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Saturday, January 03, 2015

【Bentong|文东】Happy Farm Bentong: Chicken Farm|丰收开心农场之鸡场

January 3, 2015, Saturday
Done with goats, now check out the chicken farm, like seriously the last time I see the real chicken is at the Melacca the A Famosa Zoo, where they've lots of chicken in a farm.
看完羊羊就来看其他的家畜,这里面是养鱼场,但外面的左方久饲养了很多火鸡(还以为动物园才看到的火鸡啊! 而且还要站到那么高?)

Wondered how they jump so high in once? Or steps by steps??
我有点好奇的是,它怎样站到那么高呢?? 是踩着第一根,然后第二根,在一阶一阶的跳上去的??

They're placed outside and behind of the fish farm. Turkey are mostly located outside and the chicken inside. 

Here's another part of the chicken farm which is behind the fish farm.

Like haven't see any egg before, we were busy looking for egg inside cage...
我们好像寻宝一样的在找鸡蛋(是从没有看过鸡蛋是吗?? 家里的冰箱有好多啊!)

Adjust the light, so now you can see that clearly!

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  1. Chickens? They look like turkeys to me, nice looking ones.

  2. This farm is very good for kids.. They can feed the animals, touch them and explore them.. The first picture not chickens hor, but I know the last picture is chicken la, hehe..

    1. Hahaha, because I don't know where categorize them =p

  3. Its hard to snap photo of the life stock in the cage. The last pic baru can see clear. 2nd last pic hard to see

  4. oooh, you showed us fish (and actually lots of fish) in the previous post i remember, so now it's chicken.. seriously, i think for the kids in a newer generation, they probably have not seen real chicken before and hence i can say they could be very excited and probably will ask why chicken got feather?? hahaha.. ooopsss, to be frank, i didn't know those are turkeys until you mention, i very ulu, have not seen a real living turkey before!! all i've seen are roasted turkeys only :D

    1. I saw the real chicken at morning market where they ready to be kill, what a poor thing...

  5. 羊和鱼之后现在是鸡场啦~ 你的文冬之旅很适合生态旅行呢 ^^

  6. The black birds with white dots look like domestic Helmeted Guinea Fowl and do not look like turkeys. Good visit for children who have not seen live chickens before.

  7. Wow! Chickens and turkeys now. Did you ask them cook some chicken rice or early Roast Turkey for Christmas? Muahahaha
    I used to see chicken farms where they were locked inside cruel boxes just to lay eggs with a drawer beneath for farmers to collect the eggs. Now the most crazy huge chicken farms are all air conditioned so that they could cram thousands of chickens together in small space. Oh God, people can be cruel sometimes.

    1. What a sad situation, I know some place like that, but I'm not dare to see so.....


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