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Thursday, January 22, 2015

【Flying|飞行】Finally has Took Off|終于起飛了

January 22, 2015, Thursday
Finally has took off to Ipoh, was browsing through my picture folder, then realized I've been abandoned this for quite awhile. So is time to catch up a bit. Back on to the previous story here, I was so excited to fly off in the small aircraft from Subang to Ipoh then everything has been cutoff because battery of the aircraft has run off.

 So after a night of charging the battery and here we are again to fill the form again as for their record. Very straight security at the back of cargo airport, need to verify our identity also need someone from inside to take us in.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't as good as yesterday, the weather yesterday was clear blue sky, but today was grey moody and slightly rain...... Good thing here is it still doesn't affect our takeoff. 

First time on Subang airport taxiway, it was a bit bumpy (didn't realize this much when you're in a bigger aircraft, but when you're in a small aircraft, it was pretty obvious)

Taxi way out to takeoff, wait for announcement from control tower to takeoff (PS: kinda cute to see the ATR is waiting for us...a big aircraft is waiting to turn for a small aircraft to takeoff)

Wasn't so clear picture here, this's kind of old aircraft even some of the instruments are broken here, probably the maintenance people didn't pay hard attentions into that. But luckily those instrument wasn't really affect our flying, it still be able to fly without them. Is funny that my boss it and I realized it too, but we didn't mention it until we've touched down safely at the Subang Airport, as the other of my colleague doesn't have aviation background, better not to scare him in the middle of the air.

3,000 above from ground, first time being so clear and so close to ground. My boss let me takeover the wheel awhile, and so I've control of the aircraft flying towards Ipoh Airport, he said just follow the North South Highway then I will be fine.

It was awesome and freaking fun. He has control when we almost reached Ipoh Airport, just big a huge turn to land (when was the best time to take closer picture of the ground) Oh for those don't know it's not that quiet as you thought in the movie, the speaker from the radio has to be on throughout the whole flying duration as we have to keep track with the radio station to clarify our position.

And last but not lease, right before touch down, almost forgot to get myself a selfie, hehe!! First time flying from Subang to Ipoh in a small aircraft, what a precious moment.


  1. Wah, lucky girl, can fly privately from Subang to Ipoh, nice! Just like in the movies.. Flying in a private (jet) plane, lalalalala..

  2. Wah he just let you take over the flight control just like that ar? Syok!

    1. Yea, that was a good one and glad that I get to sit in front to get the chance.

  3. 你好,我是逸文。第一次来你的部落格,请多多指教。

  4. wow, finally you are flying with your boss (i supposed) in the private jet.. can see you are super duper excited about this.. hehehe, i wonder when will you be flying the aircraft yourself instead?? seriously, i guess you must have thought about this before, so are you planning to get a license soon??

  5. 我相信你自驾还不够过瘾,应该自驾时间没多久,要不然怎会有时间拍那么多相片 ;P

    1. 中間一定會有接手交手的,看文不要放錯焦點哦!

  6. Are you planning to take up flying classes soon to get your wings?

    1. Still under deciding, because that gonna be more sacrifice.

  7. This has been my dream to sit in the cockpit but you even could fly!!!!!! I must call you Pilot Sheeta.

  8. This has been my dream to sit in the cockpit but you even could fly!!!!!! I must call you Pilot Sheeta.

  9. This is awesome . It must be an unforgettable experience :)


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