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Thursday, May 01, 2014

【BloggerGathering|博客聚会】Three Little Pigs & the BIG BAD WOLF|三只小猪与大灰狼

May 1, 2014, Thursday
If there's a expired date for a blog post, this definitely has to go to the trash long time ago. I'm a very serious OCD person, thinking to skip this but it looks like missing a piece in a puzzle. So cut the crap and let's begin......
真是久到不能再久的文章,算了吧。。。你就让我写吧! 我的强迫症就是那么严重,忍受不了一点点的空洞,所以我必须把前面的写完,才写后面,不然看起来,一点又不完整又不美!

On the 1st of May is worker's day, so Kiko and I were thinking why not have a girls day like go for a lunch then movie. In the end we choose this Three Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf restaurant which located at Tropicana City Mall. I've been to the mall few times for movie but not for any restaurant. Gotta look for the directory to get to this restaurant.
就在劳动节那天,约了Kiko来个约会,找了很多地方,最后选到了Tropicana City Mall三只小猪的餐厅。 前面的“三只小猪”这个名字就一定会想起小时候看的童话故事,“三只小猪的故事”。 然后“大灰狼”。。。我反而联想到那个“大灰狼书展”

Three Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf...(at first I was thinking the Big Bad Wolf Sales because a lot of people were kept on talking about the book sales lo =.=) Then I started realized the name is same as one of the bed times stories about the two lazy pigs brother pigs and the one smart pig that build a solid blocks house as its house to prevent the wolf blow away its house.
里面其实桌椅摆设都蛮拥挤的,我一直一度怀疑旁边的那座有没有听到我们的对话,哈哈哈! 因为实在太近了,即使他们的对话,我也有些稍微听到。

Writing on the blackboard hanging on the wall caught my attention a lot, the very tidy and attractive writing, I was thinking do they use any tools to write these??
我是完全被这个墙上的字体吸引着,它是真的写上去的吗? 怎么那么整齐? 还是有工具的? 突然间想念小时候的黑板,然后儿童节的时候,大家可以自由在黑板上涂鸦!

100 likes to those restaurant that serve water for FREE after we're seated, don't understand why certain restaurant why they still need charge like few cents and some even charge for RM 1 to 2 just for a freaking plain water...=.=
最喜欢那些会提供免费清水的餐厅,因为我喜欢喝清水,但它这个竟然很有心计的等到我们都点完了才送上。 那让我顿时好想不要我的饮料,我要喝这个水啦!

Hot Chocolate RM 8.00
Both of us ordered the same drink, hot chocolate. Was thinking want to have something hot, but not coffee, so I choose hot chocolate. It has very strong chocolate taste, which in the end I need to drink some water to "balance" it a bit.
饮料也随后送上,我们两都点了的热巧克力。 我是因为我想要喝一些热饮料,但又不想喝咖啡,才点了热巧克力。但它的巧克力味有点浓,所以过后喝了很多清水来有个平衡。

 I’m So Hungry I Could Eat A Wolf ~ RM 28.00
So coincidentally we had ordered the same food as well, but with different eggs, I chose sunny side up eggs and she chose poached egg. The portion is honestly too big for me, I was forcing myself to finish it just because I don't wish to waste any food...

We finished the lunch about 12 something, then headed to the cinema, but the movie was start at 1.30 pm so we played a little of arcade before it. A game that with 16 boxes on named as Magic Box, as the music played along, you have to hit on the boxes with "light on" and that was my first time played it, also scored a very low scores on it. (secretly snapped a picture while Kiko was playing)

After the movie we had dessert at New Zealand Ice cream, she had green tea ice cream in con, and I had chocolate and chips in cup, Actually we were saying look a place so we can sit down to chit chat a bit then take a picture......BUT!! after done with the ice cream we completely forgot about it =.=
看完电影,我们来个最后甜品,甜品一定要吃冰淇淋,所以就选了纽西兰雪糕。 我点的是巧克力口味而Kiko的是绿茶口味。 其实我们当时的目的是要找个地方坐下来拍照,谁知我们一吃完就转身离开了,完全把拍照这回事忘得一干二净。。。是冰淇淋太好吃惹的祸??

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf

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  1. 哈哈哈哈哈真的好久了。。。我还在想。。是跟我一起吗。。。XD

  2. I've heard about this place, but never been there..The breakfast platters all look so paaetizing and delicious.. I like hash browns and sausages.. I would want to try the poached eggs too, and maybe scrambled eggs with extra butter, yummzzz...

  3. 往往都会忽略正事, 这是很正常的, 哈哈

  4. I have been there once but didn't have the chance for another visit, sobs sobs!! love the food and I remember I tried their bagels and fried tried their 燒肉 pannini, very nice!!! I blogged about this sometimes ago.. next time I must also try that so hungry I can eat a wolf, hahaha!!!

  5. I heard from one blogger that they are going to close down? Or are there many outlets and this one is ok?

  6. Thumbs up for free water too! I find that in restaurants that charge for plain water, more people would just order plain water, but if you give free water, then more people would order another drink on top of plain water. Give and get back more..

    This platter is just right for me, not too much! XD

  7. I been there before, alot of customers, long q, but they serve nice food!!!

  8. 那你跟我吃饭你会想打我因为我永远吃不完
    朋友爱跟我出去吃因为我爱点然后都吃不完还要他们一起吃 XD

  9. All the food looks good, quite big portion, but I think I can finish it, haha xD

  10. 看了你的文章,还没吃晚餐的我更加饿了哈哈。好像吃那个i can eat a wolf 套餐哦,我食量大应该可以解决的嘻嘻。

  11. have never been to this restaurant before. Yeah have heard many good reviews about this restaurant. Food must be good. For me I think i order one and can share two person jor since portion big

  12. hmmmm... those are for lunch ? I thought its meant for breakfast but the sets looks so good!

  13. Food looksgood butmost important is that you all had a great time catching up.


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