~~ :p

    1. Nope, I saw a great one before, an Malaysia engineer successful designed aircraft passenger coach that well comfort for long flight airbus!!! =]

  3. Haih, sad to say that, our beloved country is no longer safe now, in fact it's getting more and more dangerous!!

    1. Is not even now, I never feel safe whenever I go out!!! =[

  4. Replies
    1. 家里又怕入贼,外面又怕抢劫。。。好像都没有一个地方是安全的!!!

  5. 這個影片我有看到很多人分享。
    一切都變了 :(

    1. 不知道。。。只是知道以我懂事以来,我都没有感觉安全过。。。


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