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Saturday, January 03, 2015

【Bentong|文东】Happy Farm Bentong: Fish Farm|丰收开心农场之渔场

January 3, 2015, Saturday
This place actually we can just walk there instead, but we choose to take a ride, my brother in laws drove there. So as shown as the arrow is where we had passed by before.

Before it I was thinking can sit in the car for awhile, guess what...the air-con wasn't yet to get cold and we already have to get down of the car......
这么近的地方,我本以为要走蛮远的路程才到的,谁知道上车都还没吹够冷气又要下车了,哈哈哈! 我真的是名符其实的城市人啊,一直要待在冷气房才爽。

Nonetheless, we went inside have a look. Once you entered you will see dog farm at the right side and fish farm on left (no picture of the dog farm because those dogs look quite fierce to me though!)

Some of the ponds are shallow, some are deep. Only the shallow one we can see the fishes clearly. So many of them in one pond...is there hundreds of them inside one???
有些鱼池的水深比较高,没有那么容易看到鱼儿,比较浅的就会比较看得清楚。 这真的很有乡村的感觉,比起我家的鱼池,这个好像比较可以称得上是鱼池啊!

Don't have a feeling after you had look at them for such a long period of time, you'll have scary feeling to it. As they're all swim in a group, like you're almost got covered by all of them...oh, can't breath...

Okay, I started want to look away from them, because I do they're like earthworms, so many of them....and, and, and the color like slightly the same....God, I'm very scared of any animals or insects that no legs or has too many legs on them...
有没有一种密密麻麻的感觉? 真的好多鱼啊。。。我们只是一直在“哇,哇,哇。。。!” 声啊,虽然我还是觉得很可怕,但毕竟看到他们的数量,还是少不了会惊叹一些。

We're there on the right time, they're feeding the fishes......

Of course the kids get to try to feed them as well (that's what kids always ask to do so, right? But be aware not to stand too close to the pond cause when fish trying to fight for their food, the water may splashed on you)

As I said, they're so many of them and some of them even need to be swim like the this, lying on top of each other to swim over.....

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  1. haha, if you said walk also can reach the. of course you don't expect to sit any longer in the car if you are driving.. aircond not yet get cold?? rather no need to turn on lah, enjoy the natural air, hehe!!

    oooh, really a lot of fish!! err, I'm okay with that lah, just see only mah.. but if you say to swim in such a pond with so many fish, then it's scary, like they are all going to attack me!! hahaha..

    1. Eewwww, I would never thought of swim with it, I think I would rather curl myself at a side...

  2. Any restaurant selling fish, fresh from the ponds?

    1. Don't know, that got to ask the local people, so far we haven't try any.

  3. Wah, I like the fish farm leh.. All the fishes fat fat one leh... Kids sure had fun feeding the fishes..

    1. You take you kids there then...but after few months later ya!!

  4. OMG!! I had goose bumps looking at so many fishes!! Poor them with no space to swim. I would get headaches and accidents if I am the fish. Muahahahaha

    1. Hahaha, you've such a great imagination... Yup, I do find they're pretty poor have to all squeeze in one pond lo...

  5. Are those fish tilapia? Looks like they are overcrowded in the pond.

    Dog farm? They breed what kind of dogs on the farm?

    1. Didn't know, those dogs like very fierce, kept on bark at us, I also scared to walk near to take a few pictures lo...

  6. I am also scared of them if you ask me to catch it ...hahaha...
    But looking at them ok la..

    1. Hahaha, for me actually I was even scared to look at them lo

  7. 我和你一样, 很怕那些没有脚又密密麻麻的动物, 这里的鱼也太多了吧, 多得我头皮也发麻了 Xp

  8. 那鱼真的很多,看得真的会有点怕 XD

  9. 真的好多鱼,可怕!

    城市人果然是城市人 :)
    谁不是呢? 哈哈哈哈

    1. 哈哈哈,我是属于懒惰到不行的城市人。

  10. Replies
    1. 不知道叻,他沒有說。。。也可能他有說,我忘了。。。應該是食魚吧!


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