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Friday, November 29, 2013

【Library|圖書館】National Library @ Singapore|新加坡国家图书馆

November 29, 2013, Friday
After done pictures taking of the church, I told myself that "Seriously, I can't walk anymore...MUST find somewhere indoor to have a proper rest!! Then I go through the Tripadvisor again...saw this national library looks like not that far from where was I...so used up all my energy to reach at the library!! Surprise me that it's a very big library with 11 floors, 7th to 11th floors are open for public, but I wasn't go through the floor map so I just took the escalator goes up and up again, until the level which's open for public!!
在教堂拍完照,简直可以说的是很想直接躺在地上休息的那种。。。急急忙忙在Tripadvisor看,到底有什么是可以坐下来休息,最好就是室内可以消暑的!!   就在这时刻,我看到了图书馆!!!   图书馆?不就是会有椅子沙发那种?   所以就加紧脚步到了图书馆!   但这图书馆也太大了吧,它分为很多层,共有11层,7楼到11楼是开放给大众。。。其实我当时都累到傻傻的,也没有去注意太多,就一直乘搭手扶梯向上走,终于来到了一个开放式的地方!!

Wasn't check out that much of the place when I first entered, so I took this picture on the way out, found they're done by paper card board!!
进去的时候也没有注意太多,只是注意到这在入口处右边的可爱摆设而已!   特别吧?是全用纸皮做的哦!

Finally I've found a seat, take out my book want to have some reading while resting......but I accidentally fell asleep in less than 5minutes (which I never expect it to be happened) So what can conclude is the library is very comfort, no wonder so many of them love to study or reading inside!

Well, I wasn't there for too long and I left after I got message from Elis asked to meet at Marina Bay!! So I took the lift all the way down to ground floor, saw this while I walked out from the entrance! (Now can tell how tired was I, that I didn't even notice when possible passed by this just now)
好了,我也没有逗留太久,因为收到阿佩的讯息,所以我也离开了!!   之前由于太累,没有留意到周围的一切,所以在我回到底层的时候,才注意到这漂亮的东西!

Get closer to see, they're made by mineral water bottle, they cut the bottom part and split it, then colored them!!
原来它们是矿泉水瓶啊!!!   他们把矿泉水瓶的底部剪掉,再把它剪开上色!!!

Not just few of them, but they were as these much!!

And here's the back of the designs......

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun: 10am - 9pm (Closed on Public Holidays)
Tel: 63323255 
Fax: 63323248 
Address: 100 Victoria Street Singapore 188064

How to get there 
Nearest MRT: Bugis, City Hall MRT Station 
Bus Interchange: Buses: 145, 197, 32, 51, 63, 7, 80, 2, 7, 12, 33, 130, 133, 960, 56, C3, SMRT 980, SMRT 520, SMRT 851, NR7 & NR8

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  1. Is the National Library at the same place still? Next to the National Museum?

  2. Uikks, we are back to Singapore, haha.. Eh, no English description ahh?

  3. Good morning Sheta,

    You must be really tired to fall asleep. The flowers decor made from plastic drink bottles are really pretty.

  4. thanks for sharing singapore trip~ hope to go there again~


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