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Saturday, September 27, 2014

【Art Expo|艺术展】Art Expo Malaysia 2014: Part 4 @ Matrade, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia|马来西亚艺术展2014 四

September 27, 2014, Saturday
Education - Melting ~ Yau Sir Meng (Born Perak, 1992)
2013 Cube sugar and white chocolate, TV 100cm x 45cm x 35cm
A SCHOOL made up of sugar that can melt when exposed to the natural elements. For one known for her commentary on the values and methods of the education system, Yau Sir Meng questions the ethics of the Dimensi 108 'Get Smart magic pills' purported to aid memory and whitely distributed in schools with the recommendations of headmasters from 2010 until complaints in August 2013. The pill was found to contain 95% sugar with the rest being other carbohydrates and herbs.

我觉得这应该是全场最年轻的艺术家,起初看到这东西的时候,都在奇怪,这是什么东西啊???   像个学校但又为什么被破坏成这个样子??   这个是要说战争还是什么??   原来她是要带出一个“极速魔法聪明”的药丸的事件!!   在2010年的时候这个药丸在学校被广泛的传播甚至校长也鼓励饮用的药物!!   这所谓的极速聪明药物内竟然藏有95%的糖,而其余的就只是一些碳水化合物和药材!!

At first it was a perfect cube sugar model, then leave it under the sun and rain for few days (not sure how long is the period for it as they didn't have any info about this as well)!!


After a rainy day, the roof started to have a hole in between


The roof sugar is getting decompose


While watching throughout the whole video seeing the school was being "destroy" I've a very sad feeling about it......

As she didn't mention how she put it under the sun and rain but now here's the outcome of it!


Siapa Kuat? ~ Mohd Ali Azraei Bebit (Born Johor, 1985)
Mixed Media (Found Object, Motor electric, acrylic) 92cm x 243.8cm RM5,000
THE raging built is a symbol of might, brute and aggression and in this case, it is one mechanically controlled within by some unseen hands. A shoe of strength or bravado is often mistaken for Victory, as the saying goes. Might is Right, but real strength is fortified character, patience, humility, wit, courage and capacity to engage one's adversary rather than to confront. The mindless but analogy can be taken at various levels, on the sociopolitical scene like right-wing group, and as a cautionary tale.

It's not a fix artwork, its leg was kept on moving front and back!!
它的脚是可以动的哦!   会来回不停摆动!!

Was so difficult to capture this, as the leg won't stop there for few second, it was just kept on moving, so I got to stand for quite awhile to capture the timing of it then only be able to take a picture of it!!

The Evolution With The Virtues and the Vices ~ Shaliza Juanna Alfred (Born Johor, 1985)
Installation RM3,000
SHALIZA Juanna Alfred is a danger ulture, playing on childlike fears, using innocuous looking even cute and adorable toy-like creature playthings to first enrich one's conscious space, and then the shuddering realization that things and not what they seem, and there is mischief afoot and an insidious intent with all the serpentine intrusions. The most harmless looking things could turn out to be the most dangerous. Life can be a throw of the dice!
这个有没有感觉很像小时候玩的蛇然后丢骰子跳跃每一步的游戏啊???   话说回来,不要被我的形容词毁掉这艺术家想要带出来的思想,她是想说这游戏就好像我们的人生一样每走一步前就是丢骰子般,完全不知道前面会发生什么事,往往觉得最平静最无杀伤力的,偏偏就是最可怕,最恐怖的!

Event Periods: September 25 (Thursday) ~ September 28 (Sunday), 2014
Admission Fee: Free
Official Website: http://www.artexpomalaysia.com
Address: Matrade Exhibition and Convention Centre Jalan Khidmat Usaha, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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  1. kinda sad seeing the sugar house turning and melting ....like life

    1. Yah, I've almost the same thought too, we can't stop the time, just have to treasure every moment in life!!

  2. Your first picture looks like crepe cake, haha.. Then after I read the story, oohhh, sugar school made for experiments.. Interesting..

    1. Hahaha!!! I've the same thought too! At first I was thinking what's this "yat pat ye"!

  3. the first piece of artwork looks like honeycomb!! so this is indeed some very "artist" kind of thing.. very expressive and blends their emotions into their works.. using a sugar house and let it slowly degrade under the weather to mean the "melting education", what a brilliant idea, and this is rather "post-modern" to me..

    p/s: actually i like the last two photo better, just as cute as me, muahahahahaha!! *vomit*

    1. Yah! And surprisingly when I see the year born of the artist, she's so young! Really very impressive!!!

      No vomit la!! Of coz you're very cute! Hahaha!!!

  4. 一开始看中文的时候还不明白第一个是什么来,后来看了英文才知道哈哈哈。

    1. 哈哈哈,有时候英文都很难翻译成华语啊!

  5. I find this part 4 to be most interesting. I did not know about the sugar and schools controversy. So this exhibition really give us some good info and food for thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yah, I was so glad that I didn't miss it, I really learn a lot from here!! =]

  6. Next time I go KL, must ask you about all these interesting exhibitions. My girl would enjoy these...but we never seem to know of any taking place every time we go over.

    1. Yah, anytime!! I always like to go different different places to explore!! =]


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